4 Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding Abroad


A wedding abroad can be an excellent option for wanderlust couples planning a non-traditional wedding day. Many couples choose to hold their celebration in a location that has special meaning to them, like the country where they first met or the location of their first vacation together (Italy, anyone?).

A wedding day is one of the most important days of a person’s life, which is why only the best tailored wedding suits will suffice. 

Organizing a wedding overseas can be a challenge, but there are many resources and tools to help you turn your wedding dreams into a reality, wedding cinematography are what younger brides want to see these days and we will tell you why in this article.

With this in mind, here are some top tips for planning your wedding abroad.

How to have a wedding abroad.

Consider various locations

There is an endless choice of options when considering destinations to get married abroad. Some traditional choices include getting married on a pristine beach in the Caribbean, saying your vows among mountain scenery in Switzerland, or tying the knot on a rooftop in a vibrant city like New York. Make sure you research different options and choose a destination that will suit you and your partner, and if you are getting married in London then make sure you have a look at this excellent London wedding car hire company as they are just amazing so definitely worth considering.

You also need to be mindful of your guest’s budgets and consider the costs involved with getting to and staying at your chosen wedding location. For instance, attending an island wedding in the Maldives is going to have considerable costs involved when compared to a wedding in a closer, more budget-friendly location. You should be prepared for the fact that some guests may be unable to attend your celebration if you choose an expensive location or resort.

Choose the right time of year

Many popular wedding destinations have distinct weather seasons. Planning your wedding abroad during the off-peak or shoulder seasons can have advantages such as lower prices and a better choice of vendors. However, you should be prepared for bad weather and related issues if you choose to plan your wedding during these months. Research your chosen destination in advance and plan your celebration for a time when you are likely to experience good weather and have access to a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and attractions.

Make wedding plans early

As mentioned, planning a wedding abroad can present additional challenges. For that reason, you should get organized and try to make your wedding plans early to avoid stress later down the line.

In particular, you must send your wedding invitations as soon as possible to give your guests adequate notice of your plans. This is especially important when planning a wedding abroad as guests will need time to request time off work, arrange childcare, and make their travel arrangements.

Research wedding packages

Many travel companies offer all-inclusive wedding packages that are held at a hotel resort in your chosen destination. Opting for a wedding package can be far more convenient than trying to plan the various aspects of your wedding yourself.

A travel company can organize various aspects of your day, including the venue, decorations, catering, entertainment, and transportation. Another benefit of opting for a wedding package is that the price is typically all-inclusive, which means you know the costs upfront. You don’t need to worry about overspending on your wedding budget. You can find advice and guidance on using a travel agent to plan your wedding abroad.

Have you had a wedding abroad? How did it go?


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