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I recently had to remember all the places I have lived including addresses from the past seven years, which meant retracing my steps spanning from around the world. After reminiscing and finally figuring out a rough timeline, I then realized:

I have lived in 13 places in the past 7 years.

I didn’t realize that I was such a nomad since I really consider myself a homebody. I love being close to my family and friends and having holidays and dinners together. I love the comfort and security the idea of home brings but I also have this perpetual love and need to travel. I wouldn’t really call myself a traveler because I am never in constant limbo with the freedom to pick up and leave. I have always rented an apartment, set up a PO box, became attached to the local environment and in the process made some corner of the world my home.

I realize that I choose to live in under these unique circumstances: to be able to pack up, move to a new place and call it mine; while I thrive on change, others may find it a daunting. What makes some nervous about traveling is the lack of feeling for home they experience while traveling, but that is also why we travel – to experience the unknown feeling of what it is like to be far away from “home”.

The key to making a home from anywhere is to make it your own.

  • Surround yourself with things that make you feel most like yourself, things that inspire you, that comfort you and that make you feel that you have a space that you can call home. For me, I always put up pictures of family and friends, postcards, art and photography from my travels and a homemade quilt that all encompass my home.
  • Go to the local shop or market and find tapestries, paintings and local finds to decorate your new home. I love to buy fabric at the market and make my own curtains to incorporate a part of the place into my home. Every home doesn’t look the same and shouldn’t feel the same but it should reflect who you are in that moment.

Remember that home is wherever you make it.

  • Making a home from anywhere also means living like a local. The part that makes my home is when I have people over to my place whether it’s a dinner party or just an afternoon tea but always sharing with people makes me feel more at home.

Every time I move to a new home I always tend to decorate it differently. My home reflects my style and personality within the context of where I live. When I walk into my home, whether it be a flat in Wales or a mud hut in Rwanda, it feels like it’s really mine.

How do you make a home from anywhere? Any tips on how to make a move quick and painless, and make your space your own?

*image from China Connection.


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Kara Rogers is a freelance writer and global health consultant. When she is not reading about global health policy and programs, she spends most of her time dealing with a permanent case of wanderlust. Most recently, she has returned from Rwanda where she worked in rural villages as a health and community development Peace Corps Volunteer. Follow her @kararogers

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