How To See South America in Two Weeks


So you want to see South America in Two Weeks?  Let me start of by referring to that old saying, “less is more.”  In other words, it may be smart to narrow down the countries you would like to visit by personal interests. Each country has a myriad of activities that will either appeal to you or turn you off. Luckily I have devised a simple guide to South American countries based on personal taste.

Are you a History Buff? Visit: Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador

If you like Ruins, indigenous culture and rich history , then start off in the Lake Titicaca, said to be the original birth place of Andean civilization and start your journey  from  the largest and highest lakes in the world. This is a spectacular place to scope out ancient archeological sites and discover what made the pre-Incan tribes so mystifying, after that, hop over to neighboring country visit Cusco, Peru the historically claimed capital of the Incan empire. Visit the world-reputed Machu Picchu and then wrap your trip La Compañía, Quito and discover some of the most architecturally rich cathedrals of the “new world.”

Are you a Beach Bum? Visit: Chile & Argentina

With an incredibly vast coastline that runs up and down South America, Chile has some of the best beaches in the world. Visit Vina del Mar, located just 75 miles outside the easy-to-reach city of Santiago and bask in the rays and luxury of one of Chile’s most popular sea-side Riviera. Swoop around to Argentina and visit Mar Del Plata located within the province of Buenos Aires and sink your toes into the sand while sipping lavishly on cocktails and let the ever-buzzing local culture entertain you.

Are you Party-Goer? Visit: Colombia

Travel anywhere throughout South America and any traveler will tell you if you want to party you have to visit Colombia. Start out in Cartagena, which claims to have some of the best nightlife in all of South America. If you love to dancing and drinking into the wee hours of the night be sure to pass through the country’s capital, Bogotá and twirl into a twilight zone of inebriated delirium that may turn out to be one of the best party-nights of your life. Sure you may not remember, but hopefully your new amigos captured a few highlights on their camera.

Are you an Adventure Freak ? Visit: Brazil

Considered by some as the heart of South America, a visit to Brazil and  the Amazon Jungle will tickle your adventure bug long after you leave. Start off  in the city of Manuas, the “gateway” to the Amazon, stay in a rainforest lodge, and set up a tour of Amazon region by boat or by foot. Either way, be  prepared to become enchanted by brightly colored birds, howler monkeys and countless varieties of plant life growing alongside you every muggy yet marvelous step you take.

If you only had two weeks in South America where would you visit?


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