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We love women who travel (obvs), but more so, we love women who start initiatives and platforms that help other women to travel.

She Roams Solo is a new online social networking site aimed at women who travel solo that provides a safe place for women to ask travel advice, share stories and find new travel friends.

We asked the founder, Rebecca, to tell us more about She Roams Solo. Here’s what she said.

Tell us a little more about She Roams Solo. What is the platform and what does it aim to do?

The platform is a social networking website aimed at women who travel solo (or travel in general). It is a women-only platform. The aim is to provide a safe outlet for women to ask travel advice, make friends, form bonds, share stories and express themselves.

The platform consists of a forum for questions, and a place to make your own profile. You can search for friends based on profile criterias. See what people are posting, from photos, thoughts, forum questions and their locations. All of this is on the community board.

The community is new but growing; We support members with Instagram accounts by re-sharing photos tagged with #SheRoamSsolo. Members can also join our group pinterest boards, and add your blog on the directory.

The aim of She Roams Solo is to inspire women to feel safe when they are travelling alone. It is to help connect with like-minded people and to be a global hub for travelling women.

2) Why did you start this initiative?

I was never afraid to travel solo, I embraced it! Yet, I know many women who put their goals on hold or never completed them because they were afraid.

I saw how well Facebook groups worked but also saw the flaws. I liked how groups connected like-minded people together. However, I didn’t want to mix my personal account with strangers. More-so I also did not want to rely on a big unpredictable platform like Facebook.

So I envisioned a global platform dedicated to women traveling.

3) What are your goals for She Roams Solo in 5 or 10 years?

I have some huge goals for the website in the next few years. The first goal is to get to 10,000 members. Next is a mobile app. I would like to partner with hostels, tour groups etc to offer discounts to members.

The next step will be to take it offline and allow people to create their own events and create get-aways and trips.

Thinking larger I would like an online and offline subscription magazine. It will contain paid travel stories from the community. I would love to have a podcast, interviewing other members. A once a year conference and my ultimate dream is “the charity”.

The charity will not be asking for money. Members will nominate a person who cannot travel for reasons beyond their control. The community will vote. Through the power of the community and organizations, we aim to get this person to the country of their dreams.
I am very transparent about where I want the community to go so more about the vision, hopes and goals can be found here.

4) What’s been the most rewarding part of this concept? 

The feedback I receive from women who are happy that such a platform exists and share the same hopes for it that I do.

The women I have been fortunate enough to connect with, thanks to the platform; Members like the woman who started traveling alone at over 50. The member who climbed everest base camp alone. The many women who have reached out with bold stories. I could list so many cool women I have been able to connect with. I’m sure there will be more to come.

The other rewarding part of this is to think of what we can create. I am so motivated at the thought of the friendships and inspiration that can come from this platform.

5) Where are you hoping to travel to next year?

Sadly, I have had to stop my travels recently. I was traveling a lot and quickly but I saw the community stop growing due to my time constraints. So I have based myself back home (Sydney, Australia) to make some big goals happen. Once those big goals happen… there will be no stopping! I hope to be able to travel for the purpose of meeting with members all over the world

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 Thanks Rebecca! 

What are your favorite tools and platforms for women who travel?


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