3 Tips For A Fabulous Fiji Vacation


Fiji is one place in the world known for its coral reefs.  It’s also a haven for tropical and luscious fruits, such as melons, pawpaw, bananas, jackfruits, and pineapples. One of the most loved destinations in Oceania, Fiji is flocked by tourists, especially during the summer season. 

This island paradise in the South Pacific Ocean boasts amazing sights and exploration activities that locals and visitors can indulge in. For a remarkable Fiji vacation, you may ask your travel agency for a resort holiday package and other accommodation promotions. 

The archipelago comprises 333 islands, each of which provides a breathtaking landscape that every adventurer should take the time to discover. In Fiji, there’s never a shortage of things to do. Every visit brings a new and exciting experience to look forward to. 

Some Tips For Your Fabulous Fiji Vacation.  

Before packing your bags bound for Fiji, take note of these handy tips to ensure that you’ll have a worry-free and fabulous Fiji getaway.

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1. Contact Your Travel Agent

Your travel agent should know the best place to stay in Fiji.  Fabulous places to visit and explore are some information your travel guide knows like the back of their hand. Ask them about the available tour packages and choose one that’ll allow for a remarkable vacation. Remember that tour holiday should be stress-free and fun all throughout.

2. Be Handy And Trendy

You also ought to consider all the things you’ll need when heading for a holiday. Luckily, you won’t a lot of thingamajigs when you’re in Fiji. Essentials are available in nearby shops.  Bring along your swimsuit, your favorite summer dress, shorts, tops, and your selfie gadgets. 

Typical Fiji attire includes floral shirts and shorts, which you can buy when you reach the airport.  You can get some pieces and exciting items to be used during your trip as you tour around this world-renowned destination. Never be burdened with so much stuff to carry while going on your most awaited trip. 

Always prepare a carry-on bag, and make sure to travel light. You may also copy how an Olympian travels the world—they never sacrifice health and sleep to be always in tip-top shape while having fun.

3. Learn About Fiji Stuff

  • Greeting Fijians

Most Fijians know the English language.  It’s commonly used in tourist areas, markets, and shopping places.  But, it pays if you can make an effort to learn their language. You shouldn’t miss out on greeting Fiji locals to bring their smiles and start your day right. It’s also the best way to have their attention. 

Here are some useful Fiji words:

  • ‘Ni Sa Bula (Hi/Hello), pronounced ‘nee sar bula’
  • ‘Ni Sa Yadra’ (Good morning), say ‘nee sar yarndra’
  • ‘Yalo Vinaka’ (Please), say ‘yarlo veenarka’
  • ‘Io’ is pronounced ‘ee or’ when you say ‘yes’
  • Say ‘Tulou’ or ‘too low’ if you want to say excuse me
  • And say Veenarka for ‘vinaka’ to say thank you

Learn more local words when you reach Fiji, as well as some more awesome things from your guide.

The Fiji Recipe

Kokoda is Fiji’s national food.  It’s raw fish with coconut milk, mixed with spices you’ll love. They also have a delicacy cooked in lovo (earth), and other dishes and drinks that are distinctly Fijian. You can indulge in more native food treats and challenge your taste buds. 

Weather In Fiji

January and February are usually the warmest months in Fiji, while July and August are the coolest.  Enjoy the windy and wet weather in all the other months if you like trotting the country.

It’s best to match your vacation plans on appropriate days to match all your bucket list activities while in this pacific destination. 

Stunning Spots In Fiji

Fiji is crawling with beautiful spots and scenic beauty that’ll fill your good memories.  You can discuss this thoroughly with your agent.  It’s best to decide which parts of the country you want to explore and what you want to do first.  Your suggestions will give your travel agency preparation listings to choose from before you finalize your booking.

Here are some amazing Fiji spots to check out:

  • Bouma National Heritage Park
  • Beqa Lagoon, Navua River, And Pacific River, Viti Levu 
  • Sabeto Hot Springs And Garden of the Sleeping Giant, Viti Levu 
  • Port Denarau Island
  • Mamanuca And Yasawa Islands


Plan ahead and prepare your necessary documents, like passports and visitor’s visas. Give ample time to confirm your bookings with your travel agency to make sure you have somewhere to go. This way, you’ll have a wonderful escapade without worry. You may not plan it perfectly, but the lesser the concern, the higher the possibility of thoroughly enjoying your adventures in Fiji.


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