3 Awesome Things You Probably Don’t Know About Israel


If you’ve been following along lately, you probably know that we’re obsessed with Israel. Why, you ask? From the food to the wine and the nightlife, there are a million things we’re obsessed with.

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Here are some things that have shocked us about Israel — in the best of ways.

1. (Almost) Everyone is Gorgeous

I don’t know if there’s something in the water, if it’s that Mediterranean diet, or if the sun just shines better on Israelis, but for some reason, this country is packed with hot people. It’s like a Middle Eastern Brazil. Natalie Portman is from Israel. And supermodel Bar Refaeli (above). See? I mean come on! Not fair..

Surprising things about Israel.

2. You Can Go Snowboarding (And Surfing)

It’s not all hot and desert around here. Mt. Hermon, the country’s main ski and snowboard destination, is open during the winter for snow sports and is only 100 miles from Tel Aviv. So, if you felt so inclined, you could go to the beach and go snowboarding, all in one day.

Surprising things about Israel

3. The Wine is Delish

Israel is home to some very fine wines. There are many wine bars sprinkled throughout Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and many of the vineyards offer tours and tastings, too!

Have you ever been to Israel?


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  1. Good wine. Good-looking people. Sounds like my kind of place! I can’t snowboard or surf, but I’d love to learn. Obviously there’s much more to Israel, but these lesser-known facts up its appeal even more!

  2. So simple, and yet so true! I can’t argue with any of these things.

    And I’d love to welcome any or all of you here to show some of it to you! 😉

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