The Best Things to Do, Eat and See in Amman, Jordan


Amman, the capital city of Jordan, is buzzing with things to do and see. You know when you go to a place and you think, “I could totally live here” — that’s how I felt in Amman. 

I loved the pace of life in Amman, the general vibe of the city, and the many viewpoints available as a city built on hilltops. 

Between the nightlife, the food and the cultural history, there are a ton of great things to see and do on your next visit to Amman. Here are some of my top recommendations, which include both things that I did while I was in Jordan, and recommendations from the Jordan Tourism Board. 

You can’t go wrong with doing any of these things on your next visit to Amman. 

Things to Do in Amman

Spend time on Rainbow Street

Rainbow Street is a really popular area for nightlife and food, as well as local art installations and shopping options. I recommend heading there after sunset. Like many Arabic cities with high day-time temperatures, Amman really comes to life after the sun goes down. 

Watch the sunset from the hilltops

Amman is a city of hills and as the sun goes down, you can hear the call to prayer echoing around you. A great place to do this is at the Citadel! 

Visit the Citadel

The Citadel is one of Amman’s top attractions (if not THE top attraction), and boasts remains from Roman and Byzantine civilizations. 

Visit Kan Zaman

This walled village dates back to the turn of the century, but now has been transformed into a restaurant and handicrafts complex. 

Go to the Museums

Amman has a ton of incredible museums, including the Jordan Archeological Museum on Citadel Hill which has artifacts from prehistoric times, or the Jordan Museum, which houses the only Dead Sea scrolls that exist on Earth outside of Israel. 

Visit the King Hussein Bin Talal Mosque

The largest mosque in the country, built to reflect Umayyad architecture that is prevalent in many of the historic sites. 

Go to a Poetry Slam

These events were taking place once a month at Books@Cafe – a coffee shop, bookstore hybrid just off of Rainbow Street. Not sure if Covid has ruined that or not, but it would be a cool experience and something to ask about if you’re in town! 

Where to Eat in Amman

Take a cooking class

Learn to cook local food at Beit Sitti, where you’ll learn how to cook and prepare traditional Jordanian foods. 

Drink Coffee

Jordanian coffee is delicious, and prepared with a touch of cardamom. One of the best places to enjoy it is at Balat Al-Rasheed Cafe, one of the oldest cafes in the city, built in 1924. 

Eat at Auberge

Auberge is famous for different sorts of Arabic foods, and popular with locals and tourists. 

Snack at Tamriyet Omar

Famous for desserts like Tamriyyeh. Located in second circle. 

Try Knafeh

A sticky sweet traditional dessert, knafeh is made of a layer of sweet white cheese and vermicelli-like pastry. It is typically dyed orange and covered in syrup. 

Have a falafel sandwich

Al-Quds in Jabal Amman, located on Rainbow Street, is the oldest falafel vendor and should not be missed. 

Try a shawarma sandwich

The oldest shawarma vendor in Jordan is called Reem, and it’s located in the 2nd circle. 

Shopping in Amman

Go shopping on Rainbow Street

Rainbow Street is a really popular area for nightlife and food, but it also houses the JARA flea market on Fridays. Here you’ll find everything from silver jewelry to embroidered items and local foods. 

Souk Al-Sukkar 

A busy and colorful fruit and produce market that happens downtown. 

Souk Al-Bukharieh

A downtown alley with little shops lining it. 

Trinitae at the Soap House

Shop Jordanian products made from Dead Sea minerals as you browse through an assortment of herbs, products and oils at Trinitae at the Soap House

Shop at a Women’s Collective

The Jordan River Foundation Show Room specializes in home design, with a focus on rugs, cushions, embroideries and Dead Sea products. Their mission is to help empower Jordanian society, especially women and children. 


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