#Grabrit: Following My Deliveries From New York to Buenos Aires


Grabr is a new online platform that offers users the chance to order things they can’t get online, and have them delivered by a traveler, who is given a reward upon completing the transaction.

It’s a very cool service that has the ability to change the game for many around the world–especially expats, who have a hard time getting things from home into their new country.

In Argentina, for example, something as simple as ibuprofen is three times the cost of what it is in the United States. When Amazon and other online services don’t deliver here… what’s a traveler to do?


I was recently in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a travel ambassador for Grabr, where I delivered 25 products to strangers, some of whom became friends. Here is the true story of one of my items, and the path it took me from New York, to actual use in Argentina.

As you can see, I brought a lot of things to Argentina. And in this bag, are some things for JT Sexton, one of the awesome strangers I had the pleasure of meeting on this trip. JT ordered:

3 Dickies Jackets
3 large bottles Tones taco seasoning
A keyboard and mouse




When I first saw his order, I thought, “Wow, this guy really likes taco seasoning.” Turns out, he owns a bar in San Telmo (Sexton Beer Company) and uses the taco seasoning for their nachos! JT is originally from the US but has been in Buenos Aires for 10 years.


This is JT and his girlfriend Natasha. It was so great to meet them and deliver their products! 

As we got to talking, JT invited me to check out his bar, where he serves some tasty beers that he brews himself. A band was playing that night, and I happen to love a good nacho (who doesn’t?) so I hopped in an Uber and headed that way.

IMG_0548 (1)

Look at these delicious flavors of beer! I had the Dulce de Leche Amber, naturally. 

When I got there, the bar was bustling. There was an important futbol game on between Venezuela and Argentina and everyone was shouting at the TV and cheering. I’m not a huge sports girl, but one of my favorite things to do in South America is to watch the locals cheer for their teams– they’re so passionate!


Anyhow, I sat down and ordered myself a beer and some nachos. And look what arrived!


They were delicious. And then JT showed up and recognized me from earlier when I dropped off his product, introduced me to some people at the bar and we shared a beer and some cheers and I knew I’d made an awesome new friend that I otherwise would not have.

Because Grabr is awesome! I really enjoyed the ability to connect with very cool people like JT. Of the 26 deliveries I made, I’ve stayed in contact with 3 of the people and I know that I’ll be able to call upon them the next time I come to town.

Looking forward to seeing how Grabr grows and to my next experience with them!

Have you used Grabr before? 


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