7 Luxury Apparel Items to Pack for a Romantic Italian Mini Break


Has it really been just over two years since travel bans have restricted us from flying abroad? It seems like forever since we’ve been able to get away for a romantic getaway with our partners.

Now that most restrictions on traveling have been lifted, or at least softened to some degree, it’s time to start making those plans!

After securing travel arrangements and booking your hotel accommodations, it’s time to pack, but what will you wear? Now the real work begins!

1. Begin with Italian Designers

As the old saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” and when it comes to fashion, this is very good advice, indeed. The only other country that can rival France for boasting a City of Love, when taking a romantic mini break in Italy, you simply can’t be outdone by the locals! After all, you want to be the light that shines in his eyes. Therefore, try starting with Italian designers for everything from footwear to accessories.

If you will be doing any amount of sightseeing, you’ll need a fashionable pair of Gucci Sandals. What respectable Italian fashionista wouldn’t own at least one or two pairs of Gucci Sandals or Gucci Slides for walking about town? You can easily order essential Italian fashion items like Gucci sandals on the SSENSE website from trendy designers. Gucci began way back in 1921 with a line of elegant leatherwear. There is no reason to wonder why Gucci sandals continue to trend over 100 years later with a history like that.

2. Evening Attire for a Candlelit Dinner and Dancing

If you’ve never been to Italy before, you are in for a real treat when it comes to dining out. All the most fashionable restaurants take pleasure in serving each course individually as has been the history for hundreds of years. Every restaurant of quality will have a professional sommelier to present wine offerings to your table and don’t be amazed if you hear the sounds of classical guitar playing softly in the background.

You’ll need at least a few evening dresses for just this type of occasion but if you intend to go dancing in the moonlight afterwards, a knee length cocktail dress might be your best choice. If you are going to attend an opera, then a floor-length formal dress would be appropriate too.

3. Dress with an Eye to the Weather

Days and evenings in Italy can turn quite chilly in spring and early summer days, so you’ll want to bring fashionable sweaters or wraps. An evening wrap could be a fur cape that simply covers the shoulders if you are dressing formal, but a warm, long jacket might be ideal for days you’ll be doing a bit of sightseeing.

Take the time to check the weather forecast before departing because you may also need rain caps and umbrellas as well. You can find lovely designer rain caps and umbrellas if you do a bit of searching, so don’t think you are limited to packing a department store special. You want to dress in the height of fashion, so go prepared.

4. Accessories

Referring back to Gucci, this particular Italian house of fashion also has an amazing line of accessories you can order at the same time as you are choosing the perfect footwear. From designer watches fashioned with expressive floral or animal motifs, you’ll be carrying the ‘look’ from head to feet. You can find earrings, lockets, bracelets and even hair pins and various other accessories if you do a bit of searching. So, don’t forget to complete your look with accessories for every occasion. You might also want to look at designer handbags and scarves as well. The key to accessorizing is create a look in attire that is polished with just the right accessories.

5. Fashionable Lingerie

Lest we forget to mention this, you are on a romantic mini break after all, so don’t forget the lingerie! However, it is also important to remember that every woman does have different contours so choose fashions that flatter your particular figure. You can find trendy lingerie for any size woman, and these have been designed specifically with your body type in mind. You want to be drop-dead gorgeous, so choose something that flatters you in color and in fit.

7. Don’t Forget Cosmetics!

As a final bit of advice, don’t forget to pack cosmetics for your romantic interlude in Italy. Not only should you consider trending colors for eye makeup, but you also want to choose high quality products that won’t run and smear in moist weather or for an all-day outing. Choose a few of your favorite fragrances to bring along and if your guy has mentioned one that he particularly loves on you, don’t forget to pack that first!

As a final note, you might also want to pack your apparel in fashionable designer luggage as well. You want everything about this trip to be just as fashionable as it is romantic. From the time you step out your door to the time you arrive back home, you want to be the only thing your man sees. “Honey, what did we do in Italy again?”


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