4 Reasons Why Pigeon Forge is Perfect for a Family Getaway


What makes a family getaway memorable? Factors like a beautiful location, affordable prices, and many activities are features every family looks for when picking a holiday resort. This is why. If you’re also looking for the perfect holiday destination, you don’t need to go far; everything you want for a family getaway lies in Pigeon Forge. The state of Tennessee is a popular tourist spot for many reasons. For one, it is home to the glorious Smoky Mountains National Park, frequented by billions of visitors annually. About five miles north of the Great Smoky Mountains lies Pigeon Forge.

This quaint town is the ideal representation of everything the South offers, from music to cuisine; nothing comes close to spending a day in Pigeon Forge. But the city offers more than music and food; it is also known for housing attractions like Dollywood and several other notable amusement rides. However, if you’re not convinced why Pigeon Forge warrants a visit, here are some more reasons for you to explore:

1.     Various Delicious Eateries

Who doesn’t like a good meal? The warm apple pie, freshly made pancakes, and homemade orange juice can be reason enough for you to visit Pigeon Forge. The South prides itself on its hearty serving and flavorful dishes. If you crave some deep-fried burgers, donuts, and tacos, you can also find them here. Since numerous restaurants are sprinkled across the town, it’s best to refer to a compiled list to know the right places to have breakfast in Pigeon Forge instead of seating yourself at a generic outlet.

Moreover, these restaurants have a wide range of food items for you to enjoy and a separate section for children. Hence, no matter what your family prefers eating, everyone can find their pick and relish a nicely cooked meal.

2. You Stay on Budget

Vacations are notorious for being expensive. It isn’t easy to find a destination that can easily give you an adventure of a lifetime and be affordable at the same time. Yet, Pigeon Forge prevails. The town is affordable, and you can access various activities without worrying about expenses. Pigeon Forge has some of the most budget-friendly accommodations. You can choose between a cabin or a hotel, depending on where you wish to stay.

If you want picturesque views, scenery, and attractive landmarks without breaking the bank, Pigeon Forge covers you in cabins. These accommodations do more than give you a place to rest. Cabins are fully stocked with amenities like a fully functional kitchen, a hot tub, and a theater, as well as provide you with immense privacy away from other residents. You can easily squeeze your family into one cabin without going overboard with the money you have to pay.

3. Numerous Outdoor Activities

Nothing comes close to spending a day outdoors. If you are a nature enthusiast and relish greenery, mountains, and wildlife, you will have a remarkable time at Pigeon Forge. If you want to take your children hiking, there are various trails that you can visit, such as the incredible Grotto Falls. This is located about 35 minutes away from Pigeon Forge, within the Smoky Mountains National Park. You will see the ancient hemlock forest once you enter the hiking trail. Furthermore, the Grotto trial is wide, so you and your family can easily trek across it without falling.

Another activity that is worth exploring in Pigeon Forge is zip lining. This type of thrill sport involves gliding while attached to a rope from an impressive height. You are in for a treat if you visit the Dome Ziplines. The course consists of 11 zip lines that begin from the top of the dome and are about 65 feet above the ground in the air. Once you’re secure, you will get to fly across Pigeon Forge while watching the many panoramic views of the Smokies.

But the fun doesn’t end here; if you want to do more, you must check out white water rafting. This is another type of thrill-seeking activity that allows you to ride fast-moving currents and test your endurance. Suppose you enjoy a rush of adrenaline and have experience navigating through strong tides. In that case, you can try your hand at Upper Pigeon River rafting, but if you want to teach your children about white water rafting, try the lower pigeon. The latter has bouncier waves and mild currents, suitable for young children, especially if it’s their first time.

4. Exciting Scenic Drives

If you’re in the mood for a relaxing drive and want to experience the wilderness with your family, Pigeon Forge is the place to be. The most notable routes include the Wears Valley on US 321, roughly 10 minutes west of Pigeon Forge. This 15-mile road gives you the perfect view of the Great Smoky Mountains. Additionally, you will pass by many pastures, meadows, and mountains, which make for memorable pictures. If you are lucky, you may catch glimpses of fish, rock bass, trout, and even animals like geese.

On the other hand, if you’re shopping for souvenirs and gifts, you will enjoy driving along the Pigeon forge parkway. This is a five-mile strip that is lined with local businesses and shops. By continuing to drive down this road for another twenty-two minutes, you will eventually end up at the Smokies, where you can enjoy the rest of your trip. Try stopping by Pigeon Forge in the fall, the autumn foliage is a sight to behold, and watching the colorful leaves gently cascade makes all the difference to your trip.

Final Thoughts

Picking a vacation site takes work, especially when you want the best trip of your life neatly wrapped with a bow. But if you’re looking for a quick getaway away from the hustle and stress of your routine, you need to visit Pigeon Forge. This quaint town has everything you could ask for from a holiday spot. So if you want a delicious meal, a chance to drive down wide open roads, or appease the thrill seeker inside of you, Pigeon Forge has fun activities for everyone. Your family will enjoy vacationing here, and you will also leave your children with a lifetime of memories they will remember for years. With these factors in mind, what are you waiting for? Head down to Pigeon Forge today!


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