Summer Styling: 3 Trends to Embrace During the Season of Fun and Wellness


We’re back with a newfound sense of passion for having fun.

Dinner dates, bottomless mimosas, luxury travel, tastings at wineries, game nights with friends, a chill by the pool — all summer activities that we have been dreaming about. That’s why designer Donna Leah, founder of Donna Leah Designs, is making each fashion choice count with new fabrics and edgy styling that make each gathering memorable.

Summer is the season to experiment with pastel colors, sophisticated details, and monochromatic looks. Leaving leggings and sweats behind, we’re focused on pieces that rise to the occasion and communicate who we are.  As wellness and self-care become renewed focuses, wearing what makes us feel great is part of the equation.

Monochrome Mania

One of the biggest and most prominent trends that has taken the fashion world by storm for more than a few seasons are monochrome styling and all things tonal. It is no surprise as to why this is the case.  Simply put, there is no easier way to look more sophisticated or put together than with a head to toe look with the emphasis on a singular shade.  Carefree, yet focused on looking put together, monochrome style lets your favorite accessories shine bright. It’s also an elegant way to dress that is versatile and coordinates with the many trends already in a wardrobe.

Nothing says a fresh start more than a stunning mint hue.  Perfect for summer and into fall, this is the color for the cool, calm, and collected.  Donna Leah Designs has launched her newest collection with fabrics that shine with hand embellishments and innovative fabrics.  Sets are two pieces for extra versatility and the ability to maximize any wardrobe.

Investment Pieces

Speaking of maximizing wardrobes, Donna Leah Designs is all about wearing what you love.The essence is not focused on an age or trends, but emotions. How do you feel when you are wearing something that you love?  Investing in custom pieces that carry you through season to season is what it’s all about. These are the custom gowns and ensembles that are timeless and special.  You keep going to them over and over again because they fit just right.  Head turning showstoppers, these are the pieces that were created just for you.  Growing up, Donna Leah dreamed of designing clothing that let her creativity shine.  The dream is now a reality that can be shared with women around the world.

Pastel Passion

Vacation vibes are in play in a major way this season.  Pastels signal a sunnier and optimistic outlook that we are all craving and put a happy mood on fashion overall.  All the same shade, pastels are easily worn in monochrome or can be combined and paired in various combinations while still looking put together.  Based in Miami, Donna Leah Designs has fully embraced the trend, particularly with “digital lavender” a phrase coined by WGSN and is noted as a key color for 2023. That’s because the color is associated with hope, balance, and stability – everything we are craving right now.  Digital lavender, a gender-inclusive color, focuses on wellness and bridging both the digital and physical worlds.

What style are you most into this season? Let us know in the comments below!


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