Quiz: What Travel Movie Are You?


Are you stuck in a travel rut? Escape and get inspired by watching a movie perfectly suited to quench your thirst for something new.

Just answer the following 10 questions and keep track of your answers until the end of the quiz, then your selection will be revealed!

1. You dream of a trip filled with ____________.

A:  World famous art and chic fashion
B:  Sun, surf and a secluded patch of sand
C:  Beautiful scenery and lots of adventure
D:  A road trip packed with campy fun
E:  Picturesque countryside and carb-o-licious food

2. You can bring 2 essential items with you for this trip. They are:

A:  A camera and… your significant other
B:  A camera and… a swimsuit
C:  A camera and… a trusty pair of hiking boots
D:  A camera and… Twizzlers
E:  A camera and… a wine opener

3. Describe your preferred accommodations:

A:  A boutique hotel in the city center
B:  A hut on the beach
C:  A hostel dorm room
D:  A random motel… each night someplace new
E:  A rustic farmhouse

4. You have the whole day to yourself. What are you going to do?

A:  Shop, shop, shop!
B:  Lay out and work on your tan
C:  Go bungee jumping or skydiving
D:  Check out a quirky roadside attraction (largest ball of twine, perhaps?)
E:  Stroll down to the local village to visit the market

5. What’s the best way to get around where you’re going?

A:  On the back of a moped, hanging on tight!
B:  All you need is your feet
C:  A campervan
D:  In a station wagon, nice and reliable
E:  A Vespa, both stylish AND practical

6. The day is over… what are you going to do at night?

A:  Take a romantic stroll with your sweetie
B:  Party, of course!
C:  Head to the local bar and meet up with some new friends
D:  Explore the town you’re in because tomorrow you’ll be traveling to someplace new
E:  A late dinner at a cozy trattoria

7. What are you looking forward to noshing on most?

A:  Cheese, freshly baked bread and mouthwatering pastries
B:  A fiery bowl of curry
C:  A nice rack of lamb
D:  Cheeseburgers and french fries.
E:  Pasta. Lots and lots of pasta.

8. What are you going to drink while you’re there?

A:  A glass of bubbly
B:  An ice cold Singha beer
C:  Sauvignon Blanc from a local vineyard
D: Some good ‘ol soda pop
E:  A hearty glass of Chianti

9. You’re shopping for souvenirs… what do you buy?

A:  The latest Chanel purse
B:  A handmade hammock
C:  A carved jade necklace
D:  Magnets from everywhere you’ve visited
E:  A bottle of freshly-pressed olive oil

10. If you could watch any kind of movie, you’d see a ____________.

A.  Quirky foreign film
B.  Drama
C.  Fantasy
D.  Screwball comedy
E.  Romantic comedy

Now, tally up those answers…

If you picked mostly A’s… then check out AMELIE

Amelie is a whimsical modern day fairy tale about a girl living in Paris who decides to change the lives of those around her for the better while she searches for her own true love. This is the perfect film for anyone looking to get immersed in old world Parisian scenery and charm… or those looking to brush up on their French. (Heads up: it’s subtitled!) Grab a glass of champagne or Boudreaux and enjoy Paris through the eyes of our lovable heroine.

If you picked mostly B’s… then check out THE BEACH

At the beginning of The Beach, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is looking to get off the beaten path in Thailand. Through a series of events he hears about a secret beach, which ends up being most definitely off the normal tourist trail. While this particular film has a bit of a dark side, the smooth stretch of white sand that serves as the centerpiece for this movie should satisfy all of your beach-based wanderlust.

If you picked mostly C’s… then check out THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY


There’s a reason why director Peter Jackson chose New Zealand to represent the varied landscapes of the Lord of the Rings’ Middle Earth… it’s simply one of the most photogenic and diverse countries on the planet. If you yearn for epic adventure alongside everything from dramatic mountains, to lush forests and waterways, then get your New Zealand fix with this fantasy classic.

If you picked mostly D’s… then check out NATIONAL LAMPOON’S VACATION


Unabashed Americana is highlighted in National Lampoon’s Vacation, the ultimate celebration of the family road trip. From roadside antics to unexpected detours, watching the trials and tribulations of the Griswold family as they head from Chicago to the fictional Wally World, California is be both fun and hilarious.

If you picked mostly E’s… then check out UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN

If you’re longing to be immersed in the romantic Italian countryside, then Under the Tuscan Sun should perfectly fit the bill! Sure, this chick flick’s story deviates quite a bit from Francis Mayes’ original memoir, but the warmth and drop dead beautiful vistas of the Tuscan countryside will more than make up for it. Warning: It just may inspire you to pick up and move to Tuscany!


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  1. OK, you have successfully made me want to be in Thailand AND Tuscany. Great. Guess I’ll get my mundane day started now…haha 🙂 Great post – love the idea of doing quizzes on here!

    • so so so cute! MaryAnne you have such an amazing abdoarle family! I love the picture where daddy and Amelie are biting their toes, very abdoarle! Great job Rebecca!

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    • Hi Perry! Since you’re not leaning one particular direction with your answers, it looks like you might enjoy all of the movies. Lucky you!

  2. This was fun. I am definitely Under the Tuscan Sun which is very funny. Read the book and absolutely loved it. In fact, it made me want to move somewhere to experience a new culture. Wouldn’t see the movie for at least 2 years because it strayed so far from the book that had moved me. Movie was ok but the book. . . now we’re talking.

    • I completely agree. I was kind of shocked the first time I watched the movie version because it’s so different. But the pretty scenery makes up for it, I think.

  3. Cute! I always loved quizes in magazines to find out what type of guy I should date or subject I should study. Brought me back to those days- I’m Under the Tuscan Sun- which seems pretty appropriate!! 🙂

  4. OMG, I’m all over the place! I’m between The Beach, LOTR, and National Lampoon’s… ha! That’s an interesting mix… I’m a hobbit that makes a fool of himself while tanning at the beach! 😛

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