Moving to Alaska? Here are Some Things You Should Know


Whether you are moving to Alaska as a personal choice or for work, it will be a big change for you. Although the state has modern cities with all the modern conveniences that you are used to, the region requires a new way of thinking, which means that you need to develop new habits.

Here are some tips that will come in handy (and you can see this link for help moving to Alaska):

Change Your Mindset

You should be ready to embrace the best and worst parts of living in Alaska. Of course, the winters are colder than anything you have ever experienced but they make the landscape look magnificent. The dry air makes the freezing temperatures tolerable. Moreover, you will have many outdoor activities to choose from in the winter.

Most communities in Alaska go through some very dark days when sunlight appears for a few hours if at all. However, the summers are bright and days are longer, making them more enjoyable.

The residents usually sleep during the winter and spend their summers soaking in the sun. You need to plan things before the winter: do you have firewood to reduce energy bills? Do you have studded tires to prevent skidding in the snow?

You also need to play it safe because the extreme terrain and weather conditions call for you to be careful. You should have bear spray if you want to go on a hike.

You should also know the steps that you should take if you encounter a bear in the wild. Though moving to Alaska does not need to be overwhelming, you should learn as many safety tips as possible if you do not want to be caught off guard. If you have not found your moving company just yet, consider the On The Go Moving & Storage Redmond  services. 

Planning and Packing

Here are some tips to follow when preparing to move to Alaska:

–          If you are going to buy more furniture or equipment for your home, you should buy them before you relocate. You might find that the items cost less in the lower 48 than in Alaska. Moreover, if you buy them before your big move, you can transport them together with your other belongings. Make sure to get in touch with long distance movers like Mayflower to ensure everything goes smoothly.

–          Depending on the time of year, your possessions might experience the freezing temperatures. Make sure that they will not be harmed by these temperatures and ask the movers to control the environment your things are in to prevent damage.

–          According to a professional NJ movers company, when packing, you should remember that your things are going on a long journey. Therefore, you should make sure that you pad your fragile items properly to prevent damage and breakage.

Can You Afford it?

The prices of goods and services in Alaska are higher than in the lower 48. Transport, housing, and healthcare are costly, so you should be ready to deal with this. The cost of living in this state goes up the more remote you are. If you want to bring down the cost of big-ticket items, you should consider going to stores such as Target if you want to match most online prices. If you see that the cost of buying online and shipping is cheaper than buying in Alaska, you should start shopping online.

Advantages of Moving to Alaska

The advantages of living in Alaska are:

–          There is no state tax aside from tax imposed by municipalities.

–          Every resident of Alaska is paid to live there from the permanent fund dividend. You can get as much as two thousand dollars depending on the year.

If you want Alaska auto transport made simple, you should get your own car to make it easier to move from one place to another. Public transportation does not reach all areas of the state and can be tricky due to weather certain times of the year. 

Have you been to Alaska? 


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