4 Ways Travel Insurance is Vital for Solo Travelers


Solo travel has plenty of advantages. The freedom to go where you want, how you want and when you want is quite attractive. 

But traveling solo also comes with certain risks that are otherwise non-existent or much lower with group travel. For this reason, travel insurance from providers like https://fastcover.com.au/ can be an especially valuable investment for solo travelers. Here’s how.

Nearby Contact in Case of Medical Emergency



If you are thousands of miles from home and suddenly fall ill or are injured, you only have yourself to count on as a solo traveler. You don’t have a friend or relative next to you who can check your temperature or call a doctor on your behalf. With travel insurance, you will have access to a toll-free number you can call 24-7-365. An insurance representative on the other end of the line will help identify and contact a nearby healthcare facility. 

Usually, the insurer will arrange for speedy direct payment to the facility if that will be required before you can be attended to. If you want them to, the representative will also brief your emergency contacts back home about your situation and keep them up-to-date on your progress. In the event of severe illness or injury, some travel insurance plans will cover the cost of bringing over a relative or friend to be by your side.

Reimbursement in the Event of Cancelation



Events back home or at your travel destination can necessitate the abrupt cancelation of a vacation. To put the cost of canceling in context, calculate how much your trip will cost you in total and whether that’s money you can afford to ‘lose’ in the event that you have to cancel your 10-day trip on day 2.

For most people, that expense is too much to let go of. In that case, spending some relatively small amount of cash to take up a travel insurance cover is an expense that’s more than worth it. Often, you’ll find that the cost of the cover is less than 10 percent of your overall trip costs.

Replace Lost or Stolen Personal Items



If you are on a solo trip and your bag is lost or stolen, you could be staring at hundreds of dollars in spending on new clothes and personal items before the bag is found or a bag with a new set of clothes and items is sent over from home. You don’t have the luxury of borrowing clothes from a relative, friend or other group travel partner to help you get by. 

That seemingly small mishap can not only eat into your travel budget and inhibit your ability to enjoy all the activities you planned for but it is also a cause of stress. With travel insurance for delayed luggage and stolen or lost bags, you will be reimbursed for the cost of replacing the items. That way, you can focus on enjoying your trip.

Emergency Cash and Reimbursement for Stolen Credit Cards



Unfortunately, and perhaps far more than when you’re home, it’s virtually impossible to go a single day on vacation without needing to spend some money. If your cash or credit card is stolen during a solo trip, there’s no one you can turn to for help as you wait to get your temporary financial crisis resolved. A travel insurance cover can be just the savior you need to rescue you from this precarious situation. 

The insurer can help you quickly notify the bank to freeze your card, reimburse you for unauthorized charges to the card and provide emergency cash advance. Whereas the advance will have to be reimbursed later, there’s a comfort in knowing that you always have access to cash to cover your basics in the event that your own cash and cards are inaccessible. Plaukų šalinimas lazeriu Vilniuje už gerą kainą

While the above are the general benefits you can expect from a travel insurance policy, it’s important to note that the policy terms will vary from plan to plan and insurer to insurer. Read the policy fine print and know exactly what to expect your insurer to cater for.

Do you use insurance when you travel? 


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