Look gorgeous (for yourself) even when traveling solo


When traveling on your own, the first thing you think about is being hassle-free, especially when speaking of clothes. When you want to dress well while traveling, it is all too easy to over-pack and add in ‘just in case’ pieces.

One way to make this all easier is to look for easy-to-wear items that make you look/feel glamorous and fashionable while being comfy. This way, your luggage is lighter, you won’t spend precious time traveling choosing something to wear, and you wear something that you feel confident in but is also practical for traveling.

Go easy, yet go stylish

Fashion these days provides us with plenty of great options to feel comfortable and still look awesome.

For example, there are ‘one piece outfits’ such as rompers and night-time jumpsuits that have you looking stylish with just one piece. You can also pair a long flowy skirt with a fitted top for a comfortable look that still looks like fashionable.

If we look closely, suggestions on fancy-yet-comfy clothes are numerous but going after all the many styles, colours and shapes jumping from one store to the other can be demotivating and quite time-consuming! Go easy and dive in the fashion world via the web.

Do some research online to see which are the latest trends you like the most. On fashion websites such as Luisaviaroma.com, for example, you can find simple yet stylish pieces like the ones proposed by Givenchy for women, that offers you plenty of outfits and accessories that you will enjoy choosing and matching with one another.

Plan ahead and pack like a pro 

Planning your outfits ahead of traveling makes everything so much easier. It also helps you look stylish as you have already thought ahead and put things together. So before you start packing, consider your destination, the season and what you plan on doing while on vacation in general.

If you are traveling to a city, for example, you want to wear comfortable walking shoes and a purse that zips.

‘City chic’ is a fun look to go for, too! If you are traveling for a couple weeks in the fall, for example, as your base you can pack a few sweaters, a couple t-shirts, denim, high-waisted trousers, sneakers, boots (to wear on the plane, as they might be pretty heavy), a couple evening outfits, a leather jacket and a trench coat.

If you are traveling somewhere tropical in the summer, bathing suits are of course the most important! Add in a couple beach cover-ups, maxi dresses and summer dresses, sandals, a woven bag, and sunglasses. A colorful lipstick or nail polish can make pull your outfit together for something fun!

Make time for Self-Care

Sometimes while traveling, we feel like we just want to relax. But you can do that and look good too! Pamper yourself before you go, both on the outside and on the inside. To really shine and feel your best while you travel, make time for self-care, wear your hair in whichever way makes you feel your best (maybe get it done or do a nice hair mask before you go!), and give your skin a little extra love.

Luckily, you don’t have to go crazy when preparing your luggage for your upcoming holiday. Get your agenda and set an outfit for every single day. 

How do you plan for what you’ll wear on holiday?


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