Traveling Safely Around Honduras


Honduras isn’t usually on the top of everyone’s list of travel destinations. It has been in the news recently for an unstable political system and one of its cities, San Pedro Sula, was recently listed as one of the most dangerous city in the world, according to The Washington Post.

While Honduras, and all of Central America, for that matter, has its problems, it is also full of beauty and culture that can only be found within the region.

I do not suggest throwing all caution to the wind, but traveling to Honduras is definitely worth your while. Below are some tips for getting around safely.

1. If you’re traveling alone, travel during the day.
Plenty of busses have departure schedules while it is still light outside, and people definitely tend to feel more comfortable during daylight hours.

2. Avoid the Rutas.
Rutas are public busses that transport people around the cities. In San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa especially, these are usually victims of gangs and are frequently targeted and robbed. It may be cheaper than a taxi, but not worth losing all of your possessions.

3. Take a taxi.
They are seen as “expensive,” but we are talking about $4 to get you across town. It is much safer than a Ruta. This is a no brainer!

4. Meet people.
There are plenty of people staying in the hostels. Most people traveling around Central America are very laid back and welcome travelers to tag along.

5. Keep an eye on your things!
Pick pockets are everywhere, so just make sure that you have your money, credit cards, and camera with you at all times.

6. If for some reason you find that you are being robbed, give the person everything you have.
It is not worth your life to try to hold on to your camera or that extra $20.

7. Be smart.
Stay away from seedy bars and people being sketchy. It sounds simple enough, but in a place like Honduras it is very important to follow your instincts.

If you follow your gut and avoid potentially dangerous situations (ie: riding around with a local on their motorcycle), Honduras is a wonderful –and not such a scary place to visit. I have lived in San Pedro Sula for two years—crazy, right? I have never had a problem (knock on wood), and I am a single, twenty-something female. I make sure that if I go out at night that I go with some other trustworthy people, and I never walk around with all of my possessions, but I make sure to do the things I want to do. I have traveled by myself and had a wonderful time. Honduras is a beautiful place with a lot to offer, so I recommend that you follow this advice and check it out for yourself.

Have you ever been to Honduras? What are some of your tips? 


About Author

Samantha is a travel addict and nomadic teacher currently living in Shanghai. Any chance she gets, she is getting off to a new location or explore, either in China or somewhere with a great deal on tickets. Before China, Samantha spent two years in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and two years in Doha, Qatar. During her time abroad she has had the wonderful opportunity to travel all over Central America, central Asia and some of Eastern Europe. As much as Samantha loves to travel, she also makes time to return home to Florida to see her family whenever she can. Her current ambition is to travel to and explore 40 different countries by the time she is forty. Only 12 to go!


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  2. I stumbled upon this article and really enjoyed it! I (from the USA) have been living in Honduras for 5 years now with my husband (who is from here) & 3 daughters. I have to agree with the advise given. I think the same points made can be shared for many other countries too. Most people just hear about the crime and stay away but there are some great places to see, yummy food to eat, and giving people who love to share their culture. Thanks for sharing the tips and some positivity! 🙂 I hope that your experience in Honduras has been a good one!

  3. This is a really great article. My church goes to Honduras every summer to build houses, dig wells, and do other mission work. Soon I’m going to go myself! 🙂

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