A Guide To South American Travel by Personality Type


There is a lot of ground to cover when traveling through the enormity of South America, especially if you are traveling by bus. The most common complaint I hear from my fellow travelers that have planned to travel to all of the countries in South America, is that they wished they had narrowed down their trip to explore just a few places with more time. But how do you choose where to go? Are you an adventure junkie? Choose Bolivia.  Do you enjoy good coffee, quirky cafes and exciting nightlife? Choose Argentina. Follow the guide below to figure out what South American Country best fits your personality type.

The Cosmopolitan City Trekker

If you are looking for a metropolis adventure in a diverse city filled with multi-ethnic cuisine, bohemian cafes serving strong espresso, and frilly hostels that will offer an artistically pleasing ambiance, then look no further then Argentina. Start your journey in the famous Buenos Aires and be prepared to be bedazzled by the surplus of scrumptious restaurants, shopping malls, and arguably some of the best night life in South America.  With a sophisticated  European twist, this country will be sure to quench the thirst of any cosmopolitan city trekker looking for a stylish adventure.

The Adventure Seeker

With one of the most topographically diverse terrains in South America, in Bolivia you can explore the jungle one day and take a three hour bus right south and be at the base of the Andean Summit Peaks the next morning. Horseback riding like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid through the vast desert, paragliding off mountain tops, and treks that take you to some of the highest elevations in the world are all offered in Bolivia. If it is adrenaline you seek, then take your time to discover the adrenaline- buzzes of Bolivia.The adrenaline junkie in you will be thrilled.

The Hybrid Beach Bum/ Surfer

If you just want the beach and a good party then choose Brazil.However,  If you have your surf board waxed and are ready to bronze while ripping some swell, then choose Ecuador. Rated as having some of the top surf spots in South America, this silvery coastline draws people from all over the world to bask in the sun, and play in the waves. If you do choose Ecuador, try Montañita for a mixture of surf and fun or if you are seeking something more chill, try Conoa, a small fishermans village known for its radical swells and laid back atmosphere.

What South American Country Fits Your Personality Type?


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