Solo Road Trip to NYC: 3 Tips on How to Prepare and the Best Places to Visit


While a road trip to New York means freedom, a road trip alone grants you even more freedom. When you are the only driver, you can take any detour you like, listen to anything you want and change your schedule without consulting anyone. If solo long-distance driving is something you love, and the idea of having your own way all through is appealing, here are three tips on what you need to know for a great trip.

# 1: Make Sure You Are Insured

Never travel without insurance, no matter what! Depending on the coverage you purchase, travel insurance may reimburse you for medication costs, medical examinations, doctor’s fees and some even refund for hotel accommodations. Most importantly, it may also offset the cost of getting a loved one to your bedside after a medical urgent situation or even get you back home if necessary.

Roadside assistance coverage can help you get back on the road after your vehicle’s battery runs down or even when you lock your key in the car. If renting a car for the road trip to New York, check whether your current insurance and credit card providers offer covers for rental cars. If your coverage does not adequately cover rental cars, find out from the rental agency if they do provide coverage and what it covers.

# 2:  Pack Specifically for a Car Trip

No matter whether you will be boarding up in hotels, bed and breakfasts or hotels, you will be lugging luggage in and out whenever you get to a new rest stop. Having one bag will make carrying things much easier. This means packing light, offering you more control as well as reducing the luggage you have to carry.

For the car, always have a roll of duct tape, a few flares, vise grips, a pair of pliers, a multi-head screwdriver and even a coat hanger for holding up the muffle should it fall. You will also want a good travel first-aid kit and car blanket in your vehicle. It is always a good idea to travel with water and almonds in your car, but you can take that further and add a food cooler so you can have a picnic whenever possible.

# 3: Prepare Your Car

At least a week before your trip, have your car inspected and tuned up. This gives you more than enough time for any repairs that may be required. Some of the things you should have checked include the tires, oil, air conditioning system, the Tranny and the cooling system.

The 2 Best Places to Visit in New York

While there are other things you should do to prepare for your road trip to New York, the above three are the most critical. During your planning, you should also prepare a list of places you would like to see. You can visit for example, for information on the best places to tour, but make sure you do not miss these two places:

Central Park: You cannot visit New York City and not walk in the park where you can have a hot dog and ice cream as you go horse and cart riding. The John Lennon memorial and Strawberry Hill are also a must-visit for a wonderful NYC experience.

The National 9/11 Memorial and Museum: This is a place setup to commemorate victims of September 11, 2001 and the 1993 World Trade Center terrorist attacks. It features two huge waterfalls surrounding names of people killed in the attacks inscribed in bronze parapets.



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