How to Group Tour NYC’s Music History in Style


New York City (NYC) is known for its rich culture and history in live music.

There is something for every music lover out there in the Big Apple, with over 28,000 music concerts and gigs happening in 2017 alone.

People flock this music hub because there is not only a lot of diversity in the sound of music played but also for the vibe of the city as a whole. There is a lot of progressive urban culture, beautiful architecture, and a lot to do in the beautiful city of New York as a tourist, and there are so many fun ways to see New York City

Many great artists got their big break from playing in New York, i.e. Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, Debby Harry, and many others.

Musicians come from across the globe to play in NYC where they get the recognition and appreciation for their craft. Once one plays here, he or she is bound to blow up. Genres such as new wave, punk, hip-hop, and disco can trace their roots back to NYC while others like jazz, folk, and blues gained traction with the city’s audience.

If one wants to enjoy the rich musical history and other cool landmarks in the city, he or she needs to look into New York City charter tour bus rentals.


Depending on how large the group is, there are all kinds and sizes of vehicles that will suit the group’s needs. Whether it’s a coach bus or a school bus, it’s up to the group to decide what they want.

Most people want to enjoy the trip without having to think about the logistics of travel. There is the option of getting a driver with the chartered vehicle, or the group can bring their own driver.

A professional driver not only knows the best sites in town for a successful tour, but they also know how to navigate the busy city streets. There are plenty of bus charter services that provide affordable transportation depending on the group’s budget.

Book Tours 

Whether you’re planning a tour for your class, sports team, church group, or friends, planning is important so that you can book the tours in advance. It is important to start the planning process in advance to find out what is happening in the city while the group is in town.

This will help you to mark out all the interesting gigs and concerts that the group might enjoy. The internet is a very useful tool because one can get any musical attraction programs with ease. Planning in advance ensures that the group secures quality and affordable accommodation in or around the city.

Once everything has been planned out, ensure to have a strict itinerary that everyone adheres to. Plan for breaks in between sites and events so that everyone can relax and do their own thing.

Make sure to keep time when going to different venues to allow for activities such as searches, buying food, and getting good seats. While in transit, ensure that the group is occupied with games and activities that help pass the time.

The Big Music Spots

As a group, make sure to fit in these quintessential music landmarks:

Carnegie Hall

It is located on 7th Avenue and is a musical hub with some of the most famous musical talents in history having made an appearance in this beautiful venue.

Some of the most recognizable names include The Beatles and Frank Sinatra. The director of the archives, Gino Francesconi, is very passionate about the rich history of the venue, and it would be a stroke of luck to meet him. There is a studio above the performance hall that was used by famous composers such as Agnes de Mille and Isadora Duncan to name just a few.

The Dream House

Located on 275 Church Street in Tribeca, it was created by a talented underground musician, La Monte Young, and his wife, Marian Zazeela. This is the perfect venue to enjoy the good ambiance and relaxing music.

The Bronx

Harlem and the Bronx are home to hip-hop music and culture. Visit different sites such as 520 Sedgwick Avenue, known as “the birthplace of hip-hop,” and Apollo Theatre, the high-rise considered to have hosted the first hip-hop party in the Bronx.

The Opry City Stage

Those interested in country music might enjoy fine dining while listening to some live sets at this fine establishment. There is an exhibit of personal items of some of the country’s most recognizable names.

It includes a pink dress covered in sequins belonging to Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash’s jacket.

There are too many musical landmarks to mention that different individuals and groups can find fascinating in the city. There are many Broadway shows that one can see while visiting NYC.

Planning in advance helps one know what is worth the trip and what isn’t. Chartering a bus to tour the Big Apple is an amazing way to experience the music culture in NYC.


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