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Traveling is great to disconnect, but these days, most of us would like to share our experiences with friends at home and need to remain connected to our families. If relying on e-mail at the local internet cafe isn’t enough for you, don’t stress. There are over 6 billion mobile subscriptions in the world; and if the locals have SIM cards, you will be able to as well! Before you travel abroad, make sure to visit iPhone Repair Bridgewater Mall and check if your iPhone needs repairing.

Here’s a quick guide on how to cell phones and SIM cards abroad.

International Plans

Upgrading your phone plan temporarily is ideal for quick jaunts abroad. Many carriers now offer international phones and service plans. This is probably the most direct option, but it is also the most expensive. If you do pursue this option, make sure to review what is covered and what costs extra. You don’t want your travel memories scarred by an unexpected massive phone bill, and we’ve heard stories of international plans charging as much as $2 for a text message.


This option makes sense for a few weeks of travel in locations with decent internet service. If you currently have a smart phone that can receive Wi-Fi you can try relying solely on internet to stay in touch. Remember that you can place phone calls and text with applications like Skype or WhatsApp.


If you are backpacking long term or traveling in locations that lack internet, SIM cards are the best choice for reliable service. If the phone you have now uses a SIM card, you should be able to use it abroad without adding extra services. If your phone doesn’t have a SIM card slot you can purchase one after you reach your destination as these basic cell phones are plentiful and cheap.

Once you’ve got the right phone in hand, purchasing a SIM should cost less than five bucks. A SIM card is typically specific to the country you are visiting and only functional within those borders. You will need to bring your passport in order to purchase a SIM card at the service provider. Afterwards you can pre-pay for minutes and/or data at the provider or at most local convenience stores.

Though a cell phone can help you share your experiences with friends and family at home, don’t let social media get in the way of your travels. Leave time to disconnect from home, be present and enjoy the moment too!

Do you find it necessary to be connected when you’re traveling? Or do you like to be off the grid? 


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