How To Plan Your Trip To Vancouver


The second most visited place in Canada, coming only after Niagara Falls, is Vancouver! The city stands on its own in tourists’ minds and hearts. If you want to travel to this gorgeous city in the heart of British Columbia, there are endless things to do and see! Here’s a quick rundown of when to go, how to get there, and what amazing things you can do while you’re there!

When To Go

Vancouver is gorgeous year-round, from beautiful snow in winter to how the city almost glows in the summer.  The best time to visit is between June and early September after summer has settled before the snow, making traveling around more difficult for tourists.  June and July are better for parades and festivals, while the other months are fantastic for sightseeing and getting the most out of the city in its more relaxed warmth.

What to see and do in Vancouver

How To Get There

This question depends on where you live! If you’re in Canada and possibly looking at Vancouver homes for sale, you can travel into the city by train. It’s a long ride from some areas, but traveling by train is the best way to get the most incredible views.  Driving is useful if you’re close enough since you can save money on transit. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to fly. Wait for good deals and buy your plane ticket in advance to save money.

Where To Stay

Kitsilano Suites are in a laidback area of Vancouver that will give you the chance to live like a local while staying close to the water. Although these suites are rated five stars, they’re surprisingly affordable; make sure to book ahead to ensure you get a room.

Auberge Vancouver is a gorgeous skyscraper with incredibly high end and modern interior design. Rated four stars, this hotel will let you feel like you’re treating yourself and will let you enjoy living the best life possible while you visit! You may even want to spend the whole stay in your hotel room.

What to see and do in Vancouver.

What To See

Every part of Vancouver is gorgeous. You get the views of the water and snow-covered mountains, with architecture mixed in with beautiful greenery.  This city feels like it naturally grew out of rich soil, and you won’t want to stop taking pictures. If you go to the Museum of Vancouver, you can look at art the locals have made inspired by their gorgeous surroundings.

What To Do

Active travelers can enjoy winter sports and hike in nearby Stanley Park. If you like fishing, there are tourneys every summer. You can enjoy endless museums, aquariums, and other culturally impactful areas to enrich your mind and heart in the city. If you’re not scared of heights, you should see the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park and enjoy the city’s breathtaking views from that high up.

Have you ever been to Vancouver? What are your favorite parts?


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