Travelling on a budget? You need to pack the essentials!


If you are a person who loves to travel by now you know, there are certain things which you must have and certain things which you must not have. While people who post videos on Youtube and use companies such as Marketing Heaven to boost their videos and rank them higher, do look fun, but it takes a lot into planning the perfect vacation. Especially if you are travelling on a budget.

When you’re traveling on a budget, having expenses crop up when you’re on the road is no bueno! Instead of having to stress about things when you’re away, try and pack everything you need before you go. If all else fails? At least get yourself acquainted with the simplest way to get the things you need in a new place.

A low-fee credit card

This one is absolutely imperative – set this stuff up before you go, and you’re going to save so much while you’re away.

In the USA, smartphone-only bank Simple is set up with no fees, which means it’s perfect for going away. You don’t have to be near a branch to do your banking, because it’s with you on the go.

And, when you don’t have to think about foreign transaction fees, it’s far easier to travel for longer.

Feminine products

If you’re a woman who has periods, you want that time of the month to go as smoothly as possible, especially if you’re bunking in hostels or out on the road. To save suitcase space – and the environment – consider other options such as reusable menstrual cups instead. These will also mean you’re not having to constantly rebuy products, especially in countries or locations where there may be a mark-up on the things you need. For example, in parts of Asia, tampons can be very expensive because they may be seen as taboo.

Of course, thinking about contraception is also essential. Make sure you have enough with you, as it may not be available or accessible in certain communities. Which leads us on to…

Medications & Health Essentials

Packing medication for travel can be a minefield, but it’s something you need to consider before you go. Make sure you have a small first-aid kit with the basics all packed, such as band-aids and pain meds, preferably bought for cheap.

If you need something more specific, you might have to speak to your doctor – especially if you plan to be away for a long period of time. Most will only prescribe medication to cover you for limited periods of time, so it’s worth having a chat. Getting access to medication overseas can be difficult to navigate – different things may be available to you with no prescription locally, and higher costs associated, too. Also consider the legality of any meds you may be carrying, and bring a doctor’s note as well.

Contact lenses fall under this umbrella, too – you need them to see all the amazing new things! Bring enough for your trip where possible, but be sure if not, to know where to order contact lenses online, without having to go to an appointment. You can buy contact lenses online – including contacts no RX – to keep you in supply while you’re away.

Clothing for all reasonable weathers

Look, this one is all about using your common sense. If you’re going on a four week trip to Western Australia in the height of summer, you probably don’t need to worry about bringing hoodies. However, if you’re going to a range of places or places which vary throughout the days, bring plenty of warm and cold clothing. Research to find out whether nights are cold, for example, so you don’t get tripped up.

Don’t go overboard, especially if you’re traveling alone or with limited suitcase allowance. You want to keep costs as low as possible, while making it easy on yourself.

Packing doesn’t need to be a nightmare – you just have to find the balance between making sure you pack enough, and not packing too much!




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