7 Gifts For Women Who Love to Travel


Do you know a lady who loves adventure? Is your best girlfriend a closet “gearhead” when it comes to what she buys for her trips?

Surprise her with a holiday gift that is small, handy, light and memorable. If you’re looking for travel guides for women, well, we’ve got you covered. Here are some awesome gift ideas for women who love to travel.

1. World Map Necklace

We love this cute necklace — it’s a map of the world! The perfect piece of jewelry for women who love to travel.

2. Memorabilia Holder

Travel Stub Diary

I sure wish someone had bought me this prior to leaving for Central America last year!  I stored my mementos in a dog-eared postal envelope.  The travel stub diary is great for all those little memories that run the risk of getting lost, and ultimately ruined, at the bottom of a pack or suitcase.  Buy this for your travelin gal so she can re-create her stories once home through ticket stubs, wrist bands, stamps, and subway maps.

3. Passport Holder

Antique Map Italian Leather Passport holder

This pink glitter passport holder is a great gift for women who travel.

Nothing says “get excited for the future” like a pink glitter passport holder (in my humble opinion, anyway!) These handmade passport holders offer the benefit of disguising her lifeline if she must carry it on daily escapades and a lovely way to drum up a conversation with a fellow traveler in line at customs. $6.59.

4. iPhone case/wallet

BookBook by Twelvesouth

This iphone holder is a great gift for a female traveler.

BookBook is an adorable way to consolidate the things a woman has to carry in her purse. Since most travelers opt for carrying an iPhone for all sorts of things, BookBook can store your iPhone, 2-4 credit cards, and money all within a case that looks like a mini novel!  This gift will alleviate the stress of having to account for a separate wallet, credit card holder, and phone all crammed into a day bag. $69.99.

5. First Aid Kit: DIY

If you are a gift giver who values creating the gift, rather than buying, opt for creating her an amazingly simple and useful first aid kit. Make sure to include things like rehydration packets, band-aids, alcohol pads, and anti-itch cream. Get creative with the way it is packed (any household item can serve as the case itself such as a lock n’ lock or old Powerade canister) and don’t forget to decorate it!

6. Flashpack

REI Flash 18 Pack

Whether she calls herself an actual flash packer or certified backpacker, this bag does not discriminate in its utility. This crazy sturdy bag can be used inside her normal backpack, by itself as a stand-alone piece, or for a day hike.  Count on this as being a super sustainable gift too; she can continue using it when she gets home–toss your gym clothes in it for after work and you are ready to shed off those Italian pizzas!

7. Water Sanitation System

SteriPen Freedom

With approximately 8,000 uses over its life and the capability to be charged up using a USB port the SteriPen beats out giving her an old school pump filtration system. The SteriPen is tiny, effective, and it is a quasi-nerdy way to make friends who are in need of clean drinking water.  My friend and I split the cost of this item when we ventured off to Guatemala last year and it worked out great. I used it for the rest of my travels and then I passed it off to her as she does a lot of backwoods camping in the Adirondacks.


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