Why Japan is the Perfect Destination for Solo Women Travelers



If you’re like most travel bugs, then you’re probably planning for your trip for next year. Here’s why you’ll want to put Japan on top of your list for go-to Solo Women Traveler Destinations:

Nowhere on the planet can you find people so nice and willing to help. On one of our trips to Kyoto, we forgot our guidebook and portable wifi and had trouble finding our way back to the hotel. We approached someone and asked for directions. She checked the location in Google Maps and said it was near her home so she’ll simply walk us to where it is. We were incredibly touched and almost scraped the floor bowing to show our gratitude to her for delivering us straight to the door of the hotel. We also never forgot to bring along our guidebooks after that!

Japanese people are so honest that you can leave your bags open at the train or the bus stop and no one will pick them up or riffle through them for your wallet. Forgot your phone or iPad at the train? Check with the train station master and you’ll get your gadgets or even your wallet back with ease.

Want to cover as much of the island as possible? The bullet train allows you to tour Japan with ease and convenience. Spend a day or two in Tokyo, then head on over to the Kansai Area and drop by Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto. You could even squeeze in a trip to Hiroshima to see the Peace Park and the huge red Torii gate of Itsukushima Shrine that seems to float at sea. The bullet train makes traveling around Japan fast, convenient and hassle-free. With such an awesome transportation system in place, it’s no surprise Japan is one of the top choices for Solo Female Travel Destinations.

There aren’t that many cities in the world where you can walk alone at night and feel safe. Japan ranks high on that list though, with Tokyo bagging first place. If you’re worried about getting back to the hotel late, you don't have to. You’ll feel incredibly safe walking around.

Expect some locals to want to talk to you so they could practice their English. Striking up conversations is also great since they also give you insider tips and knowledge on where to shop for the best tea cups, when to visit the market so it isn’t crowded and whether it’s better to take the bus or train.

Japan is the number one choice for Solo Travel Destinations if you want an overload of cuteness. From exquisite Kokeshi dolls to restaurant meals so lovely you can’t bear to eat them, be prepared to go crazy over every little thing. One thing’s for sure: your luggage will be bursting at the seams with cool souvenirs when it’s time to go home.