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There have been some excited changes happening behind the scenes here at Go! Girl Guides, and I’m beyond elated to share them with you!In our quest to help inspire and empower women to take on the world, we’re making an effort to make our content more destination-specific, while still not losing what we’re true to: solo female travel. What do women need to know about visiting Bolivia, for example? What should we wear? How do we pack? How concerned should we be about safety and what can we do to stay safe?

That’s why we’ve recently appointed editors who are based around the world to lend their first-hand knowledge. Heading to Africa? Reach out to Mandi for travel tips! Need ideas on things to see and do in Chicago? Leave a comment for Sarah Enelow! As we continue to produce guidebooks, you’ll start to see these ladies and their names more and more. And they’re awesome!

Best of all? We’ve already started. You may have noticed lately that our content has been SUPREMELY AWESOME. (I mean, c’mon, just look at what we posted in the last few days!)

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That’s all because of the incredible talent of our team.

Without further ado, I’d like to announce our new editorial positions and some of the amazing women that I have the pleasure of working with here at Go! Girl Guides.

Online Editor: Angelica Wilk

angelica pic 2

Angelica Wilk

Angelica is a Double Psychology Major who loves traveling and influencing others to do the same. While hopping around islands and cities across the globe, she enjoys documenting her journeys. She scuba dives and is the Online Editor for Go! Girl Guides, handling our social media & editing and scheduling of blog posts. Find more about her by following her on twitter: @BKChickTravels

Europe Editor: Leah Eades


Leah Eades

Leah Eades is Go! Girl Guide’s Europe Editor, and so appropriately enough is currently based in Bristol, UK. A compulsive traveler and writer, Leah’s adventures so far include living in Italy twice, contracting a mystery illness in the Amazon, studying in China and cycling along the Danube. She blames budget airlines for her addiction. You can follow her on Twitter at @LeahEadesTravel, or learn more about her and her work by visiting

Africa Editor: Mandi Schmitt


Mandi Schmitt

Mandi has a gypsy soul. She quickly realized the normal, sedentary life just wasn’t for her,  so she’s made it her life’s ambition to never stop exploring. This decision has led her to live in England, Italy, Costa Rica, Montana, India and San Diego. She’s currently based in Tanzania.

Asia Editor: Maureen St. George

angkor wat

Maureen St. George 

Maureen always knew she wanted to travel. In college, she studied and traveled through the Caribbean and Central America, and the first time she fell in love was with Mexico City. After graduating, she spent several years teaching EFL in Europe, the Americas and Southeast Asia and traveling in every spare moment. She’s currently living in Hong Kong, and getting lost while traveling is her main hobby.

Central America Editor: Casey Siemasko

Casey Headshot

Casey Siemasko

Casey Siemasko is a freelance writer, blogger, and avid traveler. She finds her life inspiration by exploring new places and meeting new people, and seeks to find magic in the most ordinary of places. When she’s off the computer, she enjoys practicing yoga, training for marathons and scuba diving. Somewhere in there she also found time to write an eBook, 101 Tips to Living in Taiwan.

She and her husband comprise the two lovebirds and digital nomads documenting their travel musings at A Cruising Couple.

Caribbean Editor: Katherine Sazdanoff


Katherine Sazdanoff

Katherine is a freelance travel writer with a penchant for outdoor adventures. In 2012, she took off on a life changing year-long RTW trip where she hiked the Himalayas, biked in Burma and Sri Lanka, motorbiked in Laos and Vietnam, jumped on a camel safari in India, and explored historical sights all over the globe. And, oh, so much more! With her travel bug still in full force, Katherine is now embarking upon a new adventure in the Caribbean. In June 2014, she’ll be moving to Puerto Rico to perfect her Spanish, learn to salsa, and join in outdoor adventures galore. Of course, she’ll be traveling around the Caribbean and South America too. To follow her adventures, check out her website at

South America Editor: Jenna Hall


Jenna Hall

Jenna’s fascination for foreign spaces and far away places started at a young age while delivering shoes with her family to underserved villages in the Dominican Republic. Since then she has willingly catapulted herself into the most exhilarating and gut-dropping experiences of her life — like taking a flimsy motorboat from the puerto of Guatemala to Belize across the Caribbean Sea during a torrential rainstorm. For this adventure-hungry gal the woes and whoas!!! of travel have all been worth it. She has realized that traveling and experiencing first had what foreign culture is really like, serves as her ultimate passion! She’s currently in Bolivia!

North America Editor: Sarah Enelow

Sarah Enelow

Sarah Enelow

Raised in rural Texas on mesquite barbecue and barrel racing, Sarah lived in Indiana for two years before moving to New York City in 2006. She’s been thrilled to study in Spanish in Basque Country, intern in Moscow, completing a Fulbright Grant in Northeast Argentina, and spend a month writing for Not for Tourists in Beijing. She’s co-authored two NYC guidebooks for Not For Tourists, and two of her essays won Solas Awards for Best Travel Writing. Sarah is the North America Editor for Go! Girl Guides and the author of our NYC guidebook.

Stay tuned for more info & keep checking back to see what these ladies, as well as the other talented writers on our team, are producing!


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