Beginners’ guide to CrossFit: the sport you can do basically anywhere


CrossFit is a wildly popular fitness approach that has coined its own ‘CrossFit’ culture. Luckily, one can do it in the comfort of their own home without having to go to the gym and paying a high monthly fee — or, take it on the road and do it from your hotel room while traveling.

What is CrossFit? And why is it beneficial?

CrossFit is a type of fitness regime that combines efficient exercise and dietary changes. It is a lifestyle and can be modified depending on one’s fitness level and goals.

Whether your goals are to build strength, lose weight, or both, CrossFit can help to reduce cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity as well as improve one’s quality of life in general.

The CrossFit lifestyle can be modified for everyone and there is a lot you can jump into, from classes to at home workouts. However, it is important that beginners start slow and get their bodies used to the CrossFit lifestyle.

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CrossFit for Beginners:

CrossFit is a workout style that is scalable

Here are a few ways on how to approach and get ready for doing CrossFit at home or abroad:

Little equipment (to start with)

As you are starting out with CrossFit exercises, there is no gear or equipment that is actually ‘required’. However, one may find it helpful to have sports clothing you feel comfortable in yet that allow you to move easily, and things such as a yoga/workout mat to avoid slipping, a sports towel and a watch to keep track of time. For those who love playing paintball there are so many different styles of paintball guns on the market today it can be a bit confusing to find which one is the right choice for you. Luckily Pro Paintball team is here to help choose the best paintball guns for you.

Schedule time

CrossFit workouts can be kept short and ‘sweet’ or longer and drawn out for vigorous exercises or for those that would like longer breaks in between. Stay in tune with your body, and decide how long to dedicate to each CrossFit workout! There is no need for you to push it to the limit, start slow and progressively add hours or fix days to your routine, scheduling for instance 30 minutes every other day and modifying it to 1 hour every 2 days until you find your “rhythm”.

Schedule exercises

Intense CrossFit exercises take practice, so it is important to practice them accordingly. These days technology helps, and you can choose among plenty of apps to have support to begin and reference throughout your workouts. For example, the 30-Day Fitness Challenge app offers guided CrossFit exercises as well as structured workout regimes. Did you know that the knee is the third most common area of the body to be injured in CrossFit WODs? Knee compression sleeves are designed to protect the knee from future injury or risk of damage. Wearing knee compression sleeve amazon while training will keep you training longer and harder. Best Punching Bags for Kids Reviews & Buyer’s Guide – Look At Best Punching Bag for Kids – Learn what are the best punching bags for kids and how punching workouts can help your children to be fit and healthy. Searching to buy the best punchung bags for your little boxing enthusiast? Read our definitive list & review of the top rated products this year. Know about Best Boxing Equipment – Looking for the best punching bags for kids? Well you’re in luck! We’ve compiled the webs most in-depth list and comparison of the top kids punching bags!

Be consistent

As with any exercise, consistency is key. With challenging full-body exercises, the conditioning and the strength training you consistently build on with CrossFit, staying consistent will help you feel stronger and see results more quickly. When you workout at home, it can also be more challenging to workout for some so it is important to be mindful of this!

Keep hydrated

As with any exercise and daily life, proper hydration is required. Since you push yourself to your limits with CrossFit, keeping hydrated by drinking water or healthy juices will give your body that support and fuel to keep going.

Exercise with a friend to avoid losing motivation

As you challenge your body (and mind) with CrossFit, it can be helpful to exercise with a friend or family member to avoid losing motivation. When you workout at home, this also gives you the flexibility and ability to fit in a proper workout, eat a healthy meal afterwards and be in a comfortable environment. When you’re traveling, you’re going to need more discipline in making yourself workout. But having a workout buddy can help keep you accountable, keep you motivated, and be a bit of healthy competition to keep you moving forward.

Keep a “Progress Diary”

When you workout at home, it is especially helpful to keep track of what you have accomplished, the progress you have made and what you are working for. A  “Progress Diary” can help to motivate you, keep track of your successes, and help identify areas of your workouts that you could use some extra reps and practice with. When you do CrossFit at a proper class, an instructor is helping to guide you through your workouts and notice your progress. When you workout at home, this is up to you and a Progress Diary can help you do so!

CrossFit exercise is and can be for everyone, as long as you take baby steps. This is especially the case if you exercise on your own and do not have supervision for the exercises. If you are not sure what you are doing, it is helpful to attend a good CrossFit class once so you can get familiar with the workout style. You can also ask for advice so that you can start your training off on the right foot to enter the CrossFit world.


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