Late Period While Traveling: Don’t Panic!


Late period while traveling? You’re not alone!

Travel affects loads of things in your life, but one thing you might not expect is your period.

Many women travelers find their usual menstrual cycle changes or even stops while they’re on the road. Just scroll down to the comments on this post (or add your own) if you don’t believe us!

There’s little way to know exactly how travel might affect your period. But first and foremost, you can avoid panic or worry just by knowing that there might be some anomalies.

The trick here is being well-armed with a little info and a lot of awareness.

can travel make you miss your period

Why would traveling make you miss your period?

The broad answer is that your body and its regular rhythms and functions are all involved with, or dependent on, your situation and environment. When you’re in a new place or on the go, there’s bound to be some noticeable affects.

Here are a few things that often change when you travel, which can certainly cause or affect a late period:


Whether you’re eating your way around the world, or suddenly you’re forgetting breakfast because there are too many places to explore in a day, your eating habits will probably change quite a bit while traveling.

And it’s not just a flux in calorie quantity that could affect your period. You’ll be in new places with new menus and ingredients. You’re switching up the nutrients you usually eat, so it’s not surprising that this changes how your body feels and functions.


Physical activity is another thing that often changes when you travel. Many people have set routines for exercise at home, but being on the road doesn’t always allow for regularly scheduled runs or reps.

On the other hand, now that you’re outward bound, climbing those mountains and walking for hours through unfamiliar streets will be a jumpstart to your system.

Increased exercise and weight loss often causes women’s periods to stop or skip cycles. Weight gain can do the same. If you have any weight loss plans, then consider some professional help.


Just like at home, you may find that sometimes you feel worried or anxious while on a trip. And stress can put a different spin on your menstrual cycle, bringing you the dreaded late period.

But remember: Stress doesn’t only come from bad situations.

New sights, sounds, smells, experiences, and people swirl around you with an overwhelming frequency when you’re on a trip. While your mind may be thinking “Woohoo, this is great!” your body may be a little overtaxed coping with all the stimulation.


Jetlag, new sleep schedules, or the lack of 9 to 5 routine can affect your body’s clockwork. And in fact, the schedule shake-up can be one more stressor that puts a little strain on your body.

When you’re not on a regular schedule, sometimes your period isn’t either.

All of these factors affect different women in different ways – you might find traveling is a whirlwind of ups, downs, and other surprises but that your period remains constant. Just travel prepared.

Taking care of yourself on the road isn’t that different from taking care of yourself at home.

It might feel harder, but give a little attention to getting healthy food, good doses of exercise, relaxation and plenty of sleep. While this won’t guarantee your period will stay the course, it’ll make you feel better and less prone to PMS symptoms that are harder to predict on an irregular cycle.

Ultimately to take care of your body, you have to be mindful of how you’re treating it and how you’re feeling.

Can travel affect your period, even if you’re on birth control?

Oh yeah. Though it’s less common, moving around and the stress of travel can surpass your birth control pills, making you miss a period. If you’re on a type of birth control that allows you to skip a period while traveling, and you choose to do so, you may find it takes more than 30 days to return to a fully regular cycle with no spotting.

When to start worrying

We know it’s hard to keep your mind calm when your period is late, but deep breaths. If you’re more than two weeks late, and you’re sexually active, it’s probably time to take a pregnancy test.

Just a few days? There’s probably nothing to worry about. The comments on this post are proof of that — remember that this has happened to literally hundreds of women before you.

A few final tips:

#1. Know when to see a doctor

If you’re on the road and utterly perplexed as to why your period might be erratic, know that it could just be the effect of traveling.

But if you’re really worried about the changes, or they persist, try to plan for a trip to get it checked up on by a doctor. This will banish fears and ensure your changes aren’t linked with any other health problems or changes.

#2. Be safe!

A late period or an erratic period that starts and stops doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for considering the consequences of sexual activity. Even when you’re not getting your period, you can still become pregnant. Use protection while traveling if you’re not trying to become pregnant.

#3. Be prepared!

Travel with the usual period-supplies you’re used to. These could include things like menstrual cups (we like Lunette) or tampons brought from home (they can be hard to find in some places).

You might use them with a different frequency on the road, but it’s nice to have things on hand when you need them. If your cycle is irregular while traveling, it’s more than worth investing in a few pairs of leakproof period panties like these. We also love period-proof underwear from Thinx.

If you need to restock on the road but don’t know where to go, remember, there are loads of women who live here. Don’t be shy to ask for advice on where to get things like tampons, cramp-relief meds or heating pads or just a nice dose of something sweet to knock off those PMS cravings.

Happy travels, ladies!

Had some experience with late periods while traveling? Do you have other health-related queries or qualms? Talking it through and asking for as much info as you can is the quickest step to healthy, happy travels: let us know what’s on your mind about your body!


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    • I traveled to Florida from ny April 16th if this year. I have yet to receive my period for the month of June is this normal. Would I receive my period for the month of June ?

    • I have been solo traveling around south east asia for 4 months now, I had a period the day I left but I haven’t had one since! (Not pregnant) should I go to the doctors?

    • Hi Em, thanks for the question. I don’t have the medical expertise to tell you precisely how the pill might prevent changes or influence the diet/exercise/schedule advice, but I can say from experience that these kind of fluctuations can happen even while taking a b.c. like the pill that ordinarily regulates cycles. It’s possible that if you’re on the pill, you’ll be less likely to experience changes. But I think it again it comes down to individual differences of how any one person’s body responds to travel, stress, change in routine, etc: some women may find the pill keeps hormone cycles regular enough not to see changes while traveling, others might still have irregular periods. One thing I do know about travel – if you’re changing time zones frequently, it can be tough to remember to take the pill at the same time everyday, which in itself could contribute to some changes. Definitely ask your doctor if you have any big questions or concerns!

    • I traveled from U.S to Africa , for a month and when i came back , my period is 5 days late , but i have pms symptoms. I did not have sex but Still took 2 pregnency tests and they were negative. What could be wrong help me please?

      • I am having the same symptoms as I travelled from the uk to Amsterdam and have cramping and tender breaths but no period, I don’t be think I could be pregnant, what is wrong?

        • I’ve been cramping for about more than a week now…and normally i cramp a week before my period. But around the time i was supposed to get my period, i went to colorado to ski…and my period still hasn’t come and i’m 6 days late…i’m so worried i could be pregnate since i had sex on Feb 25 2018, but he (my boyfriend of 2 years) didnt ejaculate in me, but the condum broke, but he didnt cum yet…and i’m worried. I was supposed to get my period march 12…the only thing i am experincing is cramping, and some neausea, but i only get nauseous when i think about the fact i could be pregnate, bc i am no where near ready to have a kid…Is it normaly for me to be cramping and still not have blood when i travel???

  1. I am totally a victim to a Period-Less-Traveler.
    Yep, this is totally a problem for many women who travel. I have been on the road for the past 16 months and only once I had a regular cycle. The first few months I didn’t have my period at all, after 5 months I went to a doc he put me on pills, which worked, but after 4 months I decided to see if my normal cycle will return. Nope, once again for the next 5 months I was period-less. Kind of sweet when you are traveling but it is a mind bothering and constant waiting. I have no advice as I am still period-less, but know that you are not alone!

    • Danny Alexander on

      Im a trans man and i get my cycle still because i havent started testosterone yet. do you have any advice on naturally slowing or delaying your period? i have to be careful with working out because i finally have a masculine figure. although my hips are the worse thing ever. but do you have any other ideas?

    • Danielle Anderton on

      Good to know. I’m in Peru for 4 months and have only had one period but that was 45 days ago. I’m not worried about being pregnant but I was worried about healthy issues. I still plan on seeing my doctor when I get back to the US.

    • Hi Hot Toddies, I don’t have anything helpful to contribute towards your situation but just wanted to say thanks to you & this website for making me feel less anxious about my similar situation! I’ve been on the road for 5 months and not had anything. For some reason it’s taken me until now to go think about looking it up online – funny how the travelling bubble works! All of the above mentioned points are very relevant to me; change in diet/work & sleep routine/ exercise etc. May I ask what the pills were that the doc put you on & if you were regular before you left? I think also that the stress of being a by worried about it at the back of my mind is most likely preventing it from coming too. Stress has always impacted my cycle and they’ve always been a bit sporadic. As you said, it’s actually a bit of a blessing not having it but I’d like to know that things are still doing what they ought to down there! Thanks again for the reassurance ladies & safe and happy travels to all! Xx

  2. i came from the caribbean to asia to study…and my first month here my period was 4 days late…the next month now its about 7 to 10 days early…this has never happened before

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  6. I just took an hour flight from my home town to visit family in another state. My period was supposed to start the friday that I left, and now it’s Tuesday, and still no sign. I do have a yellow discharge, though. Should I be concerned?

    • Hi Kristen,

      While I can’t give you a qualified opinion on this one, I would say don’t worry but take take proper steps that you might take if your period was late at any other time. While pre-trip stress or just the change in routine might have affected your cycle, it’s always important to monitor the situation and be aware that something else might be causing the change, too. As is the case with any mysterious period behavior – don’t stress! If things don’t start as usual, it’s best if you can see a doctor who can give you a check up and make sure everything’s A-oK!

    • about what the move did to Julie’s commute, the next scnees show her crowded trip to lower Manhattan. One of Eric’s roles seemed to be rescuer when Julie had melt downs. On the other hand, Julie apparently dove into this enormous, all encompassing project without much discussion with Eric about how it would impact their lives over the year. What would women say about a man who did that?

    • Hi, i just flew from the US to Europe (about 5000 miles) 3 days ago. I was supposed to get my period 2 days ago, and I didn’t get it. I am really worried, because it’s never late. I’ll fly back to the US in a month, and I was supposed to get my next period then. I am 100% not pregnant, because Im still a virgin. I know that 2 days is not a long time, but my period is really regular (I have regular cycles since my third cycle ever). Also I always have this really light brown discharge about 2 weeks before my period starts, and I have it now for about 2 weeks. I have every pms symptoms such as mood swings, cravings, cramps, that light brown discharge, headache etc. I am really concerned.

  7. Hello
    I recently got back to the US from Europe
    I have missed my period , late 3 weeks now.
    I travel over seas one time a year, have missed my
    Period before (just few days) ..but I also wasn’t taking
    Birth control like I’m taking now.
    I have took a pregnancy test two times ..two
    differebt days and it showed negative
    I know I have been stresses and travel, time change
    and atmosphere with dfrnt food..
    Please respond w a good news

    Thank you
    Sil 🙂

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  9. I have made two trips across the country for work within two months. I was three days late the first month and now this month I am a week. I have no sign of it coming. I took a pregnancy test and its negative. This site has made me feel better. Thanks Ladies!

  10. Ok my period is always on time and I was suppose to get it the 27th this month. I got here in Thailand from NJ the 11th it was a 19hr flight. I’m a lil concerned because I’m never late and I was very careful with my husband. Is this normal? also in thailand I’m 12hrs ahead.

    • Your body goes through strange changes when you travel, so don’t stress Alissa. If your period still hasn’t come in a week or so, after your body adjusts, you may want to consider seeing a doctor. We hope this post helped!

  11. I’m in Thailand too. My period is two days late when it’s NEVER late.
    I really think it’s due to jet lag, stress, less exercise & “strange” food. This site helped me not to worry.

  12. I just got back from a 9 day trip to China with a 15 hour flight to and from New Jersey! I was supposed to get my period during the trip (I got it on the 21st in February so I was assuming the 19th in March) but China is 12 hours ahead of the US so my body clock is still off even after returning! Should I be worried? This is a great site!

  13. Went to Hawaii 3 weeks ago. Got back to Australia and my period is 2 weeks late. But I have all the symptoms of pms very moody and hungry. But no period.

    • Hi Tamika, this is what I’m experiencing right now and I am so concerned about possibly due to other reasons such as pregnancy but I’ve tested it this morning it was a Negative. I’m on my second week still has no sigh coming. Very worried.

  14. After I moved to a different town, my period never started. It’s now over a week late. Took one test, was negative. I’m assuming this change and stress just threw my body off?

  15. I have recently returned from a 2 week vacation in Europe and I am 10 days late on my period! I have taken two pregnancy tests in the past two days and both came up negative. I am freaking out a little, but seeing how everyone is kind of going through the same thing makes me feel a little better. Now to play the waiting game. :/

  16. My girlfriend is traveling through Europe right now and just had a hectic few weeks/days, traveling Japan –> London –> Brussels –> Amersterdam –> Brussels –> Paris –> Brussels –> Madrid –> Pamplona –> Madrid –> London.
    She called me frantically at 5AM this morning (thanks baby girl ;p) crying that her period hadn’t started and she was running out of her b.c. pill (no thanks to a luggage handler strike in Brussels who still have her suitcase 2 weeks later with her medications in), and she was apologizing for possibly being pregnant!
    I gave her a big smile and told her not to worry, that a) If she is pregnant I’m not going anywhere! and b) it is likely to be just a timezone/stress/diet/traveling type-thing.
    Did some research on her situation and found your site. Hoping she’ll see this later and realise it’s a common occurrence.
    And just in case she does read this: Marika, I love you baby and am proud of you! x

  17. I traveled for work from the east coast to taiwain, soeul and japan for 1 week. I got my period on the third day I was there (I was 2 days late – 30 day count instead of 28 days) I then was 8 days late on my next period which I have never been more than 3 in my life and run anywhere between 25 and 29/30 days. I thought I was pregnant but every test including a blood test was negative. I am currently trying to have a baby with my husband and this really threw us in for a loop! I wish I had thought of this potentially happening so we could have planned much better last month. At least I know for next time!!!

  18. My period has always been on time for the past several years, give or take a day. Recently, I traveled from the US to Europe for 1 week. When I returned home I got my period an entire WEEK early, which is unheard of for me. I assumed it must be implantation bleeding and I thought for sure I must be pregnant but apparently that one week of traveling was enough to drastically alter my cycle!

  19. Hey! Recently travelled to Cambodia and according to an app I use to keep track I was supposed to get my period the day I was travelling but still haven’t got it 8 days later :/ now on my 42 day of my cycle… but my usual cycles range from 32 to 40 days so technically could just be 2 days late… So confused! I had sex on the 14th June but used a condom but he did stay inside me for a while after he came… A little advice would be great! Thanks!

  20. I consistantly used to get my period on the 6th of every month. About a month and a half ago I flew to europe was up their for two weeks. While there I got my period on the first and as usual it lasted 7 days. I came home july 9th and have not gotten my period since july first. It is august 7th now and I’m a little worried. Could the two week trip, fhe flight, being in a hotel with the same two girls (i.e. period sync), eating habits. have something to do with it? I’m not used to this and any answers would be a major relief, thanks.

  21. This is actually a GOOD news story for anyone freaking out over the possibility of being an incubator for the next 40 weeks. I had been traveling in Europe for approximately three weeks vacationing, shopping, eating amazing food and plain ole’ galavanting– when, as predicted, the first cycle my period came and went. A few day after the last day of my period, a night of alcohol infused celebration led to…er… bed room show down with a guy I’ve been getting to know. Half way into having sex, the condom breaks—and luckily, he was sober enough to notify me and we quickly changed into a fresh one. After the deed was done, we said our goodbyes and that was that. It didn’t occur to me that there could have been a good chance his pre-ejaculatory fluids could have easily slipped in during the breakage. I get back to the states a couple of weeks later and two more weeks go by and I’m waiting and waiting and nothing. Even my little Iphone App was telling me I was late and to take a test quickly. So you can imagine all the shit running in my mind with the “what if’s”, the “OMG’s”, the “WTF had I done, etc etc. The worst thought was the scenario of actually contacting the guy to tell him and the shitty response he may give me. What made it even more worst was the fact my boobs were getting out-of-control large, and I was craving all kinds of shit and I was gaining weight rapidly. And I became ill with a nasty head cold just to finish me off! After the 6th DAY of being late, I knew I had to make myself take the test. And that night I found out I WAS NOT pregnant. The very next morning, my period came. Sigh of relief!!!! Looking back on it, I had a very stressful trip traveling from country to country, coupled with drinking every night and not sleeping enough. This could have easily delayed ovulation, and it turns out my time abroad led to a full three week delay. For sure, this can and will affect any woman’s cycle. So rest assured ladies, all will be well. Just take a breath, relax and just wait for Aunt Flo’s arrival.

    • I totally know the “period starts right after negative pregnancy test” syndrome! Might be Murphy’s law but might also be a great ol’ stress relief for the body to see it confirmed, so it goes back to its old self and releases the period. That’s my own non-scientific theory 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your dramatic story. I’m sort of starting to panic as I am still abroad and am about 2 weeks late. I have been sexually active during my trip, as well as very physically active in general as I have been backpacking. I’m really dreading buying a pregnancy test in a foreign country, I’ve never really had to stress about when my period arrives- but for similar reasons to yours (having sex with a guy I got to know well, but who is now in a different country, eeek), I’m anxious like never before. The last week or so my activity level has decreased, and I’ve been craving all kinds of foods, so PMS symptoms, but still NO period. I’m trying to rest-assured because of all the reasons listed in this article. But, please Aunt Flo, just come on already!!

      • It is 2019. I want to know happen next to you ? If you get pregnant? Or your period came late for a few weeks ? Please reply as soon as possible thankyou.

  22. I moved cities and went on 3 different trips this month after having a very constant routine of work this entire year. I went camping the first weekend of the month, then towards the end of the month, I camped again in a different place. I returned for just 2 days and then went on another trip with my family for 4 nights. I was eating a lot of rich foods every day which I am not used to doing.

    On my last day of my trip, I was supposed to get my period but didn’t. It’s been a week and I still havent’t gotten it. I’m on the birth control pill & my periods have always been VERY Regular. This month I was being particularly safe and using condoms as well, and never missed a pill by even a minute.

    I’m glad that I found this article- because I think my traveling around this month may well be the reason for it!

  23. Oh my gosh this is so true! I live in Honduras, a small country in central america. I decided to visit europe (more especifically The Netherlands) for the summer(july 5 till oct 3). My periods are usually every 30-33 days, so I expected three periods during my stay here. I got the first one on the day it was supposed to arrive(july 18) when I got I was in Ireland with a Honduran family. Now back in the netherlands I was supposed to get it on aug. 16 but I didn’t. I kinda freaked out, but I’m not sexually active, so pregnancy was outruled. My period decided to arrive eleven days late, and it’s lighter than usual. I figured it might have been the travelling, so I researched and I found this article which helped a lot! 🙂 thanks!!

  24. I am currently on a study abroad for a year and I’ve been abroad for over a month now and I missed my period. I NEVER miss a period and I am not active. I freaked out so I searched for articles and asked my friends and family back home and they said it could be because of the new environment. My body is probably adjusting to the new situation. After reading this article I felt better. I have to agree with everything in this article. I have done so many things in just one month! So many experiences especially new ones! It’s crazy! I do hope I get back to my normal schedule soon. Thanks for the helpful article!

  25. Thank you so much for this helpful article!
    Two years ago, I spent a semester in France and although my first period was regular, it took 70 days for the next one to come (and even then it was really light). Now I am studying abroad again and I (mentally) feel much more relaxed than last time, so I expected that it wouldn’t affect my period that much. However, it is a week late already… I felt really frustrated about this, but your article made me realize that your body can also get ‘upset’ by things that are not negative, but just different and new. When going abroad, people often warn you for ‘culture shock’, but this kind of ‘physical chock’ is never mentioned. So thanks again for publishing this informative article!

  26. Hi:D
    Thank you so much for the article. I’ve been worried that my body was falling apart or something was totally wrong with me. I moved to China to teach in, my period was 5 weeks late, lasted TWO whole days rather than 7, and am now on 10 days late, …. again. Thanks for the advice too;)

  27. Hi! So I traveled from Iowa to California by car, which is 28 or so hours and there is a 2 hour time difference here. My boyfriend and I had sexbefore I left. He used a condom EVERYTIME and we checked to see if their were any holes when we were done EVERYTIME. (There was none) I am now 6 days late on my period! Any advice? Could it be because of travel? And stress? Or am I pg?

    • Hey Sarah, you’re probably okay. Bodies do weird things when we travel! But if you still don’t get your period in another week, grab a test and put that worrying mind to rest!

  28. Hey! I read the article and a bunch of the comments but just wanted to throw one out there myself. Could moving back home after being abroad for awhile affect it too? I spent 3.5 months in South America (I am from the U.S.) and while there, it was pretty regular. I am usually not on a strict schedule, seeing as it comes late often, but thats just normal for me. While I was away, it was nothing too out of the ordinary, but now that I am home again it is extra weird. I had it while traveling back and then got it again about a month later. Now, I missed a month completely and am going into my second month period-less. Since I was abroad for awhile, I am just wondering if coming back home might be screwing with my cycle as well. Thanks!

  29. Hello,

    Thanks for the article.

    My LDR girlfriend just left yesterday she lives an hour and a half away by plane.

    Her period is 2 days late now and she (and I) were getting worried, she took a preg test yesterday and it came back negative..

    She was here for a week and I also took her to the mountains for a romantic cabin get away…

    Is it possible the traveling, eating more, and general change in schedule can cause her to be a few days late?

    I love her a lot so I’m just trying to do some research as well…


    • Hi Rae,

      Yes even the change in elevations can cause it to arrive late and be different in schedule. The mountains probably had something to do with it since you mentioned it. It’s normal to be late a few days as you described when traveling.

  30. I am victim of this too! My husband is from India and during both of my trips to India with him my period was late or non-exsistent for a month or so. All whacky. I’m on BC pills, but my lat trip to India was for 1 year and the first month was late almost a week and didn’t become regular until almost 3 months in.
    Now that we have returned to the US after a year of being there, I am all out of whack again. Usually about the time that I start thinking I should get an HPT, thats the time it suddenly appears. My body’s way of saying “haha! No worries! We’re back to normal!” 🙂

    • I just got back from living in Thailand for a few years, where my husband is from. Im usually very regular and I expected to get AF on the departure day but now back in the states and my period is 5 days late. I’m not worried since bc was followed and I have zero symptoms, and it seems some people miss it for much longer. This is the best place I’ve found on this topic keep sharing!

      • So I just got back from living in Thailand for a few years, where my husband is from. Im usually very regular and I expected to get AF on the departure day but now back in the states and my period is 5 days late. I’m not worried since bc was followed and I have zero symptoms, and it seems some people miss it for much longer. This is the best place I’ve found on this topic keep sharing!

        Update: Six days late, took test but negative, the next day Aunt Flo shows up. *eyeroll* coulda saved me the $$. this is not the first time I’ve traveled long stretches but it as the first time I experienced period lag. It was the first time I’ve departed the exact day AF was supposed to arrive tho and apparently I’m not the only one that’s had that experience.

  31. Sorry but this is going to be a long comment haha

    This site has really helped me relax after reading all these comments. Here’s my situation. My last period was April 6th and based on my period tracker, this month it was to come May 9th based on a 33 day cycle. But because I didn’t get my period for Feb, my cycle length based on the past 4 months became 35days which would make my new expected period date May 11th. Today is May 13 and still no period. During the week of my ovulation (April 21-26, 24-29), I traveled by bus from DC to NY (5hrs..april 20) where I did a lot of site seeing the moment I arrived then came back to DC the next day (5hrs..april 21). Three days later, I traveled by bus from DC to Philly (2.5hrs..april 24) and left philly april 28th. While in philly, I experienced some stress from the possibility of not getting urgent package from the mail and also misplacing my phone and losing my mind during that time (you know how crazy it is to realize you can’t find your phone…luckily my friend found it!)..

    Okay let’s get back on track…in philly, I had protected sex on April 27th and there was no sign of breaking. I’m not on the pill but plan on getting it for extra peace of mind. Few days later I got the expected acne that I get in anticipation of my period which was normal. So now the day before my period based on my tracker, I got news that I didn’t get the job I was hoping to get so that got me stressed because I was back to square one in the job hunting game.

    So now I’m 4days late based on my period tracker and 2days late based on the webmd period tracker which takes into account the past 3month to calculate your cycle length. I hope I get my period by the end of today or by early morning 2moro because I just need that period to come ALREADY!

    I hope to update with good news!

    • Hey Sarah! Don’t worry, I’m sure your body is just adjusting to the stress & the travel. Keep us posted and in the meantime, don’t sweat it! Glad we could help give you some peace of mind!

    • Update…I got my period today! Yay! 🙂 …anyone who is currently worried as they wait on theirpperiod please try to do something that will distract you in addition to keeping yourself informed about other causes of a late period. Wishing you the answers you hope for. As they say in Korean dramas..fighting! – which means good luck or “do your best” in other context 🙂

  32. Hey there. I was hoping for some input on my situation PLEASE!! I have been abroad for this semester and took the month of April to travel Europe. I had a short period from April 5-7. But now it is May 17 and I have not had another period. My cycle is generally 30 days. I also had the flu and a sinus infection, so I was on antibiotics. And am studying for finals so have been really stressed out. Do you think that this is why my period is so late? Or should I be worried about pregnancy. I have no signs/symptoms associated with pregnancy, but also no period.

    • Hey Sally, don’t stress! Sometimes stress contributes to our body withholding our period, and mentally, it will make you crazy! Ok sure you’re fine, and that it will come in a few days, but if in 7 days still nothing, pop in for a visit to your doctor. Don’t worry! I hope this post helps you ease the stress– we’ve all been there! Be sure to update us!

      • Got my period this morning! Thank the Lord! Thanks for the support. It definitely was the travelling and sickness. 🙂

  33. Thank you so much for your quick response! I’ve just been abroad so long and feeling a bit lonely! Missing the family and friends. I will definitely keep you updated. And in 7 days if no period, I will go to the doctor. Thanks again!

  34. Hi there,
    I’m also slightly worried I’m from New Zealand and have just recently returned from a 2.5 month trip to Australia, when we (my husband and I) arrived in Australia I got my period a week early then the following month it was 4 days late then arrive on time the next month, we have been back in New Zealand for a month now and my period is late, I’m so stressing out as I don’t want to be pregnant!! I feel all the symptoms cramps etc but this time I’m sore on just one side or cramping on one side of my lower abdominal area, I’m not sure what that is but I’m 4 days late. Is this still from traveling or should my period now be on time since we have been back a month?

    Freaking out!!!

    • Hey Anita,

      It sounds like it’s still form traveling, 1 month is sometimes too short to get it all together. Mine did the same thing when I flew from NY to DR. The cramping might be a sign it’s coming soon or it’s the ovulation period – not sure but try to remain calm 🙂

  35. Hey there,

    I’m a bit concerned about my late period. I’m a teenager and I’m not sexually active so there is no way that I am pregnant. I usually have an irregular period and I am the worst at tracking my cycle.

    I recently returned from what is basically a 6 week trip. My period ended just before the trip started, where i traveled around the country for 8 days. I then had a week off before traveling to Europe. Here I ate very differently to normal and slept a lot less due to daylight savings. I had my period while I was touring Germany and France. Roughly 10 days later, I returned home (around the 17th of May)

    If I counted correctly, a 36-day cycle would have brought my period roughly the 9th of June. It is the 11th already and no Red Ferrari.

    Since I have returned home, I have also increased my exercise (not by a lot though), been sick, started exams (stress!), eaten differently and slept less.. Can all of these along with the travel contribute to my period being late or is there something wrong with me? Is it possible that my body is still trying to recover from the trip despite having my period while I was overseas?

    ADVICE FROM ANYONE, I’m very concerned and I;m not sure whether I have reason to be or not!

    • Hey!

      I think all of the changes are definitely factors in the timing of when it’s returning or why it hasn’t come yet. You’re doing so many different things and stress from exams could be the kicker too. That’s what did it to me once during finals – delayed it so bad and then thinking and worrying about it made it even more late. The travel always is an added too especially if you’re not on the pill. It sucks but the best thing you can do to is see a doctor if that will help you worry less. Sometimes hearing it from a professional is what will give you peace about it. Some girls go months with periods disappearing. My friend didn’t have hers for about 7 months one time (no she was not pregnant either). It just decided to leave because of different things going on in her life. Hope it comes back soon!

  36. Is there a time limit that this should be limited to? I’ve been studying in Australia for 4 months.. I’ve had my period fully once (3 weeks after i last had protected sex) and spotting once but with 2 hpts was concerned. I took the tests after 16 weeks, and have never had unprotected sex. With stress and weight loss I have enough reason to believe I’m not pregnant, but it’s worrisome nonetheless!

  37. I’m 16 and just came back from vacation but in about 2 weeks I’m leaving for Chicago for choir and I’m super stressed. My period is 3 days late and I’m
    Not pregnant sooo. Could it be from stress?

    • Hey Chelsea, yes it definitely could be that. Try not to think about it (even though it’s hard to do that) and don’t set a timeline on it. For some women, it may come even over 1 week late, you can never really tell with our bodies when they’re stressed or after changing elevations.

  38. I fell victim to the traveling late period! Went on a trip from California to Hawaii with my husband. We flew in the date I was supposed to start my period. Instead of starting, I had light spotting for 5 days. Had 2 negative HPT’s and then AF showed up, full force, with severe cramping on day 6! So yes, a little vacation and only a 3 hour time difference can definitely have an impact!

  39. Hi,
    I am very worried. I had my perio on 10 th june. I travelled to Uk from India on 15 th june. So I was expecting my period on 10th july. My cycle is usually 28-30 days. I did pregnancy test twice after 10th july and it was negative. I am still waiting for period 🙁 pls advise.

    • Hey Kate, I’d advise you to keep waiting and try to get your mind on other things, which I know is hard to do, but try 🙂 You took the test already so that should bring some relief and it may just be one of those times that the period decides to disappear. Some of my friends had it gone for months for no reason, just irregulatity, and hope yours comes back sooner than later.

  40. Okay,

    So I have a different issue. I moved from NC to Hawaii (6 hour time difference, Hawaii is 6 hours BEHIND NC). My issue is that since I’ve moved here, I have had my period 3 times in 1 month. 🙁 I normally get my period once a month. When I flew to Hawaii, I was on my period. Then about 2 weeks after I started my period and it last about 5 days. Now, today, I noticed spotting again and it’s only been about 1 week since my last one (which was the 2nd one). Today is Aug 15 and when I flew here it was July 20. I don’t have a PCP yet nor health insurance.

    Is this normal????

    • It could be, even though it is coming more often than not at all. It is annoying but if it continues this way for another 1 month, then I recommend you ask the doc. It should be slowing down soon.

    • Don’t worry Leah! It’s totally normal. Different climate, different temperatures, travel, stress. All of these things play a part! I’m sure your body will adjust as you do to your new home (and congrats, by the way, Hawaii is where I’m from and it’s awesome!) Keep us posted!

  41. hey there!i am so worried.i live in russia and i was in london for 2 weeks’ holiday to visit my boyfriend.i get my period every 28 days(regular).m already few days i took my pregnancy was negative.m really scared and worried.i could really use some advice

    • Don’t worry Anya! You can see from the comments on this post that a lot of women go through this stress! Wait a few more days, and if you go over the date that you’re supposed to start your period by more than a week, take another pregnancy test or see your doctor. But in the meantime, don’t stress! Sometimes our bodies are just weird! Keep us posted!

      • i got my period today!!thanks a lot for your support n advice when i needed the most!m very grateful for helping me out..thank you very much for helping this poor girl!!

  42. Hi,

    I took a 23 hour flight from RSA to Australia and I noticed I was suppose to be on my period during my stay of which was a week when I came back I started my periods two days later but everything was pinkish and it did not last even for more than two days.

  43. Hey,

    I am 24yrs old. And have never missed a period or its never been later than a month after coming off the pill before. I have just been travelling Europe and Asia for the last 4 Months, i went off my pill about a month before leaving and had my period a week before i left. I didnt get my period once while i was away and didnt have any of the PMS symptoms. I know this is probably normal in my case, with being in many different timezones, very little sleep, drinking quite abit of alcohol and eating alot of different food and no sexual activity. Just wanted some extra insight.

    Thanx 🙂

  44. Hi there, i moved in to europe from africa, my periods used to really hurt , i had my first period in Europe few days from africa and it hurt really very bad i had never experienced it before in my life. now my second periods in Europe are totally harmless, i feel no pain at all, no headaches no any thing, i don’t know if i should get excited or be concerned. is this normal??

  45. Hi all, just wanted to share my bizarre experience of the strange tricks your body can play due to the stress of travelling. I travelled around australia and south east Asia for 11 months and did not have a period the whole time.

    Obviously this was a bit disconcerting and did several pregnancy tests throughout this time which were all negative. When we flew home we had a stopover in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur for one night and my period started then! From then on they have been regular as clockwork so can only assume was down to stress of travelling which I had no idea I was under.

    Don’t stress ladies

  46. I travelled to the US from India on the 1st of October. Just before leaving I had sex with my boyfriend where we both finished “by hand” (and wore a condom). Returned back from the US on 17th of October. That’s 40 hours of total flying plus 24 hours waiting in airports skipping 12.5 time zones. My LMP was on the 14 of September. It is now two months since I’ve had a period and I haven’t had sex since. I hope I’m not pregnant!
    I am also extremely stressed about this + I’ve just changed my job, moved to another country and haven’t been hydrating properly.

    • I’m sure it’s all good jjj! You’ve been traveling a lot and under stress, and that has major effects on your body. I say wait a week and then go see your doctor, since 2 months is a bit worrisome. In the meantime, don’t stress! Let us know how everything turns out!

  47. Hi
    I am currently travelling around europe for 6 weeks and got my period after 7 days about 4 days early however was only light spotting for the first 2 weeks and have had a heavier normal period for the last 5 days I took a 30 hour travel time to get to Europe and have gone to 17 countries in 4 and 1/2 weeks all on train over 6 days straight of train time is that normal?

  48. Thanks for the great article! And so many useful comments too. I recently took a three month trip to India. I had no period the whole time (which was kind of nice), and as I have been celibate for the whole time I wasn’t worried about pregnancy. However I’ve been back home for half a month and was starting to worry a bit about when exactly I should consider no-period a problem. After reading your post, I am feeling much more relaxed and understand better WHY travel can cause this. Thank you!

  49. Hi,
    So about 11 days ago, I went on week trip to Disney with my school. We made the 22 hour bus ride there and back and over all had a fun time. We returned Friday night, and I was suppose to get my period the following Monday, but now it is Thursday night, and nothing. Could this trip cause it to be late? Or what else, I usually regular and not pregnant… but reading these comment have helped calm me, now I guess its time to play the waiting game…

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  51. I have been home for two weeks after a 3-week trip to Japan. I live in MST time zone, so changing 15 hours both ways was no small struggle. However I have been home for two weeks already and my period was supposed to come the end of last week. Should I be worried yet, or should I give it a little more time? I have always been regular and never missed a period, so this is really scary to me…

    • Hey, I am a teenager and have not had sex. I have done hand stuff haha but my boyfriend is certain he didn’t have any seaman on his hands. Anyway, I live in utah and took a trip to Cancun Mexico. It was almost a 5 hour flight and Mexico was an hour ahead. The few days before I left I was ovulating and my boyfriend fingered me. I got this brown thick discharge a few days before the trip. Went on the trip no period. Came back thought my period was supposed to start three days after I got back so I started panicking. Turns out it didn’t start till six days from when I got back. But it has been three days since I would have gotten my period and still nothing. I cramp bad the first day of my period and I have had slight cramping these past days. Along with yellow and pink kind of discharge. I am so scared and don’t know what to do. I have also been stressed about volleyball tryouts and I have one more day of those. Please help me out!

      • Totally understand, this can be so stressful! As you can see from this thread, our bodies act up sometimes – travel, stress, school, etc, can thow our cycles off. If you’re not sexually actively, it would he highly highly u likely that you’re pregnant. Try not to stress – it will come soon! 🤞❤️

  52. Hi! I’ve been really stressing out lately. I recently just moved to UK and I’m still adjusting to the cold weather. I had unprotected sex for about 1-2 mins on 16th of Aug. My last period finished around 12th Aug. He didn’t release in me, he pulled out (he peed before having intercourse) but I’m very paranoid. I was sick for one week and took ibuprofen for about two weeks. I tested 4 times and came back negative. I took an ovulation test on the 22nd and it was a very faint positive so I just started ovulating. I read that sperms live up only up to 3-5 days so it should have passed before my ovulation and I was probably not fertile(hopefully). However, I had a large amount of discharge around early September and I’m afraid its because of early pregnancy but now I have normal discharge.

    My expected period was supposed to be 10th Sept but its currently 5 days late.

    I flew off to UK on 12th Sept. And on the 14th, my grandfather died so I was very stressed. I dont have any symptoms of both pregnancy or PMS. I’m starting to get worried. I know my chances are pretty small but I am very anxious cause people always say that they only had sex once and ended up pregnant. Please help.

    Your article did make me feel calmer. Thank you for your post. Its very helpful.

    Ps. My country doesn’t sell the after pill so I couldn’t exactly take it and I only had sex once in my life which was on the 16th Aug.

    • Hey Alisa,

      Don’t stress! It’s probably your body adjusting to the stress of losing your grandfather and also the travel. You are going to be just fine– the chances of you actually becoming pregnant are pretty low and in all likelihood you’ll be just fine. 🙂

  53. Pavithra Rajeev on

    I am Pavithra Rajeev from India. Usually my period cycles is normal, but I travelled to USA by June and didn’t get my period for almost 50 days and again I travelled back to india, I have not got my periods yet since from July….. Took a pregnancy test and it is negative, absolutely no problem with me as per my scanning reports. Can anyone suggest what may be the problem causing irregular periods.
    Thanks in advance.

  54. My period has come on the 14th of month for the past few months because I’ve been on the pill. I got a new prescription about a week into my cycle, so I decided to wait until my next period to start it. But it hasn’t come, and it’s the 26th. Here’s what’s happened in that time:
    I had sex with a guy and we used a condom and it didn’t break, but it still makes me nervous
    I traveled Boston-Denver-Seoul-Taiwan-Vietnam, and am currently traveling up Vietnam.
    Anyone have any advice? 12 days late is a crazy long time.

    • 12 days late is a long time, but don’t panic quite yet— you used protection, for one, and look at all that travel! You’ve been all over the place. I’m sure your body will catch up soon– keep us posted!

  55. So … I moved from Europe to Japan in September. The first day I arrived I was supposed to have my period, didn’t start for another week. Had a bad smell instead. Then in October, had 3 days late period. November 7 days late …. now 7 days again. Having a real bad gas, and usual PMS symptoms …. Should I be worried? What to do next?

  56. Hey so i am an exchange student and i came to The US for the yeAr It’s 7hours differenve frim my country I’ve been here 5months once i arrived i got my period which i am not supposed to and it was messed up and know it’s january and the last time i got my period was in the 26th of november i am bit worried there has been signs that i am getting my period for two weeks but i didn’t get yet i am little concerned

  57. Ugh, I left my home country a month ago to travel to Australia so the last time I was intimate was five weeks ago. My period is six days late now. Although I noticed some typical signs like increased sex drive theres no blood flow or pain. I had a bad Jetlag when I came here plus my diet changed soo much. As a girl you always think you’re pregnant when you’re period is late, but I have a copper coil in my uterus so it would be like the biggest unbelievable coincidence ever I got pregnant despite having a functioning copper coil plus getting pregnant right before I left my country to spend time abroad. A friend told me that her mum also lost her peroid when she was travelling for three months. It still makes me kinda nervous because I feel like my body is not working the right way and also what if I never get my period back? 🙁

  58. I was supposed to start my period about four days ago, but it hasn’t come yet. I do get period pains and stuff, but miss red hasn’t come. I had a feeling it was due to the atmosphere of where I’m traveling. Hopefully when I get back from traveling tomorrow, I’ll be able to get my period in no time!

  59. I am on tour with my school gospel choir and I was suppose to start my period two days ago. I am sexually active and had sex a week before I was supposed to leave. Should I be worried??

  60. I traveled out the country for two weeks and I returned home. My cycle was suppose to come on a week ago and still nothing. Is that normal?

  61. Hi, I’ve just been hiking and camping for 3 weeks before getting ready to move a week later. My periods about a week late, I haven’t had any sex since my last period, which was also 4 days late. I have the copper IUD and my periods have been regular up till the past two times. Is it just because of stress and getting out of my routine?

      • Okay update time! I finally started my period today, about a week after moving and after dropping a few extra pounds to get back to my normal weight range. 🙂 fingers crossed my cycle goes back to normal after this ha

  62. Hey everyone!! I have a good news story here!
    I wanted to post on this website because it helped me so much to not panic! So here is the story, I have a regular cycle of 29 days and had unprotected sex right before and after my periods on the 1st and 7th of July (I got my period between the 2nd of July and the 6th). Then I travelled to Africa. I was expecting my period on the 31st of July and it never came. So I was freaking out and even took 2 pregnancy tests which were both negative. AF came a week later today on the 7th of August!!!! Don’t panic girls, everything will be alright 🙂

  63. was traveling last month (July) from the 10th till the 17th. I didnt menstruate at all. now is the 13th of August and still nothing… I burp and fart a lot, my breast were very sore last month but now they are cooling down still sore though but not like last month. sometimes I feel like vomiting, I feel tired… last week I went to town I came back with swore legs….. my question is if I missed a period because of traveling when will be my next period? or am I pregnant? confused????

  64. I found this article after asking Google if traveling can delay or stop your period, since my period had been delayed since my travels. I have been traveling for 6 months now and 2 months ago my period stopped. I freaked out and took a pregnancy test. Thankfully I am not pregnant. This article helped me a lot!! Thanks

  65. SO on August 1st I was intimate with a guy, he was wearing a condom but he only got halfway in. We decided not to do too much and he took it off, but then we just ended up messing around again and he was unprotected and around my lady parts but did not penetrate. At most there was precum around the area but not sure. My last period ended July 15 and was 6 days long. Fast forward to August 7 when I leave for Mexico for vacation from the US. Should have started my period on the 10th, but I havent. I’m now 12 days late and I’m always early and sometimes on time. Should i be worried…? :/

  66. Hey everyone, I have a little story that might help those getting through this. My girlfriend and I are sexually active and have unprotected sex on a regular basis. She usually has her period on the same day each month, so regular cycle. We went on a huge trip to another continent and crossed at least 8 time zones. The day she was supposed to have her period came, and she didn’t get it. We had gotten back from the trip, still nothing. We thought about getting a pregnancy test over and over, and decided to pick one up on the 6th week. 4 days and a negative test later, she got it. A total of seven weeks passed until she got it. I believe it was from the stress of traveling and getting used to the surroundings.

  67. I got my period July 19, a week before I traveled from California to Guadalajara which is almost a 3 hour flight and a 2 hour time difference. I was there for 3 weeks. i had sex the day i was supposed to get my period. I didnt get my period for August so I’m hoping I get it this month, Im really worried that I won’t. I took a home test and a blood test a week and a half after my missed period and both came out negative. Should i be worried? Was it too soon to take the tests? Im stressing out.

  68. I forgot to mention on my comment up there ^^^ that I am regular on my periods, which is why I am so worried. This is the first time I’ve missed my period. Its been 3 weeks that I am now home and still no period. We didnt use protection nor he ejaculated inside me. I’ve got a negative home pregnancyvtest and a negative blood test. Is it possible that my body is still trying to come back to normal?

  69. I got my period July 19, a week before I traveled from USA to Mexico which is almost a 3 hour flight and a 2 hour time difference. I was there for 3 weeks. I came back home August 19 and my period was already 3 days late. ( i did not have any sex overthere) But I did have Unprotected sex once i got home but no ejaculation inside me. Indidnt have any period in August at all. I’m hoping it does come around this month, but I’m really worried I wont. I am regular on my period and this is the first time I’ve missed one. I feel little cramps here and there but no signs of period. I’ve take a home and a blood test 2 weeks after my missed period and both came out negative. Should i be worried? Was it too soon to take the tests? Im stressing out. Or could the traveling and different food make a difference in my menstruation?

    • Hi Vanessa, don’t panic! As you can see from the comments on this post, everyone feels nervous when their period doesn’t arrive after traveling. Having taken a few negative tests though, I’m sure you’re fine. Now it’s just the waiting game. Try not to stress!

  70. For the past year, after getting off of the depo shot, my period has been irregular. Finally a few months ago it started to go back to its normal routine. Now I have moved from the US to Spain, seven hours time difference. I got my period two days after landing in Spain, it only lasted three days. It has now been one month and two weeks latter, still no period…. I already took two pregnancy test, which were both negative, but online I have read that at home pregnancy test are not always accurate. I don’t even know where to go to get a blood test to put my mind at ease. And I have been sleeping with a lot of men out here, always protected, from what I can remember. Reading that other women are enduring the same issue helps a lot.

  71. So I had my period Oct.14 and went on a hike the next day while on my period and I nearly passed out on the hike. Could be heat exhaustion or dehydration, possibly both. Anyways, took my body about 2 weeks to get back on track and not feel dizzy or bloated. I traveled to California from Canada (same time zone and 3 hr flight) at the time I would be getting it Nov 14. I did have unprotected sex but no ejaculation but pre ejaculation is a worry. I still haven’t gotten it. Probably 2 weeks later now. I haven’t taken a test either. A little background, I use to get a month each year of not getting my period. When I became sexually active, I seemed to get it every month. I’m just thinking maybe it’s the travel and the stress my body we t through when I went on the hike?

  72. I traveled around Africa for the last 7 months. My first 2 weeks in Kenya I got my period as usual. Then absolutely nothing for the next 6 1/2 months of the trip…Had monthly cramps and other symptoms, but nothing else..Took about 30 pregnancy tests (all negative) which is quite terrifying in a place where abortions are 100% illegal… I’ve been home for two weeks now in the states and it finally came!!! Wish I had came across this site while on the road! Best wishes to all!

  73. So I got my period on 29th Nov and I had protected sex on the 12th day of my cycle. I flew from the US to the UAE (19hour flight) time is 9 hours ahead of US. My cycle is usually 24-25 days. It’s 28th day of my cycle and I still haven’t got it :'( I’m really worried and panicking. I haven’t taken a pregnancy test yet.

  74. Jazmin Gutierrez on

    I recently moved from Ohio to Denver Colorado my first period (november period) since I got here lasted three days and my december period hasn’t even came yet. It was supposed to come on the 15th its now the 26th and haven’t seen a drop I’ve taken two pregnancy tests and both negative. I’ve come to the conclusion that the move to a high altitude and a new stressful job are to blame

  75. Totally normal. Flew from Hong Kong to the US for 10 days and then back. I’m 11 days late -I’m NEVER late – but all negative pregnancy tests. Went to the doctor just in case and she told me it’s most definitely due to jet-lag (I do get major jet lag when flying that route) and my body should regulate itself by next month. So, try not to worry! It will cause even more stress on the body and possibly delay your period further.

  76. I travelled to a country thats 6hours behind mine for 6months and got my period regularly each month while I was there. I just came back a month ago, and was supposed to get my period 3days ago. it is 3 days late now (36 days) usually my cycle is 30-33days. Worried because it’s usually regular and it wasnt disrupted even when I travelled for 6months. I dont think my body Is sensitive to stress and such factors but i’m hoping the jet lag is the cause of this delay. maybe travelling from east to west causes more disruptions to the cycle. Will update when it comes (hopefully ><)

  77. This is such a relief to hear. I just got back from a three day trip, of which my period was supposed to start on the first day, and I still haven’t gotten it. I’m three days late and have been completely terrified; my boyfriend and I are always extremely careful, I won’t let him near me without a condom on and one has never broken. It still hasn’t come and I’m really scared but at least these comments were of some help! Thanks ladies!

  78. I was just on vacation for a week in a very different time zone. I don’t travel much so this was pretty stressful. I was supposed to start 2 weeks ago but my period always kind of fluctuates so that doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that I feel like I’m on my period. Gassy, tender breasts, general icky feeling in lower abdomen, emotional. Should I be concerned?

  79. So story is i went on a 3 day vacation to a nearby city to visit my relatives on 2/24 (had to fly through a different timezone first to get there). I was supposed to get my ovulation during my flight going there and while staying there i had a completely different routine that what i had for the past 2 months (i had holiday). All my sleeping habit changed including waking up much earlier than i had woken up days prior and having to climb up and down 5 floors everyday for 3 days. Long story short, i came back and started college which i experienced a lot of stress in the first two weeks and expected my period on 3/9 (i have irregular periods, some spanning up to 35 days and some just 29) but it not here yet. I’m worried and had a BFN on 3/11. Is it maybe because of the stress, travel, and change in routine? (Sidenote: its flu season here) Would appreciate any reply, Thankyou.

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  91. Hi I came back to Canada from Europe after a 2 week trip and now my period is 6 days late. I haven’t taken a pregnancy test yet and I’ve been so scared but this site made me feel a little better!!

  92. This site has really helped me feel less stressed. Here’s my situation if anyone can help me out. In june i traveled to europe for 2 weeks and barely got any sleep and went to so many different places, as well as getting a cold while I was there. My last period was june 3-8 roughly, and my cycle is about 30-35 days. I expected to get my period the first week of july but it is now about a week or so late. I was worried because I have not had sex but occasionally do things with my boyfriend, although I make sure that one of us has our pants on at all times if the other isn’t wearing any. I know it is impossible to get pregnant from fingering or anything like that, but it still worries me everytime I think about the fact that I have not gotten my period yet. Can anyone help to calm my mind?

  93. Hi! I’m sure you guys are sick of these kind of comments but I’ve reached a point where i absolutely need to be reassured. (Warning: some TMI) Two weeks before my trip, my boyfriend and I had protected sex l, which isn’t what’s worrying me. What’s worrying me is what we did afterwards. I ended up swallowing his semen and we kissed and for a while, we didn’t do anything then he ended up licking me a bit down in my area. I made him stop cause of what we did earlier and i was scared i could end up pregnant. My friends told me I couldn’t end up pregnant so i was slightly content for a while. I expected my period at camp, found this article, was worried for a while when nothing came but i stayed calm since travel delays periods. I came back home from my trip two days ago and thought I was starting today because i had pink discharge but i checked again and there was nothing. Its been a 4 weeks since that time with my boyfriend.. should I be worried?

  94. Stress from a new place definitely effects everyone’s cycle. Though mine has been especially weird. I travelled from US to Russia, including Northern Russia where it is 24 hour daylight. I was supposed to get my period July 10th or so (I’m on the pill and extremely regular, to the day and hour usually) but I messed up my bc in June, forgetting take it a few times and taking it late when I remembered and I started the pack a day or two late. I got my period on July 14th (or that’s when spotting began which was also weird for me) but then I have now had my period for 8 days, when I normally have it for 3-4, and I have had cramps every single day. Since this is a longer than normal period after being late, so I have cause for concern? Also, I had protected sex (bc and condom) with my bf July 1st. If anyone reads this and knows if the longer period could just be the stress, Lack of sleep, and 24 hour daylight interrupting my rhythms please let me know!

  95. I travel a lot and can totally relate. I am thankfully regular but flying can definitely cause changes, as well as a change in my diet and exercise routine. I change countries a lot…so each month, my period can be a couple of days early or a couple of days late. I find using a period tracker really helpful and I am now use period panties and a menstrual cup. They’re just healthier, more eco-friendly, save you money and can help you be in touch more with your flow.

  96. Hi! I came to New Zealand a month ago. I was on and off the plane for 18 hours (due to transits). Caught a cold when I first got here because I came from a sunny and hot weather country where New Zealand is currently on their winter which is super cold for me to handle. Last month I had my period on 2nd June, was expecting this month to be 3rd July as my cycle is usually 32 days. I’m already 3 days late and I’m freaking out! I had sex during my last period with protection (condom), I don’t think I’m pregnant. I’m so scared, I’m in a completely new country and this happens to me! Will it be the cold weather and 18 hours travel that cause my period to delay? I don’t know, I’m scared. Please let me know, I’m freaking out! Hopefully I will get mine very soon! 🙁

  97. Wow! I thought I was the only one! I never really paid too much attention to the impact travel had on my cycle, but now that we are hoping for a little one I’m keenly aware of my cycle (to the hour it seems). We travel quite a bit both domestically and internationally for pleasure and work and I am noticing both delayed ovulation and period when we fly. I think the change in sleep patterns also has a huge impact on the cycle; the first night in an unfamiliar bed is always a bit off. We have decided not to stop our busy travel lives and let fate handle the rest—fingers crossed!!!

  98. I have traveled from America to India and have been here for 3 weeks now. My period is almost a week late but on top of that I am having a good amount of creamy white discharge when I goto the bathroom. Is this normal?

  99. Went on a Europe Trip for one month and a half. The trip itself was very stressful because I was moving around from one country to the other and was walking at least 15 km per day and was not really eating properly and was drinking relatively a lot of alcohol. I normally don’t drink, so I think this amount of alcohol was a “shock” for my body.
    Right before I started my trip (23.7) I was on my period. I didn’t get my period throughout the whole trip. And until now, my period is still not there.
    I usually have very irregular periods, but I’m really panicking now. I had protected sex a few times, but I read there’s still a chance of getting pregnant while using a condom.
    I’m really freaking out right now. Any advice what I should do?

  100. I have been travelling around Europe for 7 weeks now. I was supposed to get my period (which is always regular and I am on the pill) 3 weeks into the trip. It never came. I took a pregnancy test each week for 3 weeks after it was supposed to come but all negative. My period is supposed to be coming tomorrow but I don’t have any usual PMS symptoms which I usually have and I feel like it’s not coming even though I’m taking the placebo pills! Ahh I’m very anxious about it and concerned it’s something more serious or that I could still be pregnant even though the tests were negative and I haven’t had any pregnancy symptoms. I have 3 weeks left of my trip and I’m not sure if I should wait till I’m home to visit a doctor or see one here? It’s definitely given me a slight sigh of relief reading this page but it just doesn’t feel right without my period! Period I miss you please come back.

  101. Contrary to most of the comments getting late period, I have been getting my period for at least 1.5 weeks now and it is still heavy. I travelled from East to West, at least 13 hours flight and 5 hours time difference. Got my first sign of period on Thursday (14 December) but only real light spotting. Randomly it occurred over the next few days, and more period came only on Sunday/Monday, but still light period. Got back to my home country on 21st December, and only few days after started to have like my normal period. It is still heavy now but I am totally having menstrual signs like bloating etc. LOL feel like im losing too much blood considering it has been 15 days since the light random spotting . Btw, the holiday country was 20 degrees lower than what it is in my home country, so that could be a factor for slow menses Im guessing?

  102. Thank you for this article.

    I think it’s also a vicious cycle. If you don’t get your period either 3-5 days before or after its due, you panic. Well I do cause it’s always so regular,

    This panic adds to the stress and makes matters worse. Literally 3 days after reading this and feeling my whole body relax, it came.

    Every possibility runs through your mind no matter how hard you try to not think about it and tell yourself every excuse to try calm your thoughts. I did 2 tests. Both negative. I was between 2-3 weeks late and freaking out. But the negative tests made the anxiety worse.

    So thank you soooo much, it makes a lot on sense and was the only thing I found, while frantically googling possibilities, that actually calmed my thoughts and allowed me to enjoy my travels.

    Thanks again.

  103. Hello, I’m having problems with my period for months because I just travelled to a colder country. Could that be the reason and what can I do?

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  105. Has anyone experienced this? Went on a trip for a month to Central America a week before I left I had my period 15 March,I was supposed to get my period the 15 April but nothing! I came back on the 20 April and now is May 4 and still nothing! I don’t feel pregnant other than my breat are killing me … but from what I have been told from doctors is that I’m not supposed to eat anything brown example, beans, coffee etc, their contribute to pain in your breast… I did have lots of of caffeine, n beans while I was there .. i also hadprotected sex with my BF. So 2 days ago I took a home test and it says I’m pregnant… but I honestly don’t feel pregnant.. is it possible that the test is wrong?

    • I suggest waiting a few days and taking the second pregnancy test that comes in the box just to make sure the results are correct. Additionally, I traveled out of the country around the same time you did for only 2 weeks and it took my body a whole month to recover ( I missed my period for April). I took several pregnancy tests that were all negative, so if the test is wrong in some type of way, then your body may just need some more time to recover after the long trip.

  106. To whomever may be reading this;
    STOP FREAKING OUT!! I went to Japan for two weeks in the Month of March and when I was back in the States, my cycle did not arrive for April. I was freaking out, fearing that something could be wrong with me for a past month and a half, when Auntie Flo finally made a visit today. So don’t trip, everyone’s bodies recover at different times, so if your is taking longer, just give it time and it will come.

  107. Hi, I went on a trip to Illinois, I’m supposed to get my period on the 26 of each month but when I travel I got it late and it came on the 5th of June. But now on the 22, I got light spotting but occasionally it’ll get heavy enough to stain my pants… but I did have unprotected sex on the 10th of June and my boyfriend didn’t cum inside of me… so I don’t know if this could be implantation bleeding or I don’t know what it is… can you give me some advice please

  108. Katherine Lynn on

    I’m at my grandparents house, I’ve been here for almost a month and I still haven’t gotten my period. For most of the month of June I’ve been here. Its also in the same state so I’m traveling about an hour away from home. I didn’t get a period at all in the month of June, would being away from my “natural habitat” affect my period? I’ve also been really sad because I’ve been away from home. Can someone help me understand , please?

  109. Hi, i have been a month in china (22 june»22july) the food, the experience was very diferent for me, im from México and all in china is very diferent than my country, my routine change a lot, i dont eat as usually , i do not sleepy, and i do very long walks around the day. My period had to arrive on july 26th, but now it is july 30 and my period doesnt arrive yet, im late 4 days and im very worried. After my trip, my boyfriend and i have unprotectec sex, he didnt ejeculate inside of me, the un protect sex was on july 23 and july 25 and my period it is suposed to. Arrive on july 26 but im 4 dayd late, im super scared!!! Can any one help me? When will be a good time to do pregnacy test? I found this blog very ussefull so. I hope someone can help me!!!!

  110. been freaking out as well. I had protected sex on July 10 which is the day after my last period ended. I flew back to Hong Kong from Canada. Prior to that, I was extremely stressed and emotional and stuff. This really eases my nerves a little bit as all of my pregnancy tests came back negative.

  111. Hi! After reading this website, it’s kinda ease me a lil bit.. but i would really like to seek help here… my last period was on 22nd june and 2 weeks later, my partner and i sort of just feeling with each other but he never penetrate me nor he brings his thingy out.. so a week later on the 16th until 22nd july, i had an intense backpacking travel to thailand from bangkok-> krabi… so i had to walk like 3-4 km with a bagpack.. i was supposed to get my period on the 22nd july but it never came up until now.. im already 3 weeks late and this is really stressing me out.. ive been having cramps and all and its killing me but no blood.. this kinda put me in a panic that I don’t want to get pregnant.. i havent done any pregnancy test and my bf kept saying not to worry about it.. is this normal and do i jz need to wait for aunt flow to come?

  112. I hadn’t the opposite happen to me. I traveled to China from the us. I’m on birth control and hardly ever have a period. After being here about 3 days my period started and has been off for about a week. I wasn’t prepared and for it and finding some pads or tampons was a bit of an issue for me. So be prepared for it to go either way!

  113. I’ve travelled from the UK to Mallorca which is only 2 hour flight away. I am on day 39 of my cycle. Usually I’m regular but this year my cycle has gone as long as 45 days on a couple of occasions. I have the non-hormonal coil which may also make a difference. Since I arrived in Mallorca, my eating pattern has changed, I’ve struggled to sleep (only 4/5 hours a night), drank alcohol most days and am trying to give up cigarettes. I thought these things might have made a difference. Thanks for this post, saved me some worry. Wish this was more common knowledge

  114. Thanks so much for this great article, especially the comments. My period is now 8 days late, 2 negative pregnancy tests, after 4 weeks travelling around Europe. Getting my blood test result tomorrow and have been madly fretting about PCOS!

  115. Hi all! This article and comments have made me feel so much less nervous – I am studying abroad in Europe from the US. My first cycle here was perfectly normal, then my boyfriend and I had sex with a condom on day 21 and 25 of my cycle, and I haven’t gotten my period since. I’m now six days later; pregnancy test on day 32 was negative. I have a few odd symptoms that are almost like PMS but the period never comes, so I’m worried they’re ealry pregnancy symptoms (discharge, frequent urination, backache). Could it be from travel even though my first one was normal?

  116. I want to share my story with you and help every woman experiencing the same situation! I was studying abroad for 3 months, when i went there my period was exactly the same and for the past 3 months i had it in the correct date! But when I was about to come back to my country my period got late for 10-11 days for the first time! It was about to come the day i was travelling but it didnt came. i was super stressed those days because i didnt know what to expect! my journey was about 12hrs in total and i traveled in a different timezone! I was stressed about my exams also and my assignments so I said that maybe it had delayed due to that! I never thought about travelling! While I was searching online reasons for the delay (please dont do that it will make you feel more stressed and worried) i freaked out. but 2 days before my period i found this webiste and i read a lot of comments about other women facing the same problems! Then i said to myself relax, do what the others said and dont think about it at all! And you were correct! I relaxed and i convinced myself that there is no reason to worry about it! Its a difficult situation for us and we are so worried when our cycle is changing! But since i relaxed and forgot the stress and everything my period came!

    So girls, do the same! Try to relax and dont think about it! our cycle is changing bc of different reasons. the travelling factor is real and its happening!

    Hope i help you!
    Enjoy your day!

  117. Well my case is a bit different. I traveled from guyana(south America) and my period came on time, however I experienced no pain at all! And I have suffered from dysmenorrhea since I was 12! I’m 22 now and this is the first time this has happened, I no longer need pills or injections ? I’m wondering if is the travel or my prayers.

  118. Just wanted to add my experience here!! Im traveling around Africa and I noticed after two days that my period was late (it’s normally so on time!). I started to panic but after I found this article and read about other people experiencing the same things I was able to calm down. Finally my period came.. 15 DAYS LATE!!! This has never happened to me before but this is just more proof that traveling messes things up! I’m greatful I found this article so I was able to not stress on my trip, and remember not to panic ladies!

  119. I am leaving this comment mostly becauae this article stays relevant in search results and someone else may be looking for recent feedback, as it is one of the few things giving me hope as I wait out my missing period after 2 weeks of travel! I jumped around time zones a lot but spent half my time in northern Scandinavia where it was almost constant daylight. To top it off, I got a cold right before I left! I have a very regular cycle with only 1.5 days of variation over the past year, and I do not take any bc. Fingers crossed that my period shows up soon! (And the same to anyone else out there who is wondering if they could be in the same situation!) Read all the other comments, they will help you calm down 🙂

  120. Just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar to me…
    Currently on holiday in Turkey from the UK (so only 2 hours time difference, 3.5ish hour flight). I take a phasic bc pill to help with heavy periods, only have 2 blank pills rather than 5 or 7. Took my 2 placebos and expected my period after taking the second, the same day that I re-start my hormone pills.
    But, I’ve experienced a little bright red spotting and some brown-coloured blood, but not enough to totally fill a tampon – and a little cramping. And now nothing! All in the same day.
    Usually I experience heavy periods with a lot of pain. It has been about 6 months since I’ve had unprotected sex and have done 2/3 pregnancy tests in that time – all negative.
    I’m terrified that I’m that 1 in 100000 person who has a whole pregnancy without even realising. But surely not?
    Could it be the hot weather, travelling and a bit of stress from it all?
    I hope so judging by these comments and this article.
    Please if anyone has had this, let me know!

  121. I was aware that international travel could mess up hormones, but it didn’t stop me from stressing out! I had my period while in Europe, and after coming back to the states my period was almost a week late. My understanding is that it is ovulation that gets messed up, so if the body is under stress, it will wait to ovulate, causing your cycle to delay. OR it will give up on ovulating altogether (basically the ovaries saying, “you are way too crazy to have the possibility of having a healthy pregnancy right now so we won’t even bother releasing an egg”) and the period will just come early. Because I figured my ovulation and subsequent fertile days were off, I was worried that I had taken too many risks with a normal pattern of knowing the days I could get pregnant with a natural cycle. Note: don’t freak out, but if you use the rhythm method of birth control, be extra sensitive to your cycle signs when you have lot of travel. Hard to predict! Aaaand today my cramps are awful and way worse than usual because of all the hormonal confusion. Being a woman is grand!! Thank you all for sharing your stories and for the solidarity in the moments of freak-out

  122. Okay just putting this comment since I’m sooo happy and relieved other girls are going through this. I traveled from California to Europe and my period is 4 days late as of now. I have had the hardest time adjusting to the new time zone, sleeping in new environments, eating new foods, and even adjusting to this cold weather (compared to sunny SoCal) so it must be that it’s late due to all these new changes going on. I’m just REALLY regular so this worried me but now I feel a bit more calmed and I’m even going to get a PT to double check I’m not. Thanks so much for this forum and I’ll keep y’all updated !!!

  123. Thank you for this article, and all the comments! This is calming me down for sure. I am from the U.S. and moved to Japan a couple of weeks ago. It was a long 24 hours of travel with crazy time zone shifts, and it took several days for my sleep to adjust. As of right now, my period is over a week late, and I am starting to worry. I’ve been a little queasy the last few days and having strong food cravings and aversions, and I’m tired a lot. I’m adjusting to life in a foreign country including new food, new language, new home, new people, new time zone, etc, on top of emotional turmoil with some personal things that are going on. All of my pregnancy-like symptoms can be also easily attributed to the stress of adjusting to a completely foreign culture. My husband and I use fertility awareness method to prevent pregnancy, which we’ve been successfully doing for over a year. My cycle is like clockwork, and I carefully track my BBT (body temperature) as well as cervical position and fluid, and I feel confident about my knowledge and application of this method. While it is very unlikely that the unprotected sex we had last month could have resulted in pregnancy (given when we had it in my cycle and my confidence with fertility tracking) it’s not impossible. I’m assuming that my late period is just travel stress, but I will take a test and see a doctor in a week or so if needed. I have one question though: how does a late or skipped period affect fertility in the following weeks/months? How should I think about this irregularity in terms of my fertility awareness birth control method? Can I still rely on my BBT curve and cervical data? Thank you!

  124. I moved to South Korea from Canada in August. In the second month, my period came on day 34, and in the third month, it came on the 25th. However, this month I am on day 36 and still no period! I have been sleeping recently at 3:00 am and waking up at noon. Should I be worried, or is it just my body telling me my sleeping schedule is weird? I know my schedule already seems weird as it came early and then late, but I am worried!

  125. Currently in Europe and my cycle was supposed to start 4 days ago and still nothing. I’ve been careful with sexual activity so I’m a little scared but after reading some of your replies I’m a little at ease. I’m 6hrs ahead and I have a little pms but nothing has came yet.

  126. Mirangely Ruiz. on

    Hi I’m 16, I recently travelled from Philadelphia to Puerto Rico which is a 4 hour flight. This week I was supposed to start my period, I have an app that I log ir and stuff well I’m 2 days late but I do have cramps, I’m over the 25 cycle it’s been 30. I am sexually active.

  127. Hello there! I am 19 and I have a very long cycle, my period comes approximately every 40-50 days. I moved to Spain from the UK a month ago, for the year, but I haven’t had a period in 65 days and I worry I won’t be able to get it back – I really don’t want to go on the pill :'(. There is no chance I can be pregnant but do you think it could be something more serious?
    Thank you, Selina x

  128. I stopped the pill in July and have had a very regular period since. I traveled the week I would normally get my period this month, but completely missed it. There’s no way I can be pregnant either since I’m not having sex. So weird how the body reacts to stress!

  129. I am currently on vacation. I am five days late on my period and I have been very careful with my boyfriend and it’s only happened twice. We have been on vacation for three weeks of traveling around ten states and hiking a lot. Waking up early and lots of driving. Should I be worried it hasn’t come yet? I get back home in four days so what should I do…?

  130. I have travelled from India to US on 22 nov my period started on 20 th nov & ends on 24 .Now is been a month in US I have not got my periods . It’s delayed for 8 days now and Iam not sexually active.I came to US to plan my pregnancy but my periods has not come yet .I am taking Folic supplements as well as suggested by doctor.Really worried 😕

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