The Best Dressed Cities Of South America


Where in the world do the hottest and a-la-mode trends come alive? The ritzy and high-fashion styles of Milan you suppose? Or, perhaps it’s the cool-chic styles of London. Yes, both these cities, along with many others in the Northern Hemisphere, have long been considered “top cities” for pristine and pretentious fashion-But, did you know that Brazil, with the emergence of plunging necklines and sheer silouhettes, has recently become the best “un-dressed” cities in the world? Or that Chile is filled with shoe-afficianados, scarve-connoisseurs a progressive style that matches a backdrop of in-vogue neighborhoods?

This year, it’s time to call attention to the underestimated cities in South America that yearn to claim their style mark in the vast world of competitive fashion trends.

Below are a list of the best dressed cities of South America:
São Paulo , Brazil
Brazil is fashion scene is on fire. With it’s sultry and seductive styles that find inspiration from the near-by beach cities, to the colorful and vibrant designs that hug the hips of curvacious woman, Brazil, is emerging as one of South America’s best dressed countries.
In São Paulo  women flashing ingenious prints hit the streets in sensual silouhettes, while men step out of their beach-speedos and into preppy pinstripes. São Paulo also holds a semi-annual fashion event that allures some of the hottest designers to showcase their brands in Latin America.

Valparaíso, Chile
A progressive city that sometimes regards itself  more “European” than “Latin-American” when it comes to culture, fashion, and aesthetic, Valparaíso, Chile, is starting to catch on to the “in” styles of the world. Quirky fashionistas of this upbeat beach town sport designer clothes, colorful scarves, and skinny jeans that compliment nicely with the backdrop of graffiti and funky sea-side landscapes. Painters, artists and designers from all over the world have emerged onto the scene offering locally inspired accessories and artifacts that fuel the revival of this funky seaport city.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
It’s all about shoes in Argentina. It seems that sporting a sleek pair of sneakers or boots in this grand city is a fashion statement in and of itself. Knee-high boots, ankle boots, polished loafers, brand-named sneakers, whatever it may be, Argentinians love their shoes! As for the rest of their wardrobe, the hues stay pretty much on the grayscale of the color-wheel. Unlike Brazil, people in Beunos Aires dress in chic, conservative and dark tones. A cosmopolitan city, Buenos Aires boasts a cool, calm, and fashion-forward sophisticated style.

Where do you find your fashion and what else is trending in South America?

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