Best Eyeglasses for the Female Traveler


Every traveler needs a staple pair of sunglasses for both style and sun protection. After all, there’s no sense in traveling halfway across the world to see something that’s just too bright to see clearly. If you have a prescription, then getting the right sunglass is all the more important which is why we recommend these lead glasses.

So before you head off on a big trip be sure to get your eyes tested and get a pair that will stand the test of travel as well as you will. If you are also looking for a cosmetic surgery to get some work done in your face, Rhinoplasty or nose surgery can help contour the face.

Choosing a Style: The Aviator

These stylish aviator glasses are a good place to start. Aviators are a good choice as they are on-trend and are good at highlighting strong facial features and big eyes. As a traveler, you need to feel confident you will be taking lots of pictures and meeting lots of new people. You don’t need to spend a lot to get a pair that make you feel good. They fit most face shapes and are recognizable to most people in most parts of the world.

Choose Something Sturdy

Whatever shape you go for be sure to get something sturdy. You may even want to consider bringing a spare pair just in case so that you never get stuck somewhere without. Imagine climbing  Machu Picchu, Kilimanjaro, or Colombia’s lost city, only to get halfway through and lose or break your glasses! All that hard work only to get to the top and see a less than perfect image.

You can opt for coatings such as anti-glare to prevent the sun or lights shining into your eyes or anti-scratch to help them last through all of your adventures. Especially important if you are the type of traveler who plans on abseiling or rock climbing.  You can also choose to protect your eyes from the blue light from laptops and phones. If you are a digital nomad working from a screen, then this should be a top priority.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, make sure you are protecting your eyes from the sun. Long term exposure to the sun could damage your eyes further and even lead to cataracts, leaving you with a blurry spot in your eye, or eye-cancer. You don’t want to have to choose between protecting yourself and seeing the beauty of the world. So, either get a pair of prescription sunglasses or choose lenses that adapt to the light. This prevents you from having to take them on and off and offers ultimate protection.

As a female traveler you want to feel good, protect yourself and get the very most of your adventures. Having the right pair or pairs of glasses is a part of this. Get what’s right for you and have a great trip!


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