Spiritual Yogi on a Budget? Visit the Sacred Valley of Peru


So you want to get your yoga on in some exotic country without spending an arm and a leg for some fancy retreat? Good news, it´s possible. Scattered throughout the sacred valley of Peru and beyond, you can find some of the coolest and cheapest yoga work-trade opportunities in all of South America. If you can get yourself there, all you need is a mat, an able body and enough stamina to work a light work-week in exchange for good food, accommodation and spiritual enlightenment that will last you a lifetime.

Chakra Alegria de Amor Rainforest Healing Center

A spiritual and alternative healing center, Chakra Alegria de Amor, offers a work-trade program on an unconventional permaculture farm in the amazon forest of Peru,. For a $300 donation you can stay on the farm for a month and participate in modalities such as yoga, reiki and traditional healing ceremonies working with the enchanted plant of Ayahuasca, a natural plant-based medicine that induces visions and hallucinations (and don´t worry, this type of ¨magical plant¨ is legal in Peru). If you are looking for an off-the-grid and nonconformist yoga / spiritual retreat, this is the place to do it. It could be the trip of the century.

Paramatma Holistic Healing Center

Located in the spiritual epicenter  of Peru, Paramatma Holistic Healing Center, located in Cusco, offers yoga retreats and modalities such as Reiki, Chakra balancing, Craniosacral Therapy and Yoga Classes all at reasonable prices. A typical yoga retreat, where you will share a sacred communal living space, delicious food, and invigorating yoga classes costs around $90 dollars for two day retreat. If fire ceremonies, yoga and trekking to waterfalls and ancient inca ruins sounds like your cup of tea, check out this place for updates on discounts on workshops and opportunities to volunteer in exchange for their healing modalities.

 EcoTruly Park, Peru

If tropical coastline is more of your ¨Flow¨ then check out  Ecotruly Park, a Peruvian  Eco Village  located on Chacra y Mar beach, just a 65 km north of Lima. Modalities include yoga workshops, spiritual philosophy and the opportunity to sink your toes and fingers into the earth while working on their ecofarm. Cost is a mere $300 dollars a month in exchange for room and board. People from all over the world flock to this coastal eco-sanctuary to rejoice, rejuvenate and live a simple life most people can only dream of. Since it´s affordable enough, it doesn’t have to be a dream anymore!

Have you done work-trade in Peru?


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  1. Hi Jenna! Omg thank you so much for your page. I had a question about Chakra de alegría de amor. Do you have to just show up and they accept this 0n there site it just talks about there retreats. Wow that would be incredible! Did you get to do all this?

  2. Hey, thanks for this. It’s a great article. I think the rates for Chakra Allegria have skyrocketed though. I just checked and they only accept applicants for two month minimum stay and it’s $600 a month, so $1200 for the two months. If I’m reading that wrong, please correct me, but it may need to be updated 🙂

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