How to Spend 24 Hours in Bogota


During my last journey home to the United States I had a 24 hour layover in Bogotá, Columbia. Since I didn’t want to spend the dreadful layover in the airport of Bogotá, I decided to organize an overnight trip that involved seeing as much of the city as I could in a 24 hour period. Many international flights will route you through this city, here’s how to see it in 1 day:

Take a Bike Tour around the City

Assuming you have been traveling for a while, why not get your heart pumping and dive into a little piece of history on a bike tour through Bogotá. The bike tour which will run you around $13.00 U.S.D will zip you through all the major landmarks of the city including the congress building, colonial chapels, and the historic district of La Candelaria.  Check out Bogotá Bike Tours which are run by bilingual tour operators and leave every day from at 10:30am and 1:30pm from the center of La Candelaria.

Cheap Eats

In this big city you can find almost anything your little heart desires, but often it comes with a hefty price tag. Bogotá, is definitely not the cheapest city in South America, but there are a few cheap restaurants that are easy on the wallet but maintain some character and flare. Los Bohemios, located in the history district of La candelaria, offers an international fusion of pizzas, pastas and vegetarian dishes all offered between $6 and $10 U.S.D a meal. Their pizza is what they are noted for. For a real treat, try their savory Margarita pizza cooked to perfection with a fresh salsa de tomate sauce and sprinkled with zesty oregano herbs. The best part is that their pizzas are light and healthy, so you can devour an entire ¨personal pizza¨ and not feel like you have a grease monkey in your stomach  and weighing you down.

Stay at a Hostel in Town 

If you don´t want to stray too far from the city center but get the best bang for your buck, then check out a hostel. There are about 20 that are within the city centre where you can get a room or dorm for about $12 per night or under! The more beds in a room, the cheaper. I chose to stay at Hostel Sue Candelaria. Located a short 1.5km from the all the happenings, it offers a tranquil atmosphere with a steady social scene of travelers and set right in the thick of all the main tourist attractions without being too noisy or reputed as a party hostel. Rooms are basic, but CLEAN, and breakfast is included. Privates run around $12.00 U.S.D and Dorms are offered at $11.00 U.S.D. For the price, quality, and location, you can´t go wrong booking a night at this place.

Have you been to Bogotá?  How did you spend your time?


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