How to Plan an Away Bachelorette Party


Bachelorette parties have always been one of the biggest events of our lives whether it’s our own or one we’re attending. Vegas has gotten much of the popularity, but over the recent years, having an “Away” bachelorette party has grown more commonly, with any destination in mind that you might need to take a plane to! Even a long road trip away has brought us women together to experience a place outside of our hometown or usual locations and ultimately, get wild.

Of course before all the fun of the actual weekend- someone’s got to plan it out! Having had experience planning a few of these parties, it can get difficult and become a lot of work for all girls involved.

Here’s some tips on how to plan the “Away” bachelorette party with little chaos and much fun! These apply for any destination you’re flying to!

Pick the Dates

Firstly, have the bachelorette pick three set of dates (or weekends if that’s when she wants to go) and have this be given several months out. Mass e-mail all the girls an set an official RSVP date to reply. According to PartyPros, choose the dates the bachelorette wants as first pick or if she agrees to whichever weekend the most girls can attend.

Decide on Budget

Discuss how much everyone would agree on spending for the flights, accommodations, and extras such as eating out, beverages, and party favors. Everything should be split evenly so no need to get into a heated convo some early on about expenses. If you’re tight on money, save up because no one else will be expected to cover a part of your share. Going away is expensive enough and money is uncomfortable enough to talk amongst friends in the first place! Avoid the “money” fight.

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Internet Accessiblility

Now it’s finally time to do the research and bookings! Designate two girls that can easily access the Internet everyday and who are reliable to constantly check flights for pricing and hotels/vacation rentals. Flights change everyday yet Mondays and Tuesdays before noon tend to have cheaper prices because most of the world works during those hours! Designated girls – do not get fired from your jobs surfing the web every hour.

Fast Minute Decision and Official Booking!

Once you see the flight times and options, double check with everyone if the times are agree-able as well as price for accommodations. This will mostly refer to a morning or evening flight, possible connections, and how many girls share a bedroom. Try to obtain “yes” asap from everyone so you can book asap or when that great sale price shows up on the Internet. If you’re a huge group, remember you’d want to sit together on the plane so seats might fill up if you wait too long. Also, the more girls, the less common it may be to find a rental property that will fit all of you. Usually six girls or more is where it starts to get tough.

Congrats and Party Favors

You’re almost done! The hardest part is over and once you’re set to go, all that is left is shopping and buying favors. Have every girl bring something and make sure it is airport/baggage friendly so nothing gets thrown out.

Everyone will be excited about the destination party so choosing restaurants, bars, clubs can be decided later on. Spontaneity makes the trip extra exciting. If there’s any specific spots you may not want to forget to consider, bring a list of them jotted down and go from there once you arrive at your destination.

Important Tip- Stay together and stay safe! Don’t turn this into a Hangover Movie!


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