Styling Tips to Boost Your Confidence


There is nothing worse than going out with friends and feeling self-conscious because your clothes don’t fit right, or you don’t feel like you’re as stylish as you could be.

While it’s important to remember that looks aren’t everything, it’s still nice to walk out of your house and knowing that you look good and can take on the day with confidence.

If nothing in your wardrobe feels right to you anymore, and you have outgrown previous tastes but aren’t sure what suits you now, here are a few styling tips to help you get your groove back.

Know Your Measurements

A lot of stores will carry standard sizes, but not all bodies will fit precisely into those brackets. Also, different stores sometimes use different measurements to determine these sizes, so what size fits you in one store won’t in another.

This can be very frustrating and leave you with clothes that might be a little too big or too small; either way, it doesn’t make you feel as though you look your best when you wear that particular item.

Knowing your exact measurements can be useful, as this will help you to determine what size will fit you in each store, provided you have their measurements guide to refer to.

Pick Styles that Flatter Your Shape

Another thing to be mindful of when you next go shopping for clothes is to look for styles that suit your body shape. For example, a dress or blouse that will look great on a model who has a more rectangular shape won’t look the same way on someone who has a pear-shaped figure or an hourglass figure.

On the other hand, if you have a curvier physique, look for fashionable plus size clothing as this will have been designed with your curves in mind, so the materials and cuts used will be more flattering for your shape.

Experiment with Your Hair

It’s not just the clothes you wear that can help you express yourself and look stylish; your haircut can also have this effect. If you feel the need for a change, one of the best ways to refresh your look is by getting a new hairdo, but this is also something you need to think about.

Like choosing clothes for your body shape, you should be mindful of the structure of your face, as some hairstyles will be more flattering than others. Take the time to look at different styles on other people with a similar face shape to yours and take some photos of your hairdresser to better understand the look you’re trying to achieve.

Experiment with Your Makeup

Another thing you should play around with is if you want to revamp your style and feel more confident in your makeup. Some people prefer a more subtle look for everyday makeup, others like it to be bolder, and mthen then some prefer something in-between.

When you have some free time, try out some of the colors that you don’t usually use in your eyeshadow palette, or test out some new lipsticks and see if you can find a new combination that you love.

If you’re looking to feel more confident and want to try out some new styles, use the tips above to help you discover looks that you might have previously dismissed.


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