5 Amazing Trips for You and Your Travel Buddy


As a female traveller, there are tons of amazing places and travel destinations you can go to, regardless if you plan to travel solo or with a travel buddy. Here’s a list of the 5 most amazing trips to try out. Let’s dive in!  

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most rewarding destinations you can visit along with a travel buddy. A country filled with beaches, glaciers, and fjords, there’s just no shortage of attractions and wonderful sceneries throughout the country.

The best part about it is that navigation is quite easy, and you can expect the locals to be really friendly and helpful. In fact, you can just go on a road trip throughout the country along with your travel buddy and discover a lot of sceneries along the way.

Kerala, India

Kerala is an absolute gem situated in India’s southernmost state, and the locals call it “God’s own country” for a reason. For one, it’s one of the best places where you can see wild animals in their natural habitat. Apart from that, it also offers dreamy landscapes, tropical beaches, and their famous backwaters which most travellers purposely visit.

If you’re a vegetarian, you will surely enjoy the Kerala-style dosa which is a paper-thin crepe filled with masala potatoes, tamarind broth, and coconut chutney. To have the best travel experience in Kerala, you can book in one of the many travel companies, they can take care of a lot of the stress of organizing a trip to such a big place and make sure you can get to enjoy South Indian luxury tours and accommodation. 


If you and your travel buddy are up for a wine tasting trip, then you surely don’t want to miss Italy. Italy is not just about spaghetti and other world-class cuisines, it’s also about amazing wine routes and vineyards you can hop on from one place to another.

A few good examples are the Etna Wine Route where the Etna Rossa is made and the Chianti Classico Wine Route where the oldest winery in Italy, the Castello de Brolio, is located.


Safety has been one of the major issues for women travelling in Brazil. However, there are certainly several places where you can visit along with a travel buddy without having to worry too much about your safety. One of those places is Rio de Janeiro.

As the country’s top destination, Rio de Janeiro is filled with tons of attractions and wonderful sights waiting for you to discover. The city offers a number of attractive beaches and hiking destinations such as the Dois Irmaos and Morro da Urca.

However, if you want to be on the safer side, you’d want to stay in the Zona Sul (South Zone) which includes places like Leblon, Laranjeiras, Copacabana, Flamengo, and more.


 Known as the “Land Down Under”, Australia has a lot of amazing and diverse landscapes and wildlife to offer, especially if you’re down for adventures and beach escapades. In fact, there are tons of amazing beaches throughout the Australian continent, and the fact that the Aussies are known to be cheerful folks are an excellent addition.

 Moreover, if you are up for some snorkelling, then the Whitsunday Islands could make an excellent choice.

 These are some of the most amazing travel destinations that you can head to along with a travel buddy. However, they can also work perfectly if you decide to go on a solo flight. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now!

 Have you been to any of these destinations before?


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