5 Jobs Any Traveler Can Get in Guatemala


Sometimes, how long you’re planning to stay in a particular country changes.

If you’re traveling slowly through Guatemala and are looking for some extra income, don’t stress! There are many different types of jobs available for travelers in Guatemala. Here’s a look at the top 5.

1. Hostel Work (Front desk, room cleaning)

Hostels often need people to help with maintenance and other odd jobs. They may offer room and board as compensation, cash, or a combination of both. Shops in areas that are popular with tourists sometimes like to hire travelers and may pay under the table, especially if they need  English-speakers. Like any other country, different places will care about different levels of experience. GGG Founder Kelly spent three months working in a hostel/ pool bar in Dunedin, New Zealand. She loved it!

2. Bartending

In Guatemala, the more Spanish you know, the better. Even still,  a surprising amount of bars often need help. If you have bartending experience you may have a foot in the door, but even if you have basic knowledge and a great personality, some places will start you off on a crowded ladies’ night or other events when they need bodies and you can advance while gaining experience on several levels.

3. Construction

If you are physically capable and have some experience you may even be able to get a position with a construction company. Working on a construction site outside of Antigua, a fellow volunteer was offered a paid job by our foreman for however long he wanted. There is often renovation work in the cities and sometimes developments on the outskirts with similar and additional work in more rural areas. I would recommend asking volunteer programs or schools in your city that may have connections with foremen and their companies if you are interested in pursuing this option.

4. Teaching English

Teaching English is something many schools like to hire native English-speakers to do. It’s more costly initially, but getting certified in a TEFL/TESOL course can be a big advantage. Many schools run these courses in intensive four-week periods, but they are also available online if you would prefer to be certified before arriving. Shop around, as Guatemala has many of these schools and prices can range from under $500 to $5,000. As you would be working during school hours, this leaves plenty of time and weekends for exploring, and a high demand for English tutors in some areas gives the opportunity for even more earnings. It all depends on your motivation!

5. Farm Work

If you’re into working outdoors, there are some seriously cool opportunities to WWOOF in Guatemala.

Have you ever worked your way through another country?


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