Drinking My Way Through The Wine Lands of Cape Town, South Africa


I’ve been wanting to visit the Wine Lands outside of Cape Town, South Africa for a long time, so when Destination Southern Africa offered to let me hop on a tour, I jumped at the chance.

My guide JD of Hylton Ross picked us up in the morning and told me to “buckle up, and get ready for a day of heavy drinking.” Yipee!

Throughout the day, we were going to be visiting five different wineries and sampling five or six different types of wine at each. (If you’re doing the math, that means we’ll be tasting roughly 30 different types of wine… wowza).

We were fortunate enough to be on a very small tour, with only myself, my boyfriend, a couple from DC on honeymoon and a couple from Croatia, who were hilarious after 10 glasses of wine.

As we drove out to the wine lands, I took some time to marvel at the scenery. This area just outside of Cape Town is absolutely stunning, with large mountains and rolling hillsides.

Our first stop was at Anura Vineyards, where we were given a tour of their processing factory and a bit of history in how the grapes are grown. Did you know that South African soil primarily grows red grapes? Or that the pinotage grape is from South Africa? I didn’t!

From there, we sat down to get down to business–tasting six different blends of wine, including the Pinotage, a blended South African wine that’s a cross between a Pinot Noir and a Hermitage, with accompanying specialty cheese and crackers.

After Anura we went to another vineyard. Then another. Then another. That day we visited five wineries and it’s safe to say I was happily sleeping in the van on the way back to Cape Town.

The verdict? Our group unanimously decided that Anura had the best wine, and of their wine, the Pinotage was our favorite.

So there you go.

If you’re ever in Cape Town, don’t miss out on the chance to visit this gorgeous part of the country! The wine–and the scenery–are simply fantastic.

Have you ever been to the wine lands of South Africa? Have you tried the Pinotage?


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