All-American Eats in Chicago’s Lakeview

Since Chicago is a dominant city in America’s heartland, it’s only fitting that we find some soul-satisfying, all-American food there. Lakeview is a great neighborhood for this, and before you eat (which may render you immobile at these gut-filling eateries), take a walk along the famous Great Lakes. These are all great places to bring friends and family to for gatherings – or to continue to return on your own!
Wrigley BBQ
This is the perfect comfort food after a most depressing Cubs game. Mouthwatering brisket is the product of their wood-burning smoker and it goes great with their fresh coleslaw. Don’t expect super spicy meat like you might find in some parts of Texas. Embrace the sweet smokiness, or get your kick from the jalapeno corn bread or habanero barbecue sauce.
Rockit Burger Bar
This bar is serious about meat, so come hungry. The burger itself is delicious, but part of the appeal is the high-end toppings, including brie, pecan aioli, pickled ginger, and red wine vinaigrette. But then again, it doesn’t have to be fancy with glazed doughnut buns, sriracha ketchup, and stuffed jalapenos. And there’s a huevos rancheros burger! Vegetarians come on down, they have a kale-chickpea burger, a red bean burger, and intense truffle fries. You probably won’t be able to do this, but leave room for a milkshake, and maybe a whiskey flight.
Nookies Tree
The Tree  is among the friendliest diners in Chicago, and its’ origins date back to 1973. It’s a lovely spot to camp out, especially when it’s sunny on Halsted, and that makes it ideal for combating the effects of an interminable winter. For brunch, think stacks of pancakes, crispy potatoes, juicy bacon, and eggs any way you want. Who doesn’t enjoy the basics when they’re done right? If you’re really dying on the vine from last night in Boys Town, try their Hangover Helper: hashbrowns topped with chili, poached eggs, and cheddar with toast.
Wrigley Field
This place isn’t exactly a restaurant, and like all ballparks it’s overpriced, but it begs to be mentioned. There is literally nothing more American than a hot dog at a baseball game at this quintessential venue, especially because Wrigley Field turns 100 this year. Grab a classic dog from the main concourse and top it Chicago-style with onion, tomato, pickle, and peppers.
Where do you get your all-American food fix in Chicago?

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