Rent a Car: Visit Reno’s Outdoor Tourist Spots 


Reno has a lot to offer for adventure lovers seeking some adrenaline rush. More than the dancing neon lights, and sumptuous food to delight your palates, it can also satisfy your cravings for fun and outdoor thrills. Nature lovers and adventure seekers will find this city attractive with the number of activities you can do. Make sure that you have booked cheap rental cars you can use to drive around. It would be more convenient for you to enjoy this city also known as the ‘The Biggest Littlest City.’ Let’s explore some of the outdoor spots tourists like you will love! 

Rock Climbing at BaseCamp & Mesa Rim Climbing Center 

Rent a car in Reno, NV offers affordable options for customers like you. Take your car to downtown Reno to see the world’s tallest rock climbing wall. It is about 164 feet tall with a breathtaking view once you’ve reached the top. Regardless of whether you are a professional climber or a newbie, there are areas specially designed for your skills. In addition, there are also climbing spots designed for kids. A family visiting this place is sure to make great core memories.  

Another rock climbing center in Reno is the Mesa Rim Climbing Center. It’s about 52 feet tall and has 24,000 square feet of terrain. Apart from wall climbing, there are several other activities you can try out. You can also enjoy some yoga classes or spend time at their saunas. For beginners with plenty of time to spend in Reno, enroll in their basic rock climbing class. 

Golf Game at Reno Tahoe

Are you a golf enthusiast? If so, make your way to the Reno Tahoe golf course. You can choose from its more than 50 golf courses packed and designed to bring out that swinging skill within. While having fun on the field, your eyes could also enjoy the scenic view of the beautiful landscape around the course. Apart from the Reno Tahoe golf course, there are plenty of other courses you can visit. Some of these include the following: 

  • LakeRidge Golf Course  
  • Wolf Run Golf Club
  • ArrowCreek Golf Course
  • Red Hawk Golf Course
  • The Divine Nine Golf Courses
  • Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course
  • Incline Village Championship Golf Course
  • Old Greenwood
  • Gray’s Crossing
  • Coyote Moon Golf Course
  • Old Brockway Golf Course

Fishing in Lake Tahoe

If you enjoy fishing, take your rented car and head off to Lake Tahoe. Lucky you if you catch some fish. But you can still consider it a great day even without any rainbow trout biting your bait, the picturesque scenic view is such a delight to the eyes. In addition, you can also enjoy fly fishing at the Truckee River no matter what the season is. Make friends with the locals, visit their local fishing shops, and enjoy a hot meal with your new friends. 

You can also drive across Pyramid Lake located on the northeast side of Reno. But make sure that you secure first a special permit to fish on this spot. Get yourself acquainted with local fishing laws and guidelines to fully enjoy your trip and avoid any hassles. 

Ride a Horse at Lake Tahoe

Explore the trail alongside the Truckee River while riding a horse. This one is a good story that you can share with your friends after your trip. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, do not miss out on this excellent horse-riding opportunity at Reno. You can also opt for a guided horseback ride tour for more challenging terrains. Explore the vast desert and beautiful scenic views of the Sierra Nevada. 

4–Wheel Off-Road Ride

Get those adrenaline pumping with some off-road 4-wheel ride in Reno Tahoe. Feel the breeze across your face as you drive around Lake Tahoe. There are several other trails you can choose. This includes the following: 

  • Hunter Lake off-road trail
  • Peavine Mountain’s high-desert terrain
  • Old geiger grade Toll Road 
  • Jumbo Grade Trail 
  • Ophir Grade Trail
  • Moon Rocks
  • Genoa Peak Road
  • Sand Mountain Recreation Area
  • Riding Responsibly on Public Land

 Safety should be prioritized when you are taking these trails. Make sure that you have your map with you or a guide to assist you. Have fun and make memories that will bring a smile to your face. 

These are just some of the great outdoor adventures you can try out while in Reno. Take your rented car with you and try it out. Do not limit your trip to the casinos and restaurants. Adventure is waiting so take your chance and enjoy Reno to the fullest. 


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