The Girl’s Guide to Microblogging


Have you ever wanted to start your own travel blog but, in all honesty, it seemed like too much work?

Then, you should try using your current social media addictions as a microblogging tool. Micro-blogs are different from traditional blogs in that they mainly focus on media such as photos, audio, video, and short text. Mobile apps make it very easy for people to follow your updates in real-time, and various apps can be used together to create a really interactive experience both at home and abroad.

Micro-blogs are massively popular and there are a number of ways you can use social media platforms to keep track of your discoveries while you are traveling.

For me, the world suddenly felt a whole lot smaller with these apps on my phone. I love being able to get immediate feedback from my friends and family on photos, songs, or those beautiful shoes I just bought. If you’re considering starting a micro-blog, here are some platforms you should get familiar with.


Tumblr is ideal for the videographer and musical traveler. With Tumblr, it’s easy to share audio, video, short snippets, and longer text posts. Its sleek and easy design makes it easy to set up a blog in 30 minutes with unique templates to add a bit of personality to your blog. After cruising around the network, you will find a ton of fellow travel blogs to keep you inspired.

Tumblr is great for those who wish to blog from their laptop and their phone. To maintain an active blog, I would suggest aiming for three to four small posts per week.


Instagram is ideal for the traveling photographer. For professionals, the new online profile page creates a casual online portfolio of your photos to connect with your customers on a personal level. Instagrammers can also follow their wanderings by using geo-tagging on their photos to get an exact map of where each photo was snapped.

There are a bevy of additional apps to take your photos to the next level such as Snapseed, Diptic, or Vignette. Since Instagram is so popular, many tourist destinations and brands are setting up photo contests and campaigns such as #SeeMyCity. Additionally, it’s super easy to create a gorgeous hardcover travel scrapbook with your Instagram photos by using online programs by companies such as Keepsy.


Twitter is for the witty traveler who is full of observations and likes to chat with strangers. The key to getting the most out of Twitter is to create conversations with fellow travelers who also talk about your own passions from general topics like wine to the more specific like German christmas markets. Be helpful, share your tips, and don’t spend all your time retweeting!


Pinterest is for the traveling fashionista and product maven. Technically an online bookmarking tool, Pinterest’s social features have the platform blurring the line into micro-blogging.

Inspired by the retro-style of the women in Edinburgh? Did you find a ton of great Italian recipes while meandering though Tuscany? Pin it, share it, and love it.

Sharing is caring, especially on the interweb, but make sure you don’t forget to put your phone away and enjoy the moment!


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Meredith was bit by travel bug in 2009 and has been on the move since then. Her adventures started in Finland where she visited a Sami reindeer farm in Lapland, dogsled and ran in the forests of Finland, and then backpacked around western Europe. Later, she moved to Kenya for a Communications internship. She took advantage of her good fortune and went on safari in the Maasai Mara as well as explored beach paradise on a motorcycle. No matter where she goes, she never forgets about her home in Canada and greatly enjoys road trips across the Rocky Mountains and along coast of British Columbia. She is currently living in Canada working as a freelance writer and a communications specialist. You can follow her adventures and discoveries on curiousmeredith or get your tweet on with her @MeredithBratlan

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