Creative Valentine’s Dates Abroad & in NYC


February 14 is upon us, and many of you may be planning your Valentine’s Day evening with your partner.

This year, why not take your love abroad? This fun list has a great breakdown of cute places to smooch your honey abroad, and their equivalent in New York City

South America

Best Bet: Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro

NYC: If you’re looking to spice up the night, head over to SOB’s (Sounds of Brazil) in Manhattan for Latin grooves and a dance show. Visiting a forbidden country seems enticing too at Havana; you can experience some of Cuba without leaving the USA. For those of you on a budget or want something outdoors, visit the Jackson Heights area in Queens. That is the most populated neighborhood of peoples from South America. You can journey through the streets, find places too socialize on every corner, and smooch as you’re food tasting at the food carts.


Best Bet: Lovelock Bridge, Paris

NYC: Eat schnitzels and drink mugs with German beer girls at the beer gardens in Astoria, Queens or try to read a menu written completely in Polish in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Africa and Middle East

Best Bet: Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

NYC: Find  food from Ghana, Senegal, and mixes of African foods in Jamaica, Queens and Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The Arts of Africa are a long term expedition at the Brooklyn Museum to make your day historical and educational. If you never tried some flavored hookah or heard music from the Middle East, take advantage of the lounges in all the boroughs which are more romantic. You can souvenir shop on the streets and buy pashminas to wear. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge or bike the Queensboro Bridge as part of the experience.


Best Bet: Railay, Thailand

NYC: Can’t make it all the way to Thailand? Head to Korea Town, NYC, right off of 34th Street Herald Square for some great eats. Bayside and much of eastern Queens also has many hibachi spots so you can watch food being cooked in front of you, and the waiters do fun tricks at the same time. If you are looking for something more sporty – go to Ninja in Manhattan where you can watch a ninja magic show. Your honey will never forget that place!


Best Bet: There’s nothing like smooching in the beauty of the Whitsundays!

NYC: You won’t get gorgeous clear water and pristine sand, but there are tons of beaches just outside of NYC that are only a 30-minute subway ride away! Check out Jacob Riis and the Rockaways for a fun day out. Bring a blanket, a few snacks & a towel and curl up!

Where would you like to lay one on your honey? Tell us in the comments!


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