Destination Dispute: Deciding Where To Travel With Your Man


Both you and your boyfriend are itching to travel, but can’t seem to agree on a destination. Maybe New York or New Delhi has always been on your “must see” list but it doesn’t appeal to your boyfriend at all. Rather than get frustrated and pout, which never works, you need to take a more tactful approach.

As a veteran boyfriend-convincer, here are some tried and true approaches that I’ve used. By doing all these things, we’ve managed to have many successful, romantic, and hassle-free trips. No fights or tears; just fun!

Play up the Lovin’ Card

Any man will tell you that the promise of some fun hanky-panky can get them to do ALMOST ANTHING. You could pick out sexy lingerie together and save it for your trip or share exotic fantasies with each other. The key is to get their imagination going so he can picture the sexy adventures that will happen at your destination.

Look into “Manly” Activities

We’re rolling our eyes too. There is no way you are going to tempt your man by talking about all the awesome shopping there is. Chances are your destination will have a great sports team, or sports event that your man hasn’t experienced.

Sports games are one of the best date nights ever! Do some research and pick something that you both enjoy. A football game is a good win-win situation.

He gets action and beer; you get eye candy and lively atmosphere.

Plan Adventurous Day-Trips

You two are dating for a lot of reasons, but an important one to remember for your negotiations is the wide range of common interests you share.

Arrange an outdoor activity such as white water rafting, a jungle tour, surfing lessons, or rock climbing.

The main idea is to find one that relates to each of your current hobbies. A successful activity will push your comfort zones, lead to new discoveries, and force you to work together to conquer a challenge.

Afterwards, you will find that it has created bond and a happy memory for you both to share.

Find Great Restaurants with his Favorite Food

Every place usually has a cuisine that is unique to that area.

Research regional dishes and restaurants to try that have some of his favorite food and ingredients.

Also, it never hurts to know where the best steak joint in town is…

Compromise and Appreciate

He still might not be super pumped to be at your dream destination for a variety of reasons.

However, he will be happy he came if he knows how much you enjoyed his company and that the trip wouldn’t have been the same without him.

Don’t fall into the lazy couple trap and assume that he knows – everybody needs to hear that their efforts are appreciated.

Have you traveled with your partner? How did it go?


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