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Which of you ladies have heard or or attended meetups? Meetups have been recently introduced and are spreading as a way to get different people together who have the same interests. Most meetups started for singles, and they have grown to include almost any interest. From movie lovers, to dancing, to foodies, and to travel!

Go! Girl Guides is hosting their first Go! Girl Adventure Travel meetup on Wednesday, May 7th in NYC! We invite everyone to join us for travel talk and fun!

You can find travel meetups posted on and on Facebook.¬†From the travel meetups I have attended, all are free admission and they are usually hosted by a fellow travel blogger or a travel professional. It’s a way for everyone who loves travel to get together. This means you don’t have to be a blogger or even work in the industry.

Here are some advantages to attending a travel meetup:

  • It’s fun! – Talking about travel and exchanging stories is what it’s about. You get to indulge in all the travel talk you want.
  • New friends – It’s a great way to meet new people who love travel as much as you do and make new friends. I’ve met other travel lovers through travel meetups and now we hang out with each other on our own time.
  • Networking – If you’re a blogger yourself or work in travel, you will most likely meet others there who work in the field. This is a great way to exchange information and get information on working in the field.
  • Getting out of Your Comfort Zone – Maybe walking up to a group of strangers is not that easy for you, but doing it will surprise you how easy it really is. Everyone is there for the same reason, and majority are strangers to each other. Take up a challenge and it will boost your confidence that you did it!
  • Travel tips – As you exchange stories and vacations, you will get first hand advice and reviews on destinations and trips. You might meet someone who has visited a country you’re dieing to go to, get all the news you can about it!

Some travel meetups are customized to more specific crowds if that peaks your interest. In New York, there are female only traveler meetups, diva style travelers, single travelers, international travelers, adventure travelers, and so many more that I can’t name them all.

See what travel meetups are offered in your area and you will be surprised how many there are. It’s a great way for us women to all get together in our daily lives without waiting for a huge trip, travel show, or conference!

Have you attended any travel meetups? Let us know if we will see you at our monthly meetups!


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Angelica is the Online Editor for Go! Girl Guides. She is a Double Psychology Major who loves to travel to paradises around the globe. While hopping around islands and other jaw dropping beach destinations, she enjoys documenting her journeys as The Paradise Blogger. She enjoys scuba diving, hiking, and trying new food.

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