Holiday Travel: Dividing Your Time


The holidays are here and many of us are dividing our time between traveling to visit family, friends, cooking, work, or going for vacation.

As the stress of trying to fit everything in builds up, we try to find as much time as we can to get everything done – do our shopping, packing, schedule in people we want to see, and much more. There never seems to  be enough hours in the day for everything.

To help you organize, here’s some tricks so you can divide your time wisely and do as much as possible!

1. Schedule around priorities – If you have to work, or help with cooking, or catch a means of transportation, those are things that cannot be rescheduled. Begin your day with knowing when you have to  be busy and arrange everything else around the main duties of the day.

2. Seeing family and friends-Whether you’re spending the holidays with your family or Skype-ing/video-chatting, try to schedule a time to see them. If you have a few groups of people, try to video chat them one after the other! Seeing family and friends may be more difficult, so reservations (even if it’s at their house) are helpful.

3. Working out – Many of us don’t get the chance to workout because we get too busy with the holidays and that’s the last thing on our minds honestly. If you wish to keep up with your workout routine,  schedule that in the beginning of the day to get it over with and cross it off your list.

4. Last minute present shopping and wrapping – So you wait until Christmas week to buy gifts, use some websites such as Walmart and Target that give you a “Pick up in store” option for a faster checkout. Other idea is to get to the store right when it opens when there’s least people shopping.

5. Resting, TV, and alone time – After having so many things on your plate, you do want some time to yourself – even if it’s to have a nice long bath! Aim to schedule that in as well if you know when you have a break in between parties or activities and do it! If you want to leave a gathering earlier so you don’t crash right when you walk into the door, do so! The holidays may be fun but you can become more exhausted than ever.

6. If you’re on vacation – Congratulations! You might have the easiest time to enjoy yourself and not have the pressure of seeing everyone you would want to. Try to get to the airport early and call or Skype your friends/family before you leave. Buying some Internet time can be used to get those last few e-mails out and E-cards to those you might have missed. If you’re one to buy souvenirs as part of your presents, you have the luxury of choosing when you want to do that when you’re away.

However you divide your time during the holidays, make it more fun than not!


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