South America: A Wine Lover´s Paradise


For a traveling wine lover, the feeling you get when you are finally able to drop your bags and relish in the comfort of a nearby bar and take a sip of a bold and satisfying glass of wine after a long day of bus rides, trekking through foreign cities, and filling your body with starchy snacks, is a feeling like no other. The smooth tingle hits the fontal palate of your tongue and makes it way through your bloodstream like a warm kitten snuggling up to your body. Mmmm…wine. Since moving to South America, and being somewhat of a wine connoisseur myself, I have outline below a few suggestions on where to go if you are seeking  tasty wines, visit the link to learn more.


Being that Argentina is the 5th largest wine producer in the world, it will be hard to travel anywhere in this country without having access (arguably) to some of the most incredible wine in the world. The country boasts an ideal climate for wine making and while there are plenty of grape varietals offered in Argentina, the big taste of a spicy full-bodied Malbec is what Argentina is known for. If you are looking to put yourself in the heartbeat of wine-country make sure you visit Mendoza and treat yourself to a supple glass of dark fruit red wine and pair with a fine steak lathered in chimichurri, a popular green sauce made with fine minced parsley, olive oil, and red or white vinegar.


Set amidst the Andes, Chile offers a perfect climate conducive to wine making with proper altitude, sunlight, and land that is tempered by the Pacific Ocean. Here, vineyards grow amazing Carménère and Merlot, but Cabernet Sauvignon is the star.   Black cherries, a spicyness of nutmeg and clove, a touch of vanilla, the Cab selection in Chile is truly mouthwatering. If you are a wine lover and looking to quench your purple tongue, start your journey in Santiago and ask around for wine tours that take you out into the countryside.


Although Argentina and Chile are the stand outs when it comes to wine producers, Bolivia has a region known as Valle Concepcion just an hour away from the scenic city of Tarija where you can visit the world´s highest vineyards and tour the wineries on half the budget. Wine makers in Tarija claim that the high elevation, (roughly 5,000 – 9,000 feet) creates a smooth and balanced taste, perfect for the modern wine lover. If you are planning a trip to Bolivia, make sure you check out the region of Tarija and be prepared for a less swanky, yet equally satisfying experience of flavorsome local wines.

Do you like wine? Where would you go in South America?


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