What to Do with Your Engagement Ring When Traveling


We’re not supposed to leave home without it, but what do you do with your engagement ring when traveling?

Random jewelery is one discussion when it comes to traveling, but when it’s THE ring, us women have to be careful. Here are some helpful tips on what you should do to make sure your precious possession stays safe and you return home with it.

1. Should You Really Bring It?
For example, if you’re going on a scuba diving or hiking trip, you won’t have much opportunity to wear it.

2. Keep It Discreet
If you do bring your ring on your trip, don’t flash it around to others at the airports or in cab rides. Try to take it off privately or rotate it 90 degrees so the stone is not noticable.

3. Don’t wear it to places where it can get wet or dirty.
This includes the shower, beach, pool, the jungle, mountain, dirt road trips, forests, in the kitchen, sand, while painting or while doing any artistic activity.

5. Store It Safely
Bring something to place the ring in for safe-keeping when you’re not wearing it and leave it in a locked safe.
Make sure you have a ring box, a pouch or soft bag that closes securely, or a necklace or bracelet that you can string your ring through. If you feel like you’re in a sketchy area, you can always discreetly take off the ring and keep it in your shoes or bra.

Have you traveled with an engagement ring? What do you do?


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