8 Awesome Ways to Celebrate International Woman’s Day


March 8th is International Woman’s Day, and what better day for all us girls who Go to make plans, dream dreams and celebrate the awesomeness of being a 21st century woman?! Here are a few ideas to add to your travel bucket-list:

1. Climb a Mountain

Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is a mighty 5,895m and is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world but there are plenty of other options! I climbed the highest peak in England with a couple of girlfriends on Valentine’s Day, and later in the year I’m hopefully going to tackle Island Peak in Nepal. Ain’t nothin’ like the satisfaction of reaching the top girls.

2. Learn how to use a blow-pipe in the jungles of Borneo

Useful skills for later life, perhaps? Plus, Borneo is home to orang-utans, jungles, some great dive sites, markets, mountains and temples … Need I say more?!

3. Take the plunge…in the Antarctic

The 7th continent might not be somewhere you’ve thought of going, but what better place to go for a brisk dip? Spectacular icebergs, penguins, seals, whales… and the chance to be literally at the end of the world.

4. Tango in Argentina

Head to Argentina (the next country in line to get the Go!Girl Guides treatment) for lessons in the world’s sultriest dance, and amazing steak. What else is on offer? Add a few bucks to the kitty and we’ll let you know!


Tango in Buenos Aires

5. Bungee Jump in New Zealand

Take a leap while touring the adrenalin-fueled South Island. Head to the original bungee bridge Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown to get your heart pumping. There’s also sky-diving, glaciers to hike across, kayaking, beautiful scenery, awesome people … remind me why I’m still in England?!

6. Gallop across the wild Kyrgyzstan steppe

Wait, where? That’s right, Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia. Make like Princess Khulutun and gallop across the wide open plains, sleep on yak fur rugs in a yurt, or trek through the Celestial Mountains with their glaciers, summer pastures and snowy peaks. She, incidentally, was Kubla Khan’s niece and reputedly his greatest warrior. She promised to marry anyone who could beat her at wrestling, but demanded 100 horses from any man she beat …she died unmarried with 10,000 horses.

7. Ride across Wadi Rum like Lawrence of Arabia

Jordan’s epic desert is the place to stay in a Bedouin camp, sleep out under the stars, ride a camel, or pretend you’re Indiana Jones. Petra, the rose-red city carved out of the landscape 2,000 years ago, is pretty close by and absolutely astounding. Especially if you can go at sunset…

8. Help build homes for locals, conserve wildlife or teach English

If you’re reading this, you probably already know how lucky you are. There are thousands of ways you can give back to the world; volunteering at a project that grips you is just one of them. Do your research beforehand (and talk to previous volunteers if possible) but whether you’re conserving the rainforest in Ecuador, teaching English in China, helping to build schools or hospitals in Africa, uncovering archaeology in Mongolia or working with elephants in Thailand, there’ll be something to suit your interests and timescale. Check out Kelly’s blog for tips!

How will you celebrate International Woman’s Day, you strong, fearless traveler?


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England is a very small country, and Clare's got some big ideas and even bigger plans for her twenties (aka the "Decade of Adventures"). So far she's volunteered in a South African township, got her degree, interrailed around Europe, done a triathlon, taken the Trans-Mongolian Express and lived in China... but that's just the start. Right now she's working in a chocolatier, having UK based shenanigans and planning her biggest adventure yet. Mount Everest and Australia had better watch out! Check out her blog at http://blue-dress-and-backpack.blogspot.com

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