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Arizona Daily Star: “‘Go! Girl’ Guidebook Aids Travel”

“Forget the excuses, ladies – it’s time to see the world. Go! Girl Guides, a woman’s travel guidebook created by a recent University of Arizona graduate, might be the first guide specifically for women. “I still can’t believe that in 2011 there are no travel guidebooks for women, that we are the first series in the world,” author Kelly Lewis said. “Women face so many unique challenges while traveling.” READ MORE

Zocalo Magazine: “Empowering Female Adventurers”

“Kelly Lewis loves traveling. Travel guidebooks, well, these she finds lacking, especially for women on their own. So the UA journalism grad wrote one: “Go! Girl Guides: A Woman’s Guide to Traveling in Thailand,” which sees a release party Sept. 17 at La Cocina. The result of much planning and saving — the project is completely self-funded — as well as two months spent in Thailand with photographer Krissy Sauter, the guidebook speaks to the specific concerns of female tourists.” 

The Arizona Daily Wildcat: “UA Alum Guides Travel For Women

“One cool December evening, a self-empowered, travel-obsessed UA graduate was lying in bed dreaming about her travels. Little did she know, this particular dream would lead her down the path of a lifetime to her very own travel guidebook business, “Go! Girl Guides.” READ MORE

Book Reviews

“I solemnly swear (with my left hand on a Go! Girl Guides book and my right hand up in the air) that the Go! Girl Guides Thailand is as good as any travel guidebook you will find on the market today. Just as good as Lonely Planet or Let’s Go or any other destination guidebook you can name.”– Do It While You’re Young

“The Go! Girl Guides Thailand is catered to women travelers making their way through Thailand, and I appreciated all the extra ‘girl’  tips- from bringing your own tampons from home (lest you run out- the horror!), to places not to get stuck in after dark, to how to dress on a dance night out in Bangkok. With pictures!”– Kaypacha Travels