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This week’s Girls that Go! is with Andi of My Beautiful Adventures.

We love Andi and how she always looks effortlessly amazing no matter where in the world she is, as well as how much passion she puts into travel. It seems everytime we log into twitter she’s somewhere else, and she’s always having a good time!

Find out some of her travel secrets below!


GoGirlGuides: Girl, you always manage to look fabulous while traveling! What are your top picks when packing light?

Andi Perullo: My trick to looking fabulous while traveling is to wear a dress!  I got hooked on wearing dresses by accident on my first big trip overseas to China.  I was not used to squat toilets, so I stuck to wearing dresses to make the experience as easy as possible.  From then on I always wore dresses.  They are easy to pack and comfortable to wear, plus you look great in all of your photos!  I think a little black dress is a woman’s best friend.

GGG: We love following your adventures and it seems you’ve been everywhere, but where did you travel first and what was that experience like? Were you alone or in a group?

AP: As previously mentioned, my first big overseas trip and the one where I can look back and say, “That is where I was bit by the travel bug,” was to China.  I had traveled to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe with my family prior to that, but it was not until that specific trip where I realized that traveling was the greatest thing in life.  I had won the trip through the National Collegiate Honor Society and was there for a Medical Delegation.  We toured and worked in hospitals and rural clinics all over the country.

GGG: Your fiance Lucas is from Argentina. Any tips on making a long distance relationship work? (And how the heck do you plan a wedding between two continents?)

AP: I will not sugarcoat it, long distance relationships are almost impossible.  The only way they can work is if there is an enormous amount of love and trust between the couple and even then sometimes that just is not enough.  Communication is the key. That is one of the things that I have actually treasured from being in a long distance relationship, as the distance forced us to communicate in a very deep and meaningful way. We probably communicate better than most couples who live in the same house.  I also think it is important that you teach your partner about your culture as much as possible, so that there are fewer “lost in translation” moments.

Planning an international wedding has been one of the most stressful undertakings of my life to date!  The sole reason that I was able to make it happen is due to my best friend, who happens to live in Argentina, as she generously offered to be my wedding planner.

GGG: Give us the goss! How did you two meet?

AP: At a bar/club in Buenos Aires. Our eyes met from across the room and we smiled at each other. I whispered to my girlfriend that I thought he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen and the next thing I knew he was standing next to me with a glass of champagne.

GGG: What’s your favorite destination thus far (we know, it’s hard)!? Best place to live it up?

AP: This is typically the first question I am asked when someone discovers that I am a serious traveler. Up until recently I refused to answer the question.  However, I have been putting a lot of thought into it and I believe that I can now answer by saying Brasil. I first visited the country a year and a half ago and it was my first solo trip in a place where I did not speak the language (I had previously traveled solo in China, Argentina, and Australia). I was so enamored by the country that I returned 4 months later with Lucas and that is where we got engaged.  It is also where we will be taking our honeymoon and where we hope to live one day.

Brazil Joinville, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro with Sheraton Resort, Impanema and Copacabana Beaches-1989
Creative Commons License photo credit: leakytr8

GGG: We’re all about solo female travel here. What have your experiences been like in traveling alone and what advice would you give to women hitting the road?

AP: I love solo travel with every ounce of my being. I have learned the most about myself and the world through traveling independently. I encourage every single person to at least do it once in their life. My most valuable advice is to follow your intuition, which will only get stronger with each trip you take. The only time I did not follow my intuition was in India and I ended up having a horrible experience. I left that experience not so much angry at what had happened, rather angry with myself for not listening to my gut. Other than that, I say enjoy yourself and do not be fearful of the unknown. Being scared is a waste of energy and you will miss out on some of the best experiences of your life.

GGG: I couldn’t live without __________.

AP: Traveling, my family and friends, the ocean, my camera, champagne, and chocolate.
GGG: If I could do anything over again, I’d ___________.

AP: I follow my heart 100% of the time, which leaves me with no regrets.  If I was forced to choose one thing, I would say that I wish I had studied abroad in college, rather than have rushed through it in 3 years. I was just so eager to go to Graduate School.  Because of this, I encouraged my younger brother to study abroad and he is following my advice and spending 2 of his 4 years in Hong Kong!


To find out more about Andi, visit My Beautiful Adventures or follow her on Twitter.

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  1. LOVE andi!!! beautiful, adventurous, smart, sweet, kind, and inspirational are just a few words off the top of my head…and i could go on 🙂 i think what’s so great about her blog is that it’s so authentically her, her voice is so clear, and she feels so accessible. not to mention some knock-out photography and tunes!
    awesome to read more of her thoughts here. another great one ladies 🙂

  2. Lovely interview, Andi! I’m totally the same – the only thing I regret is not having studied abroad in college! But it’s all good – I think we’ve more than made up for it. 🙂

    I can only imagine how stressful it’s been planning your Argentine wedding from afar. I’m right here to do it myself, and I’m already stressed! I’m glad you had your friend to help. besos, Amy

    • Thanks a million! Yes, I agree about having made up for not living abroad. I wouldn’t change one thing about my life. I’m SO in love with it. This wedding is the most stressful thing I’ve EVER done. I can’t wait until I’m done planning. Good luck with yours darling. BESOS!!!

  3. First, I adore Brasil! I wanna live there, too! The fact that Andi also loves it there, makes me love her more. She was one of the first people I interacted with on social media. There I was taking baby steps towards this kick-ass life I want to lead, and she is always there with words of encouragement and endless positive vibes.

    I try not to say cliches, but seriously man, she’s one of the only people I know who is irrefutably beautiful – inside and out. Those are rare birds, ones to be cherished and respected.

    You go chica!

    • Isn’t Brasil the best??? I don’t know what it is? But, it’s kind of cool that I can now pick a favorite country in the world! I WILL live there one day. End of story. And you will be my first guest!!!

      I remember when we were both starting out my love like it was yesterday and now look at how far we have both come. It’s amazing, you’re amazing! You’re conquering the world one step at a time.

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words, I feel exactly the same about you. Lots of love and safe travels!

  4. Andi is fab! One of the first travel bloggers I stumbled across and a massive inspiration for beginning my blog. I love the fact that you manage to make travelling look so glamorous.
    And the point about wearing a dress is so true. I wear dresses all the time too because they are so easy, light and easy to pack. Everyone things I’m super girly and dresses are a real effort but they make life (and squat toilets) so much easier!

    • Awww thank you SO much for calling me fab, an inspiration, and that I look glam while traveling!!! I need to name my 1st born child after you now haha. Glad that you completely agree with me re: the dresses!!! We should start a travel blog devoted to fashion.

  5. Loved reading your interview…I have followed My Beautiful Adventures for quite a while now, and its so inspiring to see someone who loves travel and culture as much as I do. I can 100% relate to issues with long distance relationships. My husband and I married in New Delhi in 2003, I lived there for four years…he works for the airlines, so he is still living in India…Communication is definately the key to making it work…that and unconditional love and trust. Congratulations to you on your upcoming marriage~!~

  6. This is a great post! I love Andi, and all the people on here raving about how great she is just justifies how cool she truly is. I’ve never met her in person, but she exudes a warmth and beauty that even comes across through her words on the internet! She’s always positive and encouraging, and always has sweet things to say to everyone (I don’t know how she does it)! I like to consider myself a travelling fashionista of sorts, but Andi’s outfits, hair, and makeup while travelling PUT ME TO SHAME! She’s proof that it is possible to both look and feel great while travelling. Andi, you’re awesome and I’m sad that I’m leaving Hong Kong before you get here to see your brother!! Oh well- maybe we can rendez-vous in Brasil- I’ve never been, but the country is calling my name…

    • Seriously, never has a post caused me to tear up as much as this one because of all of the extraordinary comments!!! I can’t believe that outpouring of love I’ve received from everyone. I’m absolutely humbled, I truly am. I’m a firm believer that if you put out love, you will receive love. A total win-win situation you know? It kills me that you’re leaving HK right before my bro arrives. But I have NO doubt that our paths will cross at some point. OMG, you must contact me before you go to Brasil okay??? Much love!

  7. After a year of wearing black and brown traveler’s clothing I finally agree with Andi that dresses may be more practical. Now that I’m in Argentina I’m going shopping!

  8. Great interview Andi : )
    But, I think I’ll stick to pants. Sure the dress SOUNDS like a good plan, however… from my experience, it’s more trouble than it’s worth ; )

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