4 Ways that Traveling While Single is Totally Better


Ahh, Valentine’s Day. For those of us in relationships, today is a cheesy-but-sweet opportunity to show the ones that we love how much we care for them. But for those of us who are single? Today can be positively barf-a-licious.

Having just come out of a four-year relationship in which I traveled the world with my partner, I can tell you firsthand that while there are a million great things about traveling with your boyfriend, traveling solo is so much more fun!

Put down that box of chocolates and let’s talk about why traveling single is freaking awesome.

1. Your World, Your Rules

Feel like sleeping in til 2 p.m. in your small Bangkok apartment, without anyone judging you for stuffing your face with noodles from the noodle man down the street? Do it! Traveling solo means you set your own schedule and routine. There’s no pressure to ‘travel’ a certain way, or to do as much as possible in a small amount of time. You can hop around town visiting every modern art museum in Paris–or not. Your world, your rules!

2. No One To Impress

I’m not big on the belief that you should be dressing to impress anyone, ever, but traveling single means you can let your leg hair grow just a few days longer. It’s also nice to know that the shirt you wore yesterday won’t be noticed on its reappearance. Hey, you’re traveling.

3. Loving Yourself

You know that old saying, “you can’t love anyone until you love yourself?” Turns out that one is true. Traveling is a great time to get to know yourself and to fall in love with the beautiful, inspiring woman that you are. Sometimes that’s easiest when you’re traveling single.

4. Endless Possibilities

Want to go home with that super cute surfer boy you met in the beach-side bar? Do it (safely, please!) Want to stay up until 6 am having a jam session with the Israelis in your hostel? Go for it! The great thing about being single is having every option open to you without fear of hurting anyone or having to choose between your boyfriend and your new travel friends. So go out there, embrace the world and all of its beauty, and keep those arms wide open.

You never know what’s just around the corner!

What are your thoughts on traveling solo vs. with your boyfriend? Tell us!


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Kelly Lewis is the founder of Go! Girl Guides, the Women's Travel Fest and Damesly. She's an optimist, an adventurer, an author and works to help women travel the world.

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