Top Three Countries for the Sexiest Men in South America


Latin Lover: a person of Latin American descent who can make any girl swoon with a shake of a hip and a whisper of a Spanish sweet nothing into the ear.

It´s true ladies, Latin Lovers are some of the sexiest and smoothest men on the planet. And while there are many countries filled with the suave style of Latin American men, there are a few countries that top the charts for having the most Enrique Iglesias look-alikes, or the type of man that makes you weak at the knees as soon as he walks through the door.


Tall, well-dressed, and a bit scruffy around the edges, Argentine men will have you drooling the minute you catch a glance of their sexy silhouette. With a confident, yet slightly laid-back mentality, Argentine men dress and dance the part. You can find them hanging around in a hipster bar, seductively puffing on a hookah while subtly making dopey eyes at a woman who will become his night´s conquest. With a sexy accent to match, Argentine men, really are the pick of the litter!


As a country, Uruguay has never received the credit it deserves for being one of the safest and most beautiful countries in South America. Aside from it´s beautiful topography, can we can talk about the men? With a diverse ethnic origin of mostly Spanish, Italian and French, these men have no doubt taken the best physical components from each of these ethnicities and hodge-podged into some of the most scrumptious men in Latin America. High cheek bones, chocolate locks, and sometimes mixed with bright green eyes, Uruguayans make the top three list of sexiest men in South America.


I may be a bit biased here since Bolivia is my place of residence, but I can assure you that Bolivian men fit the definition of ¨Latin Lover¨ to its perfection. With swinging hips on the dance floor, and luscious lips in the bedroom, Bolivian men are flirty, fun and full of surprises. Bolivian men often come from a strong mix of indigenous and Spanish descent so their features are prominen with big dark chocolate eyes, smooth skin, and some of the clearest Spanish dialogue in all of South America. If you like a man who can swing you around on the dance floor and shower you with thoughtful tokens of why you are so special to him, then Bolivia is where you need to go!

What South American country do you think has the sexiest men?


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